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Zavarah joined the Kalway Order of Jedi after her parents were killed by the Vjun Sith. The Jedi took her in to save her. She was the only one left there; her sisters escaped. She went to learn the Jedis' peaceful ways: "Peace needs to be. War is not an option." Princess Leia and Zavarah's great, great, great grandmother Queen Amidala are thought to be her ancestors. She followed in her family's heritage of becoming a Jedi Knight with the the KOJ (Kalway Order of Jedi). Zavarah was thought to have the genetic coding of the Skywalker bloodline. Later Zavarah started the OJO (Onderon Jedi Order]) and became it's Grand Master. There she ran the order with her husband Master and the help of her many other Masters and assorted knights that grew from it's beginnings.


Family History

Zavarah was the middle-child of a family of three daughters – Taffeta, the oldest, Zavarah, and the youngest sister, Ciji. Their father was Corran Zabelin, a minister in the government of Naboo. Their mother, Mara, was thought to be the youngest daughter of Jacen Solo that was after the stories were told of. It was a name that meant little more to the three sisters than that of their maternal grandfather.

While Mara had often beguiled her daughters with stories of the exploits of their grandfather, his twin sister, Jaina, and younger brother, Anakin, she never told them the entire story.

But early in their adolescence, when Ciji was old enough to understand, and Zavarah asked repeatedly why she felt things that no one else seemed to feel, Mara sat them down and explained the entire story of their family heritage.

Their grandfather Jacen Solo, along with his sister Jaina and brother Anakin, were the children of Leia Organa-Solo, Princess of Alderaan, and Han Solo, hero of the rebellion, so many years ago. Leia had a twin brother as well. His name was Luke Skywalker, a Jedi Master.

Their great grandmother and great uncle had been born during a very difficult time. So much so that they did not even know they were brother and sister until they were near adulthood.

Great grandmother Leia and great uncle Luke were the twin children of Padme Amidala, then Senator from Naboo, and formerly elected Queen of Naboo, and Anakin Skywalker, Jedi knight and apprentice to Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

From that day on the sisters learned more about their mother’s ancient family heritage, and their ties to Naboo, Tatooine, Alderaan, and Corellia, and its link to all the worlds of the galaxy through the Force.

While Taffeta and Ciji were mesmerized by the titles and the history, Zavarah wished to learn more of this “Force”, and the Jedi knights who understood its meaning so well.

The sisters had reached their mid-to-late teens when their mother and father announced that they might be moving to Coruscant. Corran was considering a consular posting at the Naboo embassy in the capital, and he and Mara were invited to experience the lifestyle of the planet city.

Predictably, the sisters pleaded to join them, but they were told to stay and care for each other, with Taffeta in charge, while their parents were away. “It would only be a few days,” Mara told them. But the girls were not to see them again – or at least for Zavarah, not in the form she had seen them before.

Two days after leaving for Coruscant, Zavarah’s parents appeared to her. They explained to her that, while on their way to Coruscant, their ship was attacked by those of the dark side of the Force – the Sith. The Sith were in search of the children of Skywalker. Mara, as one of those children, was recognized, taken, and later killed along with Corran. Zavarah could not fully understand, but then clearly heard her mother’s warning: The sisters were to go, flee the Sith, and disappear into the galaxy.

While Taffeta and Ciji berated their sister for the “dream” she had, their parents were gone. So they left Naboo, each headed in a different direction, but with a commitment to remain near to each other for the rest of their mortal lives.

The Rogue Jedi

The three Zabelin sisters went their separate ways – ways as different as they were as individuals. But for Zavarah the knowledge of her parents death by the hands of the Sith seemed impossible to put behind her. Reflecting on the stories her mother had told her about the family and the Force, she began to recognize more and more the presence of the Force within her; "Force Sensitive" was the phrase her mother used to describe those of the Skywalker lineage.

She befriended a group of young entrepreneurs who had found a financial future in arms dealing. It fascinated her, and over the months of kinship, Zavarah learned much about weaponry and more deadly tools of war.

Having shared her story with her friends, she was introduced to members of the Jedi Peacekeepers, order of knights and master that looked to ease if not end the continuing strife between Jedi and Sith and bring full balance to the Force. Recognizing her "Force Sensitivity", as well as her energy and drive, they welcomed her to become one of them. And she did.

