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Zeth Vilrain, an aspiring Sith Acolyte with infinite possibilities.

""Those birthmarks need to be removed!"

" Why? They're a nice design." " They match those of the Sith who came and died here!" " Then remove them Immediately!""

— Jaskar Vilrain and Yeniska Vilrain arguing over the infant Zeth's unique birthmarks


"All life begins in the darkness of the Abyss."

— Zeth Vilrain

Early Childhood

Zeth Vilrain, was born on the forgotten and perhaps most mysterious planet of Had Abbadon, the same planet that Darth Krayt had been stabbed during a skirmish with Cade Skywalker. Since then the planet had been quiet, virtually uninhabited and left to grow wild. However there was a few settlements one of these was a small merchant outpost which his parents owned. Young Zeth had a good childhood, there was a small Jedi Academy for the youth, seemingly as an homage to cade for defeating Krayt. However it seemed to be rather small for its namesake. However, there were some great Jedi ;masters whom came and taught students. One of them was his uncle Jaskar Vilrain, though not popular, he had held his own against many jedi, and had mastered many forms, all of which using two sabers. This didn't have any importance, until young Zeth was born to his mother Yeniska Vilrain and father Cade Vilrain. Both owners to the semi large Vilrain Merchantising and Mining. Zeth's birth caused a fairly big commotion amongst the small community, nothing earth shattering, but there was something abnormal. The disturbance within the force was signifigant enough to bring the jedi to it. It seemed that the birth, like many children the emotions and the crying brought on a spike. Clearly Zeth was highly sensitive to it. Noticeable characteristics such as a birthmark that was a much like a few Sith's. It wasn't a great sign, but some elders suspected it would occur given the Sith's that had lost their lives on the planet years ago. Using the medicine for the time, they slowly burned away the scars, however the mental scars remained from it. Zeth remembered the birthmarks even as the scars from the procedure were removed.

However this did not stop him from joining the academy when he was younger, becoming a very young padawan, as he started very young with use of the saber and the force. Something his father and uncle encouraged, his mother, however wasn't happy. She saw it as too early to start, young Zeth's training began at the young age of three. When the human body had enough balance to handle it, and the mind could handle the beginning jedi teachings. As a youngling, he took onto the teachings, and performed exceptionally well. Pleased with the progress his uncle Jaskar, asked a red skinned Twi lek Jedi Master Aayla Gella whom was also a singer when her duties allowed it. She obliged and Zeth's training began to become more intense. When he was Seven he had reached the rank of Padawan, and it was this time, that he was developing his own style of combat, being shorter than the tall and rather majestic Twi'lek, he took on the high acrobatic style with a saber, moving quicker. His focus was key, but it was clear that there was the occasional burst in strength for seemingly no reason. His speed, and strength increased making the Master have to use the Force to push him back. This happened many times and each time, it got remarkably stronger. Despite this, Zeth trained twice as hard, learning to focus and control it better. He slowly moved through the Padawan phases and at the age of twelve he became a Jedi Knight. It wasn't a formal full training set of tests. It was because of something that he had encountered.

While wandering the planet's surface, he and his master came across an old forest, overgrown with wildlife. It was in here they were on their way to finding an old temple, but found a cave instead. Unfortunately, they discovered a hive of old Sith mutations. Zeth and his Master pressed on deeper into the cavern, where they came across a massive cavern filled with veins of metal, it was hard, and dull from being in the darkness and the grime. Also within the chamber, were crystals, something neither had seen, the Twi lek was surprised at this, the energies from them were hard to read. It was then, that one of the inhabitants of the caverns lunged in. Injuring the Twi lek from the surprise attack, Zeth had stepped up, risking his own young life to protect his master. using his moves of being faster than the beast, he was able to evade and counter as it passed him. Eventually felling the beast, thanks to his master's help Zeth had done what few could manage to do nevermind as a child. On their way out, the threat wasn't over. They were chased by several more of them while they were fleeing, Zeth tripped and fell on his back. The saber skittering across the floor far away from him. Out of impulse, and sheer will the force erupted from him blasting the monstrosities from him, slamming them against the wall with a violent force. With them dead finally, but not before one of them got a swipe in. He managed to get his saber and staggered out. Passing out, he was brought to the academy where he was examined and placed in a tank to heal. The burns on his body were severe from the raw strength of the force. He was in the tank for two months recovering.

