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Zajah Adetera is a Near-Human raised on Onderon. He was a Potentium Master and a pilot of the Potentium Fighter Squadron on Zonama Sekot and a former serviceman of the Imperial Navy. He trained within the Potentium Order and adopted their philosophy, extensively carrying out assignments to defend the planet from outside and inside peril.



Environmental instabilities on Arkania caused most of its inhabitants to leave the planet behind. Zajah's parents, Ghomjah and Haiye Adetera, settled on Iziz, Onderon as a decent environment to raise their child, despite a few societal inconveniences. While growing up on Onderon, he became acquainted with common violence and the law. An example of which was when he and a group of delinquents formed a gang they called the "Savage Stars." Before the group's formation, they and many others were regularly terrorized by criminal activity. As a group, the youths punished criminals, clad in black uniforms shrouding their appearances. Their charismatic founder was a human named Daniel Morosun, who led them on these escapades.

Zajah and the gang eventually roused the authorities. The Onderonian Royal Guard tried to identify who the members were, though the gang eluded them well, only operating at night. However, the gang was compromised during a special operation outside the guard tower against the crooked Royal Guard Commander. The gang spent their days at the detention grounds. Free on release of good behavior, the public regarded them as thugs, and in reaction, Zajah opted to better himself. With his sights set, he traveled with his father to many systems and became accustomed to unique environments and cultures. On Kashykkk in particular, they braved the deadly territories of wild beasts while collecting raw components which they later conducted beneficial experiments.


As time progressed, Zajah educated himself plentifully and even discovered his latent abilities in the Force through his mother. She offered to train him, which he refused, indifferent toward Jedi matters. However, his mother was the only Jedi who intrigued him; not only was she an assertive negotiator, she was also a gentle soul who had a penchant for botany and exotic flowers. On one fateful night, Haiye was summoned by the Council to accept a dangerous mission, aided by a team of Knights, against Sith starfighters hovering over the planet. Haiye proved to be a keen pilot against tactical star fighters due to her strong perception.

Zajah received word of the orbital threat looming above the planet and anxiously rushed off to support his mother. The Sith starfighters proved a minor threat to Haiye and her strike force. However, the Sith were assisted by Mandalorian mercenaries, cloaked and packing ion weaponry. Their ion cannons disabled Haiye and her strike force, leaving them helpless and bombarded with blaster fire, destroying them in a fiery blaze. Arriving to witness his mother's demise, Zajah angrily open-fired, later accompanied by his father. They helped the Jedi overcome the orbital threat over Yavin IV, but not without great loss.

Imperial Undertaking[]

Ghomjah Adetera, father of Zajah and former Commander of the Bakuran Royal Guard.

A few months passed after the incident on Yavin IV. Zajah's father received a job as security for the monarchy on Bakura and was rarely around to travel with him anymore. It left him alone for a while, but his urges for adventure kept him searching for something new. On a hot summer afternoon, Zajah walked around town and came across an Imperial Navy placard on the side of a market building. The poster portrayed the valiance of Imperial troops and a motto interpreting justice that the Empire promised to offer. Although aware of the Empire's notoriety, he wasn't discouraged from joining. He went to the nearest recruitment center and was screened, then attended the Imperial Naval Academy and furthered his education through the Imperial Naval College where he tackled the basics of combat, naval operations, and drilling.

A few years of basic training served him well within the Imperial Military. He proved to be an exceptional pilot, which the stern Admiral Adrian Ganton occasionally applauded him for. Admiral Ganton was a battle-hardened workaholic who lead his squadron on deadly operations against pirates lingering near Imperial-protected worlds, and overtime, the pirates doubled in number. Zajah and the fleet were bombarded by Black Sun Pirates on one fateful operation. He was fortunate enough to survive among explosions and rains of blaster fire. As the battle continued, Zajah drifted while attempting to repair his TIE Oppressor's engine before the pirates could locate him. Repairs were a minor success, and he drifted away in regard of his own life to Yavin IV. Before the locals could find his crashed ship, a strange wanderer recognized his Stormtrooper armor, slowly approaching him.

The Potentium[]

Twilight drew near. Wary of the tall figure approaching him, Zajah raised his blaster. In response, the man drew his lightsaber, prompting Zajah to rethink his actions; a scuffle with a Force-user wouldn't end very well... The mysterious dark-haired man sensed doubt growing in Zajah, questioning whether he was completely devout to the Empire. They conversed on the Empire's reputation, its predominant origin, and its goal of bringing Sith rule to the galaxy. He asked whether the Stormtrooper wanted to remain a pawn in a large, terrible game. With a willful expression and a new perspective, Zajah discarded his Stormtrooper armor and credentials.

The two talked awhile and seemed unusually calm despite their odd encounter, and a plan was in order. Zajah followed the man to his ship, setting a course into the Unknown Regions. They touched down on a mysterious planet, but it seemed not one person was in sight. The stranger brought Zajah to the medical faciity where he was tended to by the kindhearted Amaran healer Nina. The rescuer claimed they were knights of the Potentium Order. He then escorted Zajah to a spot atop a large hill where other residents sat in discussion. There, he met Master Flint Mokeev, Magister Salene Lusch, and Potentium Knight Toad Freck for the first time.

