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Averaging in at around 5' 4", Zara Tua'eani is unnaturally large for an Amaran, much like his kinsman Meltharas to some extent. His 'fur' is white with an odd, bleached gray, for reasons dating back to his childhood. Commonly clothed heavily in a Mechanics setup with his characteresque zip-up turtleneck sweater, more recently though he's been seen wearing a more tech-savvy modified 'plugsuit' with some military slacks riding over the top to protect his legs.

Zara is a hybrid, dating back to his parents, who were Familiars to the Yuuzhan Vong for a time on Coruscant, he had various alterations made on his genetic genome while in the womb, producing a sickly and unhealthy baby at first with a complete and utter severance from the force.

((Zara has always been a Force-Void since his conception in Late September 2009))

This is a double-edged sword however. Strong phobias and his Player is not one to easily instigate fights.


Semi-Active, Comes & Goes ((02/05/2016))


"I plan to live forever, of course, but barring that I'd settle for a couple thousand years. Even five hundred would be pretty nice."

— Zara Tua'eani

Zara seems to have a... Universally neutral outlook on all things. He's very much an enigma; a very tsundere, reticent character, both from his history of being an exile, and his blood-stained, traumatised background. He often restrains from announcing his attentions or even affiliations due to past conflicts surrounding Kata.

He has the... Potential, to be both random, constructive, extremely fun to hang around, and something of a mentor at the same time. However he's very reclusive, selective and fussy for that, all these quirks and perks further adding to his engimatic lifestyle, often dissapearing from trace for months at a time, to come back with another amazing story. He also has a depth of zeal, often counted on for building weapons of war in times of need.

Vhe'tra's Personal Artificial Intelligence

It's no secret that Zara has attempted to upload his consciousness to the Holonet, in a bid for everlasting life, however what was released, was nothing less than a horror. It was believed for a while, that his Mining Rig, was the dead corpse of Zara, immortalized by the remnants of Zara's memories. Autonomous, it set about harrassing the entire galaxy at large, until finally it was cornered in Kata's own graveyard by Cayce and Vhe'tra. In a final bout of consciousness, the polyintelligent construct uploaded itself to Vhe'tra's buy'ce in an attempt to troll him everlasting, leaving the Mining Rig to simply keel over into the great pyre of the graveyard without but a sound.

However, later on in an elaborate scheme, it turns out that Zara had instead, been imprisoned by his own digitalised consciousness in a cryogenic sleep pod, left to drift the galaxy eternally, until Kata's own comm chatter spiked enough to draw a curious salvager. Zara's revival was enough to spark a panic attack in his own constructs, which proceeded to take over the buried Mining Rig, reactivate its fuelcell and try to intercept Zara's return to Kata on Roche. Unsuccessfully however, as Cayce's Basilisk War Droid proceeded to later decapitate one of the possessed orbital construction units.