When he got out of the tank they asked him what happened, he told them it was foggy, he didn't remember. But he felt strange, an electric feeling, and dark too... the raw power had muddled his brain some. But because of his bravery, and skill in fighting the beast, he was promoted to knight. This was brief, so very brief.

While home, practicing on his saber's workings he heard a small commotion, some men claiming to be merchants, from Naboo, they were looking for new planets to expand the trade routes too. Unfortunately, this was a ruse, they came from Korriban and Malachor V a split party. Zeth's parents tried setting up things nice, you know civilly, but it wasn't normal supplies what they were looking for. They were looking for ores, and crystals specifically for the darkside's use, perhaps not Sith exactly, but the intentions were just as malicious. Zeth's parents were killed, and then the group started ravaging the place, looking for records, apparently reports of crystals and ore never before seen and radiating unusual energies brought them in. Zeth, had during the time, snagged a fragment unknown to him, in his clothes, when he was in the battle. The crystal was in a small container and was actually in the jedi's academy waiting for him to take it. They deemed it safe, as it apparently lost whatever malevolent energies in it. The fight, between the young knight and the sith didn't last long. Zeth had been working on perfecting the dual saber form, though far from it, he used it. Deflecting them until he couldn't hold out any longer, an act of despiration, a need for survival, he let loost an eruptive force, far more powerful and seemingly this time controlled against those around him. Blacking out again, he awoke that night, surrounded by the dead bodies and pulling himself through the gore out of the rubble.

He, though young, barely survived the encounter, close to death already since he was a Jedi, went to the Academy to heal up, and recover... he did mourn his parent's deaths. Taking the crystal shard with him, he left Had Abbadon, bidding his uncle and Master farewell. It was best it seemed, that he left and not return, until he could defeat his enemies in full combat without the risk of letting loose such untamed force powers. His uncle was worried about him, slipping to the darkside. So, young Zeth left home at thirteen, into the vast galaxy of space.

Teen Years

"Smile? I am smiling"

— Zeth Vilrain

Life for the young, Jedi wasn't easy at all, A rogue, travelling the galaxy performing whatever small jobs he could. The braid he had grown, was undone and he was letting his hair grow fully. It became a new look for him, even though others of the council recognized him as a Jedi, they begrudgingly let him pursue this style. He earned his rank, this was not denied, they'd watch him and make sure he remained a Jedi. However, the Sith, had felt the shockwave in the force, a wound.. a gash in it. And so, hunters started looking for Zeth, it was there he met many of the species of the Galaxy, both pleasent to deal with and others not so pleasant. It was during this time that Zeth started to train himself, to kill emotions off, working on cloaking himself, try anything he can so as to remain undetectable if only for awhile. Again, he went to the Jedi, this time moving to an academy on Naboo. The serenity of the planet to him was perfect, here he continued some jedi training to further protect and keep his skills honed. Dropping the second saber, he went back to using one saber in combat. Two masters at the time, had taken up the challenge of working him to further hone his skills. Really they saw him as a jedi, who needed a more direct focus. He was able to do this for a long time, lasting until he was eighteen, It was then that he retook two saber combat and using a hybrid of a few forms, mostly Vaapan. Between the strength of Vaapan, his speed and acrobatics, and the calm demeanor he had ontop of the focus, he was able to defeat his two masters. Of course on one occasion, he pushed them both back with the Force, as instinct, had kicked in, as well as a horrid flash back. It was then, that he left the Jedi. They had failed him then, when not even a master could truly give him a challenge, he left... as well as none could help him protect him from himself.

So, at the age of eighteen, he left the Jedi, and never looked back. And now, he took on an entire different life, and perhaps... the darkside was calling him. The true calling of the Force was now beckoning to him.