It was a time when the Vjun Sith were actively plotting the take-over Yavin IV and the destruction of the Jedi Order there. Being young, beautiful, and not known to anyone, the peacekeepers convinced her to go undercover and infiltrate the Vjuns – as the girlfriend of a well-placed Dark Lord.

Turning to her arms dealer friends, Zavarah asked for help. Their idea was to place her at an upcoming exhibition, where she would “accidentally” meet this special Darth Aran. The group would fake an attack and Zavarah would ask for his help, which he would give. It worked, and Zavarah and Dark Lord Master Darth Aran began to spend a great deal of time together.

This Dark Lord even took Zavarah on the tour of the Vjun empire, where she saw first hand the dark underbelly of the Sith world and the deadly nature of Dark Lord.

One evening the two attended a formal dance. Zavarah, wearing a beautiful red gown, diamonds and all, was enjoying Darth Aran company. Suddenly he stopped and, Zavarah in hand, teleported to a viewing location high above what she believed was Yavin. There, before her eyes she saw dozens of Sith attacking a small band of Jedi. She watched in horror as the Sith killed and brutalized them all. Looking around, she realized there were 15 Dark Lords around her. But Zavarah, no longer able to view the carnage, jumped from the platform and began to run. The Sith Lords called out to stop her, but this special Dark Lord Master Darth Aran she knew commanded, “No!” She was just his girlfriend...and most likely a spy.

She did not stop until she reached the arms dealers, who introduced her to a small type of bomb. Seeing it, she knew what she had to do. They would go back to Yavin, place the explosive near the viewing platform and string trip wires. Then Zavarah, as the bait, would draw the Sith off the platform and let the bomb explode in their faces.

With great stealth, they placed the bomb and wires without being noticed. Zavarah called out to the Dark Lord Darth Aran , who immediately ordered his Sith off the platform to capture her as she began to run.

The explosion behind her was fierce, throwing Zavarah far forward. A she moved she felt something slam into her from behind. The Dark Lord Master Darth Aran,though injured, had raised himself from the ground and shot her in the back.

Bleeding profusely and losing consciousness, she used the Force to call out to Taffeta, her older sister, for help then fainted away.

Zavarah woke up, not knowing where she was or for how long she had been asleep. Yet she was safe, away from the field where she had fallen, and in a comfortable bed.

Taffeta heard Zavarah call for help, and finding her near death, summoned friends who took her to safety. She began healing; her strength returning. And she would need it, because the Dark Lord Master Darth Aran and the Vjun Sith had put a price on her head.

A New Life: Luvbutton Moonsoo and the KOJ

It had been just two months, but it seemed like years to Zavarah Zabelin.

Her eldest sister Taffeta, now a Baroness by her marriage to a Baron Nightfire, had arranged for Zavarah’s transport back in time to the kingdom of the King of Calavan. There she could heal and regain her strength in total seclusion, far away in distance and time from the Dark Lord Darth Aran of the Vjun Sith and his minions.

But Zavarah, being Zavarah, was anxious and bored, a combination not fit for one so up for the next challenge. As beautiful and comfortable as Calavan was, it had little excitement.

Taffeta had often visited her recovering younger sister, bringing her news of the present in the form of newsprint and electronic notices. One such notice told of a group of Jedi – the Kalway Order of Jedi (KOJ) that had recently made its home on Yavin 4. Yes, the same Yavin 4 where that Dark Lord Master Darth Aran had tried to kill her. Yet Zavarah also recalled that one of her mother’s stories mentioned Yavin 4. Oh, yes; it was a rebel base from which great grandmother Leia and great uncle Luke led the attack on the first Death Star. And Yavin 4 was also where Luke started an academy to rebuild the Jedi order for the New Republic. So much of her family history was tied to Yavin 4, she wondered if it was to be the site for her new beginning… A Jedi Knight like her father… A Jedi Master like her great uncle…

Bidding farewell to the king and thanking him for all he had done, she began a trip ahead in time… to Yavin 4.

The picture of Yavin she had kept in her mind from the day she destroyed the Sith Lords was far different from the one she now saw. This was not an embattled landscape pocked with bomb craters, but a pastoral scene, green and lush. A stately temple stood not far away and there were other buildings under construction. No Kingdom of Calavan, but certainly not a war zone.

“Greetings,” she heard from behind her. Zavarah turned to see a woman all in white smiling at her. She introduced herself: Luvbutton Moonsoo, Grand Master of the KOJ. Zavarah introduced herself, and, having been invited to sit in the meditation circle and talk with Master Moonsoo, shared her recent past and most of her exploits.