Zajah as a Potentium apprentice.

Life on Zonama Sekot was an opportunity for Zajah to continue his training and unlock his potential in the Force. Toad Freck chose him as an apprentice and taught him the disciplines of the Potentium Code. He faced a timeless series of trials as an apprentice, one of his most cherished experiences. After Toad's demise at the hands of the Sith, Zajah spent much time solo to hone the dynamic swordsmanship he had been instructed on. Za eventually reached knighthood thanks to his receptive peers and self-determination. He left Zonama some time after and sought Onderon after receiving a transmission from his father, and the two agreed to meet near their old home. To his surprise, he encountered his younger brother Gourah on the way there, and all three were soon reunited.


Zajah encountered many entities frequently as a Potentium Knight. Alongside Potentium Master Nina and Master Hanumi, they pursued Sith and an elusive group known simply as "Chaos". Due to Han's status and ample power in the Force, Han was abducted by Chaos and taken for experimentation, prompting Za and Nina to desperately pursue them. Their course took them across the Outer Rim to Nar Kreeta. They took on a group of the cybernetic-enhanced beings of Chaos, utilizing all that they learned to free Han from his captivity. They managed to rescue him after a laborious struggle and brought him back to Sekot. However, Han was badly injured, Za leaving Han in Nina's proficient care and resuming his training.

Potentium Knight Zajah duels a disguised Sarlo.

Yuuzhan Vong War[]

The fearsome Yuuzhan Vong made swift progress over the course of two years gaining control of their once claimed territory. Now a master, Zajah and his fellow inhabitants vowed to defend the planet at all costs. However, because of the proficiency of the Yuuzhan Vong's organic constructs, major operations against them proved the most trying of tasks. Armed with the knowledge of his past services, Za took up risky operations to thwart the Yuuzhan Vong. Ultimately, he and his fellow knights, along with the council masters and the living will of Sekot, put a halt to the Yuuzhan Vong and their violent overthrow of the planet. In a measure to protect its inhabitants, Zonama Sekot used its hyperdrives to migrate to an isolated location within the Unknown Regions.


Brave New Galaxy[]

After the unnerving waves of violence and destruction subsided between the Yuuzhan Vong and Zonama, Zajah was heavily disenchanted. He bid his beloved comrades goodbye and left Zonama Sekot, given special navigational coordinates from close friend and knight Cobalt. On Onderon, he got by as a vehicular technician, rekindling worn-out repulsorlift vehicles until they were almost mistaken for brand new and selling them for reasonable prices. Great opportunity sprang when he met with his grandfather and learned of his roaring success as a miner on Adascopolis, Arkania. He and his grandfather regularly linked up on Adascopolis to conduct excavations. The minerals they uncovered in the tunnels ranged from carvanium to pure diamond, which were common findings but of course maintained their commercial values.

During one extraction under the eastern Adascopolis tunnels, one of the excavators began experiencing failure; the droid overheated as it drilled through layer upon layer of thick crust, and once it reached its final limit, it exploded and set off a dangerous reaction with the nitrogen gas lingering within the tunnels. The blast killed several miners within range. He and his grandfather were saved and treated by a mysterious Togruta known as Xak afterward. Zajah did not set foot on Adascopolis again.

He then received news of his father's death after recovering and visiting his childhood home on Onderon; his ship was inexplicably gunned down by outlaws in the Outer Rim and sent crashing to a nearby planet. He was grief-stricken, but eventually recovered after finding and reuniting with longtime friend Gram, a Rutian Twi'lek, on Onderon. Together, they formed a small team of familiar and new faces along their journey across the stars. They commandeered a freighter that was passed down to Gram and traversed the galaxy in search of greater opportunity and new adventure. Times were peaceful for the most part.

Zajah with his friends on Mos Eisley

Personality and traits[]

Zajah is usually coolheaded and tranquil. Though a man of few words, he stands by his principles without dissuasion and usually takes a practical approach to problems, letting logic play the melody of truth. Opposing his tranquil nature is his cold bias toward Mandalorians, claiming most were "brutes hiding in shells." The Sith and Yuuzhan Vong also became an object of his malice during the conflicts on Zonama.

Zajah is a Near-Human of average height and an athletic physique due to years of training. His hair is black and his skin tone is dark. The most unusual trait are his eyes, which seemingly allow him to see into the infrared spectrum due to his Arkanian ancestry. His wardrobe includes a variety of clothing while his usual outfit is a blue short-sleeved garment, a utility belt, dark pants, and a pair of black boots.

Powers and abilities[]

Zajah can repair droids and standard vehicles at an efficient level based on his studies at Iziz Technical Academy. He is a seasoned combatant due to Imperial training and utilized life-saving survival methods in the cruelest of trials, especially during bouts as an Imperial Pilot. Time as a Potentium follower strengthened his extrasensory perception and further developed his lightsaber skills until it became an almost aesthetic display. However, due to his recession to a normal life and lack of meditation, his connection to the Force has suffered a drop. Although he preferred Makashi as his primary form, he developed his own style while training under experienced masters such as Toad Freck, Gram Aeon, Susallia Arida, Hanumi Takakura, and Master Nina. Zajah also spoke and wrote decently in other languages such as Arkanian and Huttese.

Zajah's lightsaber.