Into the Darkness

Having left the Jedi, how was one to live? He wasn't really a Jedi anymore, nor was he a Sith. It seemed as if he was inbetween things. So, while sitting in a cantina on Tatooine he sat at the end of the bar, looking at the crystal shard he had gotten while on Had Abbadon. The bartender asked him what was it, to which he told him "A crystal I found, when I was a kid. Been thinking about how to use it." Shrugging to it he put it back, it was then some one apparently who knew about the crystal, told him to be careful. Its a powerful stone, something not known about and often forgotten. Obscured from old days. Its faint green color, shone red in certain lights. It was a crystal of the dead, for the dead. The two, left the cantina and talked about things. It was then Zeth learned that they were a Sith and wanted the crystal, they wanted it, and the knowledge to as where the ore it grew with was. Zeth refused to tell them, the fight ensued in which Zeth walked away, his temper, his anger seething, and the scholar, dis membered twitching in death. The nervous system was shot to hell from the fight. It was clear now, that he wasn't safe, and the Sith were looking for him. Perhaps for the crystal perhaps not. but for now, he closed off his mind of those issues and continued on with his life.

Taking on various small jobs, nothing severe, from minor theft, to shaking someone down for money. Do working at a Cantina to deal with troublesome customers, which usually ended in someone getting thrown out bloodied. This went on for years. Until new Sith came in this time, not with trouble promised but something else. They left the Cantina one evening, having just turned twenty five only a month prior. As they spoke, they told him of a place where he could fully utilize his powers, grow in power and perform things never thought possible. Become far stronger than even the strongest Jedi Grand Master. Nothing really intrigued him, except for him being able to tame and control his powers. learning the history of the Sith, history of the Galaxy it was something worth while to get into. Seth finally Agreed and left with the Sith, albit begrudgingly.

The Academy

Having arrived at the Dark Praxeum Academy Zeth's new life begins. Having met the residing Darths, he began his indoctrination through the Sith code, and began his way onto becoming a Sorcerer. The path was chosen, because he knows all too well that he needs to focus things even more, and this path would make him perfect this. There maybe other possible reasons behind this. The last known where abouts was the human known as Vilrain had become a lord of the Sith, rumored to be known as Lord Vorago.

The Rumors

There is a growing unease in the Force. Someone once said they felt a great disturbance in the force as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and then were suddenly silenced. I do not like this, nor does anyone else sensitive to the Force. - Unknown Jedi Scholar and Force Sensitive

There's been a rumbling from different parts of the galaxy that they've felt a cold presence in the Force, a disturbance that is troubling in and of itself. Midi-Chlorian presence spikes reaching levels that have made many both sensitive to the Force as well as the droids and technology they use to measure these levels question the accuracy. These spikes last for only a few moments before disappearing once more. In the wake are many dead and signs of the force being used. Both on the Light and Darksides. Some victims bearing gashes that seem almost frozen, others whom upon inspection had lost all traces of the Midi-chlorians. Some witnesses say they've seen force lightning, and a Force field being created where the Dark Jedi created such tremendous force that it was like a bomb had gone off. The few Jedi whom faced this Sith Lord fell quickly to his fighting style, it according to some said it was of the more advanced forms including Vapaan but also something new. The light sabers the lord wielded were such a deep blood red they were almost black, and broke through the sabers of the Jedi. One Jedi tried to use the Force Push to try to shove back the other, but the Jedi was thrown back. I saw the face of this horror... no it wasn't a face, and hard to say if even a mask. It was black beneath the hood, there was nothing but pure blackness. No shape or form, like a black hole, the abyss.

" I saw it. I saw the man who slayed ten Jedi alone within seconds. One someone called the Void of the Force. Devourer, A face blacker than the night sky. His gloved hand Blocked the light saber with the jedi, open handed and batted it away like it didn't exist. He then showed, how wrong it was to oppose him. There were no words, no threats, just a cold calculating execution." - Jakka eyewitness

