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Age: Unknown
Species: Miraluka
Gender: Female
Home Planet: Alpheridies
Notable Abilities: Inherited Force Sight Ability
Misc: Former Apprentice to Darth Keres during her time with Sith Ancients as well as Darth Gevecht of Dark Lords of the Sith


Zaloth has been a user of the force for many centuries, She began at a young age on Alpherdies, her home planet. She grew to value the force and it's many rewards but she still sought for more. After the death of her family by the hand of the sith she began a mission to destroy them. One day she came across a mysterious woman, whom she would soon learn was infact a sith. Her name was Darth Keres. Darth Keres was a member of the order by title of "The Sith Ancients." This order was ruled by Darth Adazca, a very powerful sith lord that all in the galaxy feared, even his own followers feared his power. Zaloth, began to realize the power that the force wielding sith held in their hands, she hungered for this power for her very own. So in order to prove herself worthy of the sith she was required to undergo several dangerous experiments placed upon her by Darth Mephistus, Apprentice to Darth Adazca. She passed her first test. To recite the Sith Code. She was then tested on a physical task of sparing with another member of the order, this she did not pass but One sith saw the fight in her and realized with some learning she could possibly become a great sith. This sith that spared her life was Darth Keres. Under the wing of Darth Keres and her brutal teachings Zaloth grew into a new thicker skin. She bares many scars from Darth Keres and for this she learned many lessons about the kind of sith she wished to become. Zaloth grew impatient with her master and this impatience caused her master to realize that she no longer had anything to teach her pet. So Zaloth became Darth Zyda. Now on her own but still clinging to the shadow of her former master, Darth Zyda gained 2 apprentices, breaking the rule of two. Lord Dartanion and another apprentice who's name is not in the archives at this time. Soon after teaching them Zyda grew tired of having two apprentices and decided to pin them against eachother. So Dartanion lost his place by Darth Zyda's side. The irony of this act was that her sole apprentice decided it was in turn time for her to shed her ties with Darth Zyda and defeated her in combat as well. Darth Keres once again appeared from the shadows to watch her defeat and exiled Darth Zyda from the Sith Ancients. Ashamed of herself Zyda fled from Byss until it was reborn into a new world, Ziost. There she reaquainted herself with the force. She also reaquainted herself with an old friend, Darth Devarii, Ruler of the Dark Lords of the Sith. With Dark Lords of the Sith she was able to find a new home and soon a companion she fell in love with. Sadly, such a good period came to a swift end once Devarii disappeared into the darkness never to be heard from again. Hurt by this revalation, the newly Darthed Deliria fled once again into the darkness, alone once again.

Finally risen again from the ashes of her past Zaloth returns to the sith looking for a fresh start and a desire to truly learn once and for all what it means to be sith. Under the wing of her new master, Darth Gevecht, Right hand to Lord Validus, The true Dark Lord of the Sith.

Lady Zaloth

After finally achieving her goal to become a Sith Lady Zaloth now seeks an apprentice to carry on her name and her teachings...Who shall that person be? (TBC)

Here is a copy of her datalog during her missions assigned by her Master, Darth Gevecht. -

Log 1: Subject: Zaloth Assignment 1

As an apprentice to Darth Gevecht i wish to earn the right to call myself a sith master. It has been my experience that this takes time and and patience and the work of learning from a great mentor. I have seen many sith achieve this feat and hope i too can earn the right to call myself a true sith master. I wish to gain more knowlege of the history of the sith becaus with this knowlege comes the power i desire. I also wish in time to gain more agility with my weapon of choice but understand that a sith lord or lady is more than just a fighter, they are clever and seductive as well. My true goal is simple, achieve the power i have long since dreamt of having.

Log 2 : Lesson 1: Dueling

After a match with Master, Darth Gevecht, i have come to realize that i must further my skills in dueling so my next goal will be to work on this skill and then use my teachings to conquer my next opponent.

