Zarex Adetera is a longtime inhabitant of Arkania, a former officer of the Adascopolis civil authority, and a wealthy miner.

Life Edit

Little has been recorded or known about Zarex. He has spent much of his time on Arkania and its people's endeavors, only leaving the planet occasionally to visit family and close friends.

In childhood, Zarex had a common penchant for taking outdated AI apart and rearranging them into something with purpose and, of course, mischief making on the side. None of his droids mimicked any mainstream machine's design but did serve identical roles. Most of Zarex's creations were small machines built for medical purposes and housekeeping on account of his sickly older sister, who was a more genuine caretaker than his own father. When not tending to his sister or studying, Zarex left his home to prank people. He would hide someplace out of sight and deploy small scout droids, equipped with a camera and cloak, to an area near people. He then used the droids to record words or sounds and replayed them back to cause ultimate commotion. It gave him great laughter, and was the least cruelest of his other pranks.

Zarex's juvenile phase vanished when he reached young adulthood. He delved further into his studies of medical science and managed to save his sister from her mysterious illness via cybernetic enhancements. They rejoiced at what was accomplished. Afterward, they set up a plan to make money, given that Zarex spent almost every credit on medical treatments for his sister. For a while they mined and collected rich minerals at the excavation zones on Adascopolis to placate their get-rich-quick goal for the future. Later in time, Zarex attracted the interest of the Adascopolis Civil Authority when he graduated from a local institution on Adascopolis. He met and fell in love with Kali Phage, the woman who soon became his wife, while working alongside her as a law enforcement officer.

Personality and traits Edit

Zarex seems brash and oftentimes fearless. He is sometimes inclined to swear during conversation to intensify his point or feeling on a subject. Many have underestimated the elder because of his size or his beligerence, usually resulting in fights between him and his contenders. In addition, he has been described as a womanizer when witnessed of his flirtatious manner toward attractive women, which prompted his wife to distance herself from him many times, though she remained in love with him. At heart, however, Zarex is an intelligent man who cares about others, also possessing profound knowledge of internal and external cybernetics next to topics like galactic economics and commerce.

Zarex has an able-bodied appearance for an elderly man. The cybernetic enhancements he applied to his body are a result of this and may have protected his cells from free radical exposure to aging. Like typical Arkanians, he has white hair, pure white eyes, four clawed digits on each hand, and tanned skin. Said eyes allow him to see into the infrared spectrum but are extremely sensitive to intense heat and light. He usually wore civilian apparel or mining uniforms when working at the mineral-rich excavation sites on Adascopolis.

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