Zenn Occidian, also known as Lord Occidian, was a Rodian bounty hunter, a Sith, and a Swordsman.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

"Zenn", as he came to be known by his friends, has no knowledge of his parents, and the first memory that he remembers is being alone, on a world which seems to be desert at a very young age. He was taken in my a merchant, a human man, and given a decent education. However, the life of a merchant was of no interest to him, for he had fire in his soul. Once he was around 18 years of age, he said farewell to the man who had so generously taken him in. His intention was to never return, and he never has. He booked charter on a major vessel, crashing unexpectedly on Mos Eisley, Tatooine, broken, creditless, and downtrodden.

He did errands for a starship captain, and part-time worked for "The Exchange," until he betrayed them, wanting to rescue some friends that they had taken as slaves. He was so enraged when they sent people after him after performing this noble act, that in a fit of rage, he force-pushed them to the ground, discovering that he was Force-sensitive, but not having time to ponder about it. He shot two more of the Exchange thugs with this EE-3, and ran.

After several days of hiding, the Exchange seemed like they were to busy to hunt him any longer, he returned to town, only to find that there was a man blocking his path. A human male, with pale, sickly features, and carrying nothing but a single lightsaber.

Training[edit | edit source]

Zenn was trained by his new master in the most rudamentary use of the Dark Side, learning the art of dueling combat and all of the typical things that one learns when they become Sith. After five months of intensive training, aiding him to develop his weakling abilities, his master pitted him against two other prospective students, with the winner being the one to ultimately recieve their sith name, and, a degree of autonomy from the master. He slaughtered them mercilessly, to which his Master gave him the name, "Massacre." And thus Occidian became his name. ((Occidio in latin= Massacre))

Zenn awoke one morning to find that his Master had left him. Vanished. Without a trace, he left, with no instructions as to how to find him, and no recourse, he waited. His Master did not return. When the young Occidian, now 22, realized his training was at an end, and not being in contact with any others, he knew the only thing he could do was leave. He had heard of many opportunities on Onderon, and took what he had on his back, booked charter once again with the last his money, but something else too. He had the Force.

New beginnings[edit | edit source]

Zenn arrived in the city of Iziz on Onderon, with nothing but his trusty EE-3, a few credits, and a will to survive. For several days he had no luck and was close to running out of money when he ran into a renowned Bounty Hunter known as Gen Morane in the cantina there. His heart raced as he thought how fortuitous it would be if he had arrived in this town to meet this man just as his luck was running out. He later of course would realize it was the will of the Force. He offered his services as a marksman and gunslinger to him, and after his first successful hunt, began his career as a Morane Hunter. Zenn quickly got his first few bounties, and earned enough money to add a Czerka S-11 disruptor, and Mandalorian Disentigrator, which he often Dual-Wielded, to his arsenal. Though he wished he could use a sword or lightsaber, as his training and expertise from young life made him a master of Form II, and he had taught himself in his private time to use a variation of Form III, both forms with elements of Juyo. He was a consummate sword master, but did not yet wish to reveal his dark-side influence. Knowledge is power he had known, guard it well.

Zenn was called by Gen Morane to join in on a hunt and capture mission as part of an elite squad to take down the Onderonian RLF General, Selkisto Horten. They arrived in Iziz, and after a short battle in the cantina, Zenn shot Selkisto in the back with two stun rounds, and Gen ordered them to carry him to Korriban, where Zenn quickly found that the Sith had an academy. To his knowledge, this place had been destroyed long ago. However, he was too cunning for such antics, and did his best not to be noticed, as he was masked. They were led by the Sith to a secluded room, and a Sith identified as Dark Lady Chaos paid each of them several thousand credits. They left, but Zenn had gained more than anyone could know. He now knew where he could increase his power.

Becoming a Sith[edit | edit source]

Zenn returned to Iziz with his hunters, several thousand credits richer, but with a bigger problem. He needed to figure out how he could join the Sith. A bounty had been placed on a Dark Jedi Master known as Darth Sinis ((Tyrant Laffer)).