Log 3 : Zaloth vs. Darth Ragnor

I have attached the data pad recording of my success in completing my next goal. To prove that i am worthy enough in combat and further myself to my goal of becoming apart of the greater ranks of Sith.

[8:25] Darth Ragnor turns and looks at her not saying a word just staring as his attention was drawn to her at the gesture, his burnt skin stretched as he stared at her witha malevolent grin. [8:26] You: "Greetngs stranger" [8:26] Darth Ragnor: "Hello<' he'd say in areply as he sttepped forward, eyes glued to her. [8:27] You: "I have been following you quite far accross this galaxy comrade are you aware of this?" [8:28] Darth Ragnor shakes his head no tknowing what she had been talking about. "No, I did not know this, why have you been following me?" he'd ask as he looked at her suspiciously, his facial expression hidden. [8:28] Krissy Mesmer bows "I am Zaloth" [8:28] You: "Your blood reeks of the stench of my enemy" [8:29] You: "What is your name?" [8:29] Darth Ragnor looks at her and nods. "I'm Trey, new Sith Lord in the Sith X order, soon to be rising to my title of Darth Ragnor," he'd say as he looked at her witha grin filled with pure evil. [8:30] TakaC Schumann is Offline [8:30] DCS2 2.34: You Gain5 xp Total Xp: 50 [8:30] Krissy Mesmer smirks [8:31] Darth Ragnor: "If I am your enemy, you definitely do not seem like a Jedi due to your actions you have notified me about. You must be with another SIth Order," he'd say as he looked at her witha confused glare. [8:32] Krissy Mesmer smiles slightly "You are smart for making that assumption Darth Ragnor" [8:33] You: "I am Zaloth, Apprentice to Darth Gevecht and follower of the Dark Lords of The Sith, i know who you are because i could sense you miles away" [8:34] You: "Correct me if i am wrong in thinking you are in fact my enemy" [8:34] DarkLady Jun is Online [8:35] Darth Ragnor looked at her and grinned. He'd stand tall and stare at her, malevolent grin reappearing on hsi face. "Anyone could sense a taint in the force sucha s mine. The force is so tainted by me, any area I am in it can not go unnoticed," he'd say with cruelty in his eyes as he looked at her. "Yes I am your enemy, you must be here to claim your fate of death," he'd say witha chuckle. [8:35] RamToneAntics Ramsay is Offline [8:35] DCS2 2.34: You Gain5 xp Total Xp: 55 [8:36] Krissy Mesmer smiles malevolantly "Or perhaps i have come to claim your head" [8:37] You: "you would look so pretty hanging within the confinds of my order's sanctuary" [8:37] You: "your neck dripping of fresh blood as you hang above the stone ceiling" [8:38] Darth Ragnor looks at her and grins. "How would your master like if you returned with my lightsaber in your head?" he'd say as he looked at her with hatred as e fueled himself with hatred, strengthening himself, remembering his parents abandoning hima nd he striking them dead, as well as the other family members, he killed them all. [8:38] You: "and you are a Darth, that will surely cause a stir to my name" [8:38] Krissy Mesmer laughs "is that what you think will come of this conversation?" [8:39] Lastat Darkstone is Offline [8:39] Krissy Mesmer grips in her hand her weapon and stares at him readily anticipating any possible next move [8:39] Darth Ragnor looks at her and shakes his head disagreeing. "No what I think will become of this conversation will be much worse than even I can imagine," he'd say as he looked at her witha grin. "But I am thinking to let you live, it could strike fear into your order once they see what I do to you," he'd say smiling, drawing his lightsabers as well, waiting to ignite them. [8:40] DCS2 2.34: You Gain5 xp Total Xp: 60 [8:40] Krissy Mesmer laughs "Perhaps you have not heard, Darth Adazca has slaughtered your order left and right and i shall be the next to bring the Sith -X to it's knees" [8:41] Gage Strom is Online [8:42] Disco Simons is Online [8:42] Darth Ragnor laughs. "You mmust not remember the things Lord MaRyu had done to the poor order of yours," he'd chuckle as he ignited hsi sabers. "When ever youa re foolish enough to attack, the quicker I will bring you to your knees," he'd say as he smirked wickedly. [8:42] Darth Ragnor: /ls on [8:44] Krissy Mesmer smirks "You can try" [8:44] Darth Ragnor: "Equip yourself with your weapon so this can end!" [8:44] Darth Ragnor: (3) [8:44] Darth Ragnor: (2) [8:44] Darth Ragnor: (1) [8:45] DCS2 2.34: Darth Ragnor Has been Defeated [8:45] DCS2 2.34: Darth Ragnor was Killed By Krissy Mesmer [8:47] Krissy Mesmer stands up gripping her side staring down at her opponent as he rests on the ground [8:48]: "You are definately worthy of your title sir, for this i shall spare your life but you are sentenced to exile from here on, what you do with this is your choice" [8:48] Nevin Korobase is Online [8:49] You: /ls 0ff [8:49] You: /ls off [8:50] Krissy Mesmer walks away without a second glance at her victim [8:51] DCS2 2.34: You Gain5 xp Total Xp: 20 [8:51] Nevin Korobase is Offline