The scene happened on various planets, Including Tattooine, Corsucant, Naboo, and a few others. All accounts say the same thing, a single what could only be described as an agent of the Sith, a Dark Jedi appearing and then disappearing after a mass slaughter of Jedi, or others. Some speculate that the nature of the slaughters, but also the violence in which the Force comes out so explosively is a sign of the child from the unknown planet of Had Abbadon. A dome of energy erupts so violently with force lightning with enough concussive force of something more powerful than a thermal explosion. The emotions those sensitive to them feel ranges from nothing, like a void to a violent focused storm of chaos. They were focused, and honed to a deadly point, a Jedi combat expert and scholar having seen the hologram of one account, likens the combat style in some clips to Vapaan, with some Lus-ma thrown in. But the cunfusion comes when some elements of others came in, including the seven forms of the Jedi, and then Sokan, Dun Moch as well as Su Ma. One account goes into detail in how the black clad one used other weapons with almost equal frightening skill, blaster skills were onpar with the saber skills. A sign that however they learned they learned quickly and well. Some styles having not been seen for years indicate that somehow they learned from the dead, if that is the case, then they have thousands of years to tap into for combat. But these were not the worst things to have been associated with this horror of the Darkside.

" I.. I-I-I seen it! A hellish horror! Something some cruel scientist must have made up... No alien I've ever seen looked so terrible! Its skin was peeled back, flesh open and exposed but it moved without care and seemed to excell in having this freedom. No! I haven't been drinking! - Veteran Stormtrooper

The worst stories are those whom suffered at the hands of this new Sith Lord creating monstrosities by fleshcrafting, grafting and midi-chlorian manipulation to create these horrors by melding various alien and human specimens into a new lifeform. Some reports of the few Sith who spoke of this, speak of the Lord's ability to bring the dead to life to some degree by this manipulation. It is hard to say if it is through the Force or some other means, but some have noticed that the Lord's Midichlorian levels have increased causing them to speculate that he's either forcing his to multiply within his bodies to elevate his own levels, or the absorbsion of them whether literal or his within his body are becomming stronger. One Acolyte commented on the phantasmal horrors that are seen within the halls of one of the labs. Something from the deadlands and from the incorporeal word. Some rumors say that by tapping into the incorporeal world, the Lord has been able to gain more knowledge and power from all parts of the Galaxy. Many speculating he's reaching out deeper into the Galaxy and even beyond for more power. If the Force is Universal then so too must more means of power come.

Had Abbadon

The planet of Had Abbadon, is one that is not often mentioned or spoken about, many believe its just a myth and an exageration now. Unless of course they knew of the events involving a young Cade Skywalker, and Darth Krayt, and his unfortunate demise from his own trusted advisor, however he was only truly weakened by the Yuuzhan Vong's biot infestation. Which surely could have been undone and removed, should one truly wished it and knew the right sorcery involved. The Vilrain family had been on the planet for many generations, The family merchant business runs on funds given to them by other merchants, whom come to get the "rarest" and best stuff in the Galaxy. Its kept hush hush, of course the One Sith empire know of it still and regrettably do come still and get their materials and torment the populace. However with a Jedi presence, this is no longer the case, though the citizens of the planet wished for them to be kept off the maps. They had succeeded for the most part as of course until the fateful events came when it seemed a splinter cell of the Sith came and destroyed the peaceful life.

What is not known about Had abbadon, besides its vast wildlife of flora and fauna, it oddly being a well healthy planet is that under the surface, materials not seen by anyone had emerged. The energies from these items, seem to pulse with darkside energies. Whether they always had been like this, or it had been due to the Rakata's workings, or something far older and perhaps in some sense darker than what anyone could imagine. There is only one known sample of the crystals found in it, and only a few know of its existance. The citizens of the planet don't wish to touch the cavern it was found in solely because of the horrors that lay within it. Zeth still holds the crystal, and the properties of it are unique. No tests have yet been done to it, however it seems to eminate a dark presence purely designed for the darkside. The question is, could this involve the spirit world of the dead, the dead darth lords a realm which holds horrors more terrifying than those the Sith can create. The truth remains unknown, but Zeth does plan on researching the properties of this crystal as well as the ore he found within it. Nothing was ever mentioned of the events, not even the Jedi, know the full story. But its clear if one can harness the materials here to the fullest degree, a new era of horrible weapons could unfold.

Other things on the planet, hidden deeply within the forests, mountains, valleys and even its desolate wastelands, are that there's temples, ancient tombs which surely must contain old secrets. Whether they are Sith or Jedi temples, it remains to be seen.

(more will be added as its RPed out naturally or i get inspired :D)