Zenn had killed Force-Users without the use of a lightsaber before, using their arrogance against them. He ambushed Sinis in the back alleys of Iziz, firing at him with his preferred choice of dual pistols. The Dark Jedi reflected several shots directly back at Zenn, nearly killing him. By a strange twist of fate, Gen Morane showed up flanked by several hunters, whom took Zenn, their brother, to the medical bay in a hurry to have him treated.

Little did Zenn know he would encounter the same Dark Jedi weeks later, and pledge his loyalty to him, beginning training once again in the Dark Side of the Force. Zenn knew that this was only a stepping stone, and after stagnating for some time in their order, but proving himself to many other Sith in the Empire, he was cast out of their order, but this did not bother him, for they had nothing to teach him.

Zenn on Vjun, orange blade drawn.

He was contemplating, and walking around korriban when he stumbled upon Kidara Andel and Shroud Cortes, a fellow Morane Hunter and mandalorian whom had betrayed him, preventing him from capuring Selkisto many months later a second time, and whose lover, Shroud Cortes, had shot him in the back three times, leaving him severely wounded for weeks. Now was his chance for revenge. He fought them both, at one point Kidara so desperate, she threw her jetpack at him. The battle raged, but ultimately shroud was victorious, leaving Zenn Crushed under a rock pillar, nearly every bone in his body broken. Inwardly he faced a choice. He could give up, relegate himself to a mediocre life, let himself die, or summon up every fiber of power and strength, and trudge forward to freedom, as the Sith Code taught him. He crawled painfully out of the ruins where the battle had taken place as he slowly bled internally. Incredibly, as if by a Miracle, a medical doctor complete with ship and all found him there, minus his lightsaber. All he could do was grunt and moan painfully as he lie on her ships medical bed, the woman could see the burn scoring marks on his body and armor, it was unmistakeably from a lightsaber, not to mention the broken bones. After setting his major breaks and treating him with bacta, his strength sufficiently returned for him to thank her for what she had done, but request to be left alone. She left him in the desert, alone, and still quite injured. He trudged nearly broken, in his mind so depressed by the turn of events that he knew not what to do other than to return to the Sith, defeated.

Rising from the Failure[edit | edit source]

Zenn returned to Lady Chaos, explaining his failure as best he could. He knew he was outnumbered and facing a superior foe. Later he was to find that the man he had battled was at one point a Jedi Master. A mere student, his power was nothing compared to this man. Regardless, he was given to one Lord Pravus ((crayden demonia)) for training, to be his sole apprentice. Now Lord Pravus was a former student of Sinis, he too had been exiled from the Dark Jedi, and risen much beyond his level of power. Occidian found that his spirit had returned, all the dark fuel he had felt before, like a fiery wind pushing him along his path to greatness. He quickly absorbed much Sith Knowledge that previous teachers had refused to give him, in his mind, this was to keep him down, and the arrogance he gained quickly went to his head. In one instance, he was on Onderon meeting with an intelligence contact, to learn the movements of the Empire.... and three fellow sith apprentices, from a different order, began hassling him verbally, and essentially distracting him from his mission. In a fit of anger, he drew his saber and cut all three of them down within three minutes, leaving them bloodied and mangled.

Upon his return to Vjun, his master was no where to be found, but the Sith Emperor's shadowhand herself and a compliment of guards (whom were on excellent terms with him) were waiting for him. Her lightwhip was drawn, and she reprimanded him for what had happened. He defended his actions, rightfully pointing out that a Sith deserves nothing he cannot take on his own, with his own power. His argument was, they were weak, and stood in his path, and he rightfully removed them. The shadowhand was not pleased, and ordered him to relinquish his weapon, to which he staunchly refused.

After a fierce and long battle, he was defeated, and taken to Korriban where he was tortured and interrogated, though ultimately they realize there was no purpose for it, and let him go. Occidian was so repulsed by the stupid behavior of his "superiors" that he immediately understood that it was his duty as a Sith of true power to begin plotting their downfall. His training at this point was nearly complete, and after defeating a few Jedi who came to face his master, and torturing the Jedi master Lucas Atlantis for three days and nights, he was declared Darth Occidian, at which point his master declared him to be free from his teaching, and no longer bound.