(( The SL Name Of Darth Ragnor Has Been Changed To Keep His Identity Secret))

Log 4: Exploration of Malachor V

Master Gevecht has sent me on the task of locating the Underlord's Holocron of Malachor V. It is hidden deep within the planet.

From this assignment it is now to my knowledge that when exploring new relms the purpose is further our skills in survalance. though i did not encounter any enemies on this task it is more than likely that they were present and my mind was merely not open to them in the environment.A sith must have the skill of sticking to the shadows and to sense when a threat is nearest to them. My next goal is to gain a better understanding or sense of how i might be more observant of my surrounds so that i do not lower my gaurd to any assaliant.

Through out the taskes i was asked to finish and hence retrieve the scroll of the underlords of Malachor within the Underlord holocron. it was in my greatest effort that i stayed focused and determined to finish the task. each obsticle was challenging because it took me inside my mind where i must locate my knowlede of the sith. Where i must remember my knowledge of Sith language and think as the ancient sith (i.e Sion and his master Darth Traya) who built the very walls of Malachor V.

Log 5: Ruusan Information Retrieval.

Master Gevecht has finally assigned me to my next task, My instructions are to navigate through the new home of the Noj Jedi, Ruusan. I am to gather blue prints and scope out the members still remaining in the Noj order. In order to be sucessful in my mission i have disguised myself as one of the Jedi. So far my disguise has proven to sheild my true intentions from them. They do not dare question me. I have posed myself as a Jedi Padawan seeking guidence in order to find my way around the environment. A few of them have been very eager to assist me. I am of course careful in my interaction and i have learned to interact as they interact with eachother to avoid suspicion.

Today is the third day since my arrival on Ruusan, i am taking my time to collect as much information as possible. It is my belief that i have gained the trust of a few of the more acknowledged Jedi here on Ruusan. I have befriended a female Miralukan that is a Jedi knight of the Noj Order it is my goal to gain access to any afiliated orders through this girl. I feel that our shared species provides a bond of trust that will be very benificial to me. I also encountered several of the other Jedi as i went along, Some Masters, Some Knights, and Some merely Hopefuls. I will provide a full list of specific names pending my completion of the Ruusan task. So far being here has shown me a side of the force i never dared venture to. Not out of fear but more out of disgust. These individuals fear their own shadows and would never lift a hand in combat if they could avoid it. Their minds are weak and they comform to easily to the views and will of their peers. They posess no individuality in their sense of appearal and are very unpracticed in their knowledge of their heritage or skill in combat. Simply put they are lazy. Here i attach some photos of my interactions with the Jedi of the Noj Order and their home land Ruusan -

Captions of photos -

In disguise standing next to Lady Kimmie of the Noj Order

  1. Standing before the telportation space that leads to the lower level and other such parts of the area. - This serves as my main tool for exploration.
  2. the Lower level of Noj
  3. Outside the Noj Hospital facility
  4. second photo of Noj Hospital
  5. Noj Dojo Facility

