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Zander Keto, formerly known as Talyn, is a member of the Keto family of Koros Major and a Republic senator on Coruscant.


Birth to the Academy

Joining the Republic

After returning from the academy, Zander received a message from his mother that stated his appointment to represent the Tetan Empire within the Republic. As a founding member of the Republic on New Alderaan, it was imperative that they put forth a significant amount of support both military-wise and Diplomatically. While in the Senate, Zander showed a fondness for pointing out the mistakes on bills put forth to the Senate, turning the votes of support for bills into votes against the bills and vice versa. Being one of the most stubborn and Vocal members of the senate had its downsides as well, though.

Shortly after the first few days of the Invasion of Umbara, Senator Keto fired off a scathing message  to Darth Apparition of the New Sith Empire of Krayiss II. This in turn was responded to after the invasion of Umbara by the murder of the Umbaran Senator, several hostages, and a message . 

The senator took this opportunity to announce his campaign for Vice Chancellor of the Republic to fill the position left open by the murder of the Vice Chancellor by a Sith assassin who had posed as the Senator of New Alderaan.. Additionally, he denounced the Sith Empire for their terrorist acts and placed them as common terrorist rabble who would be put down as any rabid animal was.

Shortly after his announcement, Zander was challenged by the Gree Ambassador, Ulkesh, spurring the support of Tanaab and several others as they suspected the motives of the Gree.


Winning the Position of Vice-Chancellor was not an easy task, as the path was filled with assassins, speeches, debates, etc. Spending the last few months in a neck brace, The position was finally won with the Military vote pushing him up and over the lead he needed to capture a victory.

The joy was short lived as he had to attend to his mother's health needs as she spent awhile in the hospital. Finally, at her request, he returned and endorsed a bill to renovate the shipyards of New Alderaan.