Betrayal[edit | edit source]

Immediately he left Vjun. He knew that the Sith, so long as they were run by a bunch of weak minded women who called themselves the Dark Sisters, would never be the power they could, and left for Onderon once again. He approached the Emperess Talmerith Jael, who had conquered the planet from him and his morane brothers just a few months before. He gave her all the intelligence on the Sith that he could possibly give, in exchange for permission to live on Onderon and be left alone. Of course, he did not carry a lightsaber, and did not call himself Darth. He was, he thought, going to be permanently Incognito. For this time he spent searching for relics of great Sith power, and was able to gain the holocron of darth bane from a spice dealer named Hulio. Not that a spice dealer would know what power a Sith holocron held. Some weeks later Vjun was turned into glass by an Imperial fleet. None can really know if Darth Occidian's betrayal was the cause.

Crime, manipulation, and the Republic[edit | edit source]

Lord Occidian was able to convince Hulio that together they could form a criminal syndicate that would rival any true power. They set up shop on coruscant, Hulio being the public face, and Occidian being the behind-the-scenes guy. Their empire grew steadily, and before long, the entire planet was covered in their ring and every vice was provided for.. until they sided with the Republic. Lord Occidian knew how clever it would be to do this, and would give him a spotless public image. So they decided that the fledgling PGA, led by Selkisto Horten, would be who they supported in the war. Soon the small new republic took back Onderon, and began construction of a fleet, and recruitment of allies. Some time later they were in a position to attack coruscant, and did so. Using the influence he had cultivated as a sword instructor for the grand army of the republic (GAR), he had managed to secure the authority to bring men to the battle and act as a battle commander. He was on the first LAAT to land, and the third to set foot on the ground. He brought only a single sith sword into battle with him, and immediately rushed forth into the palace, a haze a blaster fire all around him, everywhere, and the battle was massive. When the dust cleared, he had slain 8 of the most powerful Imperial Knights, including Ardonis Commodore. Master Gen Morane himself, and the bounty hunter Vaan Cordan. For this, he was declared by the new PGA chancellor Selkisto Horten to be the Hero of the PGA and awarded the Coruscant battle hero's medal, the only one of its kind, something akin to the medal of Honor. He began working closely to Selkisto, and the republic.

Those pesky Jedi[edit | edit source]

One day Occidian arrived at the PGA HQ to discuss a few things with Selkisto, to arrive to disapproving looks and faces, and was basically told that he would no longer be granted privileges and secure information, and realized immediately what had happened. The Jedi had figured out who he was and were on his trail. He knew that his cover would soon be completely blown, and had to do something, fast. He immediately went to master Morane and asked him for advice, but he found that there was a bounty on one Atticus Jetaime, a Jedi Master. He was needed for the Hunt, and of course did not refuse, knowing that failure would mean exactly what he did not want - blown cover. So he did what he had to. Though they failed this hunt, and the new republic declared Morane an illegal organization, a double failure. Occidian was captured, and placed in cage specifically designed to hold even the most powerful Jedi and Sith. An energy field surrounded him which burned to the touch, and a metal wall outside that. And to add insult to injury, there was a tree with Ysalamiri on it, removing his force abilities entirely. One of the specially designed spider attack tank droids designed by Master morane assaulted the imperial prison in an attempt to rescue him, but was destroyed. Were it not for his secret apprentice, who was an imperial agent, killing the Ysalamiri, and thus allowing him to escape, he would have remained there until a trial could be set. He went to nar shaddaa, into exile.

Grand Marshal Occidian of the Revenant Armada[edit | edit source]

As he sat in the cantina on Nar shaddaa, contemplating his next move, he was sought out by a budding young Sith Apprentice named Takaki, who began to praise Occidian's skill and power, and discuss matters with him. Before long, he revealed to Occidian that he would soon through a complicated plot, gain control of a powerful fleet, and had many men already lined up to man them. What he needed, was a force of Marine-style troops to engage forces on the ground, and the perfect warrior to lead them. ((Will write the rest later, beyond this we approach now))

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

((All of this happened in actual roleplay (except for childhood) from january 07-Now))

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