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Zonama Sekot is a SWRP region, featuring a spot on the Star Wars planet with the same name. The Zonama Sekot was a living, sentient world capable of traveling through space. It has migrated to an uncharted region in space after the Raath Domain legion of Yuuzhan Vong raided the world.

Zonama Sekot

The region is on an island of the equatorial sea of Zonama Sekot. The island itself is a remain of the wars against the Yuuzhan Vongs. The island is the home base of the Potentium order.


Zonama Sekot the home of the Potentium followers, which have built their facility like, a library, a med lab, a cantina with rooms for the visitors. The rest of the island is covered by jungle and lush. A Bora appears on the horizon.


The following groups are based on the island:


Zonama Sekot is not a part of the Republic or any galactic alliance. Thus, it has good relationship with the Republic. Since June 2008, it exchanges embassies with Bakura.


The ground level is dedicaced for roleplaying, and there is some extra areas for special purpose.

The dojo

The dojo

The dojo is an OOC place, located at a glare in the forest, near a small island on a river. People can practice their combat skill surrounded by birds peep and the river song. The rocky island may be used as a combat ring. However, if the combatant walk too far in the river, they risk to be sweept away by the stream.

Entrance of the rainforest

The Forest

One of the arm of the island is covered by a dense rainforest, called Tempasi. Even if not as large as the mainland forests, it's still easy to be lost inside. The other side, reachable by a bridge, is still forested but has more trace of a sentient occupation.

The Library

The library contains original holobook about Zonama Sekot, the Potentium Order and some other matters. The old library was the first building made on the island but was unfortunately destroyed by a meteorite. Another library was build on the mainland and can be reached from the island by a wood bridge. The libraries are also used as group meeting points.

Memorial area

The Memorial area

The memorial area is located on the hill above the medical bay, where the first library was located. On this place, between two ruined wall of the old library, a small monument is build for the character can recall the missing ones. The first memorial was located below the meditation hill and was moved after a ceremonial walk.


Zonama Sekot is equipped with hyperdrives and can move across the galaxy under the command of Sekot. It likes to be located in isolated places. Its known locations according the Star Wars Universe were:

  • Tingel Arms, until 29 BBY
  • Unknown Regions, until 29 ABY
  • Near Coruscant, 29 ABY
  • returned in the unknown regions after 29 ABY
  • moved further in the unknown regions after 130 ABY

Its exact location is not defined, but it's certainly in the Unknown Regions, so far from the known trade routes and well hidden in its stellar system, sometimes near an asteroid field.

Even if Sekot controls the planet hyperdrives, this control was somewhat erratic and its only used in case of emergency or for very special occasions.

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The events occurs after the settlement of the Yuuzhan Vong and the last majors appearances of Zonama Sekot in the canon. All the canon characters are dead or left.

The usually accepted timeline is about 220ABY, to fit most of the community.

In character, Zonama Sekot, being far from the main place of the galaxy doesn't use the Battle of Yavin as official epoch, but most people understand it.

SL History

Zonama Sekot was first built on a mainland parcel on August 2007 by Linkin Tomsen, with JAFO as main builder. It moved on its own region in december 2007 and was rebuilt mainly by Salene Lusch.