Names : Breanna Pomeray - Knight Aerion Utu - Master Luscious Damone - Force Adept Nimberlin Cioc - Force Adept Seb Jinn - Force Adept Christian Attenborough - Force Adept Floryan Flow - Force Adept Elenjolie Beck - Knight Zack Lockjaw - Knight musashi7711 Nakamori - Knight Jaycee Jorda - Knight Kaia Kondor - Knight Calliope DeCuir - Knight Jehn McCallen - Knight Jessi - Easterman - Knight Azrael Cioc - Knight Chris Sonnerstein - Knight Jeremy Bury - Knight Callico Carling - Knight Argynis Criss - Knight Mekar Ewing - Knight Owyn Graves - Knight Elessar Janus - Knight Amidala Nightfire - Knight Loross Staaf - Knight Breanna Pomeray - Knight Wakizashi Yoshikawa - Knight Vaya Zhao - Knight ZenMondo Wormser - Knight Aeon Aeghin - Knight Alyana Thorne - Knight Dante - Sciarri - Knight Kimmie Aeon - Knight Lytra Elytis - Knight Lenny Celt - Master Xerigo Caproni - Master MindBender - Vox - Master Seven McAllister - Master Casey Dawes - Master Kaliwillo Lane - Master Ellen Singer - Master fatman Draken - Master Valen Leinhardt - Master Zephan Castaignede - Master Mantis Grebe - Master Claire Pascale - Master Perwin Rambler - Master Jaedon Pera - Master Brihan Takacs - Master Victor Brody - Master Zoffa Morico - Master Kerman Boa - Master Aerion Utu - Master Alissa Mitra - Padawan l Vilda Kazyanenko - Padawan l Gwystyl Gateaux - Padawan l Josee Sorbet - Padawan l Willm Exonar - Padawan l

(The enclosed names are names i found through searching through profiles...i am not 100% sure whom is active or not but most of the names listed i believe are active RPers of the Noj Order.)

Final Notes

After having spent atleast 4 - 5 days on Ruusan i have gained access to the Noj hospital facility under the wing of Calliope DeCuir. I will remain there in my spare time in order to keep up pretenses as a Noj healer. With this position i will be able to gain access to more individuals who come through the area. I feel that there is more i can learn here and will learn in the future if i use my time wisely.

I hope to gain personal knowledge of my own race on this planet. There are several Miralukans i have access to and have come to know. For this reason and the purpose of any further investigation i will continue exploration in my spare time.

(their construction appears to be incomplete so once i gain further knowledge that it is complete i shall send more photos to complete a full scope analysis of the perimeter of Ruusan.)

Departure from Dark Lords of The Sith

After years of debotion and dedication Zaloth finally departed from the group she called home once again. It was time for her to go on her own once again. But is it fate that she might hide in the shadows or would she surface again with a new face and name? as she did in the past? Only time would tell...

Dark Whispers Exiles

Zaloth did again resurface on the land of the small quiet force users who called themselves exiles to the force. Zaloth was injured and heart broken from her heart once again being betrayed by those she allowed close to her. Her unconcious body was found by none other than Delynne and Nova. The two leaders of the Dark Whispers Exiles. They welcomed her into their home after taking her in and helping her recover both her dignity and a concience she had long ago forgotten she had.

Nar Shaadda

Whilst following her Master, Nova and the rest of those left of the Dark Whispers Exiles, Nar Shaddaa became their new and permanent home. Zaloth,was over joyed to finally find a place she could call home, though she always enjoyed traveling. As time passed she still traveled off world to different planets, due to her desire to stay alone and without much contact from anyone in her group. One evening when she came home from a long mission that her Master had sent her on she looked at her home and realized it had been bitten by the disaster of war, and disease. Seeing this upset her dear friend and leader Delynne, she put it upon herself to make a change to the world in which their home turned into....And so her quest began to make Nar Shaadda a better place, out of her love and appreciation for her newly formed family.