Moonsoo, sensing strength in the Force emanating from Zavarah, asked why she had come to Yavin. Zavarah spoke clearly, “To become a Jedi, Master. Will you teach me?”

Zavarah’s smile quickly changed as she heard a familiar, yet frightening sound from above. Looking up she recognized a Vjun Sith aircraft surveying the area. Did they see her? Was she recognized? Quickly, Zavarah recited the untold portion of her recent past and explained with emphasis that the Vjun Sith had placed a price on her head.

Assuring Zavarah that she would be protected, Moonsoo whisked her to cover. And there, the Jedi Grand Master said exactly what Zavarah hoped to hear: “I will teach you. You will be my Padawan.”

The story continues....

Zavarah worked hard her path and eventually was knighted and then later was made a Master Sentinel she then concentrated on finding intel for Master Moonsoo and the KOJ Jedi order she loved so much. Then one day she met her later to be husband is a another sentinel knight.

But back to how the planet she is on now happened for her to live on...


Her childhood was of a peaceful existence. One day her family was taken from their home and executed in front of her eyes...she fainted, to find on recovering consciousness that she was the only one left, and thought to be the last survivor of the Skywalker blood line. She roamed the streets scrounging for food, hiding in the shadows, when one day a Jedi Master discovered Zavarah and persuaded her to come away so the Jedi could take care of her. Knowing there was something special about Zavrah, she took her in to protect her from the very Sith who executed her family.


An unusual apprenticeship because of her background.


She was knighted by Master Moonsoo but her Master knew even then she had unusual tracking power that she could find anyone and find out information very easily. This Master Moonsoo was happy with and let her investigative abilities rise, even though she was not a Sentinel, but only a Counselor/Healer Jedi. Zavarah was sent on assignments which were normally reserved for Sentinels. Zavrah thrived on those assignments more than the healer position she was being trained for.

Construction of the Onderon Jedi Order

The year 200ABY. Knowing her family heritage and the secret Jedi base on the planet Onderon. Jedi Master Zav went to Onderon foreseeing events in the future that will happen. But she felt that it was to soon to leave behind the one she begin to love as their was one who she had a strong connection with who was in serious trouble.

Jedi Master Zav came back to save Sir from his darkside with her love for him. Once Sir was saved he went home to the planet of Telos V as he went in to exile.

Sir knew that he could never return to the KOJ so Master Zav came to him and showed him her family heritage of Onderon and a secret base where he could start a new Jedi order.

Master Zav with her love instructed Sir in the lightest of Jedi ways and Sir Became a Grand Master and founded the Onderon Jedi Order and rebuilt the city of Iziz that was in ruins.

Now Council Master Zav and Grand Master Sir fell in love as Zav got pregnant with twins and the two decided to raise their family on the planet of Onderon.

Grand Master Sir built the Onderon Jedi Temple and founded a new Jedi academy

Personality, Traits and Accomplishments


A very "aura" appearance, looking that of a true princess would look like when met.


Zavarah can bond her Midi-chlorian count with anyone's Midi-chlorian count by her own will too using their Midi-chlorian count on her Midi-chlorian count together like her ancient ancestor traits.


Zavarah known to all as a peaceful, friendly healer having a unusual Force Power and Force Sense about her. She never really understood totally why she had this, but accepted it anyway. She learned to deal with the heightened sense of force as she was trained by Master Moonsoo. healer, trainer of Jedi, investigator-intel.


Too much to talk about, she was trained in all forms of weapons and types of war that they were needed for.

Light Sabers

She uses the staff being that of a powerful and easily moved to use with lightening speed. Scarab knives that was given to her from someone she doesn't remember.

Apprentice Saber

This is the particular part she used a saber bow instead so fast and far reaching, that she didn't need at that time a saber. Later she received a Saber that was deadlier than could be seen to help protect her self form those who where tracking her to stop the bloodline from being generated on.


YF extreme , yf Scout,TF 1108-K, V wing, tieton, Thunder fighter, Guardian Strike, Jedi Star fighterSkky master, C-tech, Viper-Defcon 1, YF Extemem range fighter 7600

Powers and abilities

A force sense for finding the truth and what will happen before it does. Investigative abilities higher than normal, powers of the mind that most never had.

All abilities as a Jedi has, but even more heightened from the force sense she has since birth. She can hear the littlest sounds far away knowing where they were coming from.