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Zera A'den Kata is a female Morganian in the Kata Mandalorian Clan.


Early Life on Dxun and Rough errands on Tatooine

Born on the Jungle Moon of Dxun, Zera was born in an aliit of Mando'ade Mandalorian clan, her aliit clan was never part of a particular Clan, wishing to simply live by the Mandalorian culture and face the Galaxy alone. At the age of six Zera lost her parents, both of them died in the Battle Circle, dueling several other Mando'ade mandalorian. After acepting that her parents were gone for good, the young Morganian moved on with her life, she built her first beskar'gam armor at the age of fifteen, after few years of training alone and living in the Jungles, the Morganian left Dxun to explore the Galaxy.

After leaving Dxun, the young Morganian explored many planets, none of them satisfied her though. Upon leaving the Core worlds, she settled on the backwater world of Tatooine. Having reached the age of 18, Zera acepted that she needed Credits in order to make a living. The Morganian started doing random errands for random people, from small delivery tasks to assasinations of ambassadors and other politicians. The young Morganian quickly became renown for doing errands and soon, the entire Mos Eisley and the territory near it came looking for her survices. After a few years of offering her services to the public Zera and an encounter with a few clans of Mandalorians, the Morganian acepted her family name and became a Mandalorian.

One day, not too log after that, young Zera had overheard a couple of Toydarians speaking of a Mandalorian clan that went by the name of 'Kata'. Zera immediatly took interest and started gathering information on this so called Kata clan. After a while, she got in contact with a Kata Tal, a human by the name of Doran Vhe'tra Kata. She arranged a meeting with him on Nar Shaddaa.

After a few days, Zera departed from Tatooine and set cource for Nar Shaddaa, a jewel in the Nal Hutta system. After reaching her cource, the young Morganian landed in the infamous Refugee sector. She immediatly occupied an apartment and went to sleep, the next day she woke up early and went to the Upper City cantina to meet with Doran, the meeting was quite brief - they met and Doran approved her, the next step was to meet Cayce, the Kata alor. He arranged a meeting with Cayce on Alaris Prime, one of the forested moons in the Kashyyk system. After a few days, Doran and Zera found themselves on Alaris Prime, the Moon was as forested as the Holonet described it, the constant rain would keep any wild animal in it's cave and the mighty lightnings every explorer away. After exploring the moon, the two Mando'ade made their way to the Kata base on the planet, there they met Cayce. Cayce was a medium-height woman around the age of 20-30, she was tan and her Beskar'gam was a dark greenish color and black, she had many scars around her body, one was a huge scar across her face. The meeting lasted a few hours, they met and then the Morganian told Cayce her life story and why she came in search for the Kata clan. The Alor listeneed closely and agreed with almost every word, in the end Cayce performed the adoption ritual which made Zera part of the Kata clan, and so the Morganian was ready to face the Galaxy, except this time not alone, but with her own aliit.

The Hunt for the Dar'manda and the Kata Tal

Zera searching for the Slaver in the Remnants of Malachor V

A few days after joining Kata, the Morganian and the rest of the Aliit were fooled and betrayed by a Dar'Manda that went by the name of Bruce, Bruce, a medium sized man and a former member of the Grand Army of the Republic had been dealing with slavering for the past few years. After angering both Kata and Gar, several bounties were put on his head. And so the recent Kata Ge'tal made a special squad which would specialise in capturing Bruce and putting an end to his crimes. The squad consisted of Zera, Dead-Eye, Scorch, Zara and Doran. The Squad searched most core worlds day and night, looking for Bruce and yet they found nothing. Finally, a few days after, they found out that he was hiding in thee depths of Alaris Prime. After finding the Dar'Manda, Doran decidet it is best if Zara fights Bruce alone ,in order to complete his Verd'goten. The fight was brief and in the end Zara came out victorious, minutes after defeating the Slaver the Group transferred Bruce to Bakura and handed him over to the GAR authorities where he would be kept in custody until further notice.

After leaving Bakura Zera received a transmission by her alor, Cayce stating that her Verd'goten was finally decidet. She had to travel to Tarkin's secret space facility somewhere in the midrim and find an Imperial force-user that went by the name of Dietrich. Zera, being the loyal little bee, did as she was told and went to the Facility just as instructed. She was quite familiar with Dietrich too, having encountered him before on Alaris Prime the Morganian knew that he was indeed someone worthy for her Verd'Goten as on her last encounter with him, Zera was defeated and badly injured in the process. After making her way to the lower sections of the Facility, where the young Mandalorian found the Force User meditating she activated her Stealth generator and sneeked behind him, however the Force User easily dodged almost all of her moves.. The fight was long about five hours and both the opponents were hurt in the process, around the middle of the fight, Vhe'tra Kata - Zera's vod - came to observe the fight from a distance. After the fight was over, Zera turned out to be victorious, Vhe'tra came along to congratulate her and lead her to Olankur so that she may rest. After leaving Dietrich lay in his own blood, they both left for Olankur where Cayce awaited to also congradulate the newly established Kata Tal and lead her to her chambers so that she may rest and heal properly.

Facts and Trivia

  • Zera is a Morganian, a Canon race in Star Wars - Morganians were a rare Species, they possesed great beauty and speed. Most of the worked as Politicians and Diplomats.
  • A'den which is Zera's second name and Nickname means Rage in Mando'a.
  • Zera dispises all Force-Users.