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Early Childhood

Corellian Settelment.png

Zack Andel was born on Corellia. Although, Zack don't remember it much from his youth, but his parent sold him into slavery. Zack was no more than seven years old.

Zack Andel a Miraluka; Was full of anger at his own kind for their cruelty. Through each passing year from the age of till, he was ten years old. Zack continue to grow with strength, with every time the slave task master’s attempted to break the young Miraluka's free spirit. But still, Zack fed off that fear until he was felt assured of himself. He force choked his slave owner, by listening, feeling, and almost sensing the heart exploding as he choked on his own blood in horror.

Zack Andel made his way through galaxy, to Nar Shadda the smuggling moon, where Mandorlians, bounty hunters, and Hutts were. Through he was a Miraluka, he was able to hide with the teeming life of the moon, he consent changed his clothing to hide with in the refugee sector.

Beginning of a Dark Path

Zack Andel was found on Nar Shadda by Darth Kestrel who brought him to Korriban where, upon arrival Zack Andel met an Adept Vain which became his bitter rival in the Assembly of Darkness.

It wasn't until two years later that Zack Andel arrived on Byss that Vain reached out to me again after our former Master was Slain by a rouge sith group. Zack arrived on Byss, not know what to think. he felt a powerful presence on a Byss; it was so intoxicating that he felt that it was where he belong. That is when Zack set out to join the DLotS. Zack Andel became no more, but rather became Darth Erebus.


I have join the Dark Lords of the Sith as Disciple, and I continue with my desire for knowledge, take as apprentices by Darth Gevecht, and his Senior Apprentices Lady Nyx. Under their guidance, I've learnt much only in short matter of time. I fought alongside side the order in the taking of Christophsis. Through me only wounded by Padawan learner I still carry the scars underneath.

Soon I was banished from the Order, consider weak and pitiful, but not before they wipe my memories clean, and all knowledge of the Dark side of the force. But at times when I'm angered by another dark user, I could send lightning bolts but weakly. Before I left Byss, broken and alone.

Four Years of Banishment

For four years I traveled the Galaxies, trying to remember who I was. I've help people from beggars and politics, and troopers. Through I felt as though I was missing a part of me.

Zack Andel’s First Attempted at Redemption


Soon I traveled to Yavin IV, and there I met Sir Moy, a Jedi Knight that took me, after my shuttle crashed, on the surfaces in the water of the Cannel. They nursed me back to health.Since coming to KOJ, I have seen my share of hate and loss. I seen the whole picture in both good and bad, and there need. Since then I've came, to love Yavin as my home.

For the most part, I'm kind person and bit head-strong. I always want to make good start, but that not always so; my attitude can affect me greatly. I become mouthy when I see something that doesn’t feel right to me. I step in trying to resolve the problem, when I should being trying to solve it.

I can't remember nothing From my past, and I'm always haunted by my memories that so dark and hazy, I Can't even see them. Some times when I sleep they come clearer. At times I've laying on the ground looking up at dark hooded figure, and other time's I'm looking down on someone.

Those were my thoughts, I could remember, and thing, only the present. I asked to join the Jedi’s of the KOJ to learn who I was. I studied and learn well, and they I met my master. Master Inshan. He was kind heart individual strong and understanding. He was guardian master of the guardian knights, and I became his padawan.

I was soon, only to learn that my past was to repeat on Yavin IV. I meant one of my old dark sith friends, known Darth Vain now. He and I got indisputable. My master had to get me out, of the trouble I got myself in.

I should have known the past would find me sooner or later, and it did. I went to Ruusan, causing trouble cause of memories were torturing my mind, the Mind wipe machines effects were wearing off, and then I went to a Byss, andstart to try to head to seek the one person I blamed to assailed him Darth Aeon. But I was unprepared, I faced by small band of Darths, and slash and injured.

A new Beginning

Zack Andel’s 2nd Attempted Redemption and Training

I made my way to Ruusan, bruised and battered. I was kicked from the order for the complete lack of hold to peace of the universes. I seek out knight of the New Order of the Jedi, and started to explain my history, and wanting to find redemption. Through I was told it is long road.

After I was interview, I became a hopeful again. And started my path on letting go of my past, and learning to unlearn my knowledge of the previous order. Through learnt humility, and found my centre again, I still have much to go.

Three years have passed, I’ve came long way from what my former days were of. But the pain of my past still haunts the dreams. My abilities in the Force have grown with the guidance of my two Masters. Sir Wylie and Lady Sabra.

I have hone my force senses in to fine young man of the New Jedi Order. Trails approach, yet my spirits dread the day. Wondering if I am ready, through my master continues to tell me that I’m ready for most challenges.

But the trails of Temptation was my greatest challenge, having to go to Rhleg, to deliver a holocron to a inform mate, which the trails made me touch a part of me that thought I left behind. The anger, the fear, and sense of being betrayed. The one thing I’ve learnt from that trail was that I’m not invincible to emotions, through the code of Jedi knight says that there is no emotions there is peace. Part of me wishes that was so, every Jedi feels some sort emotions, that’s why we not droids.

Weeks after the trail of Temptations, I sit in my meditative state review viewing my lessons, asking if I’m ready. These thoughts of doubt have entered in my brain, through a Jedi taught to listen to the will of the living force, it has of late been quiet. So must I learn quiet my thoughts so I can here it’s will again.

Zack closes his eyes and calms his breathing listening to the river below, vision the past present, yet the future seems clouded to himself. The approaching days will be a challenge he thought to himself. But thing that made himself believe the force has a way of changing people’s hearts.

Zack Andel arrives back on Ruusan with sadness in his eyes, he had just returned back from Nar Shadda. He just found out that his father was alive, but the funny thing it was here say. H e started to question his path on the road to redemption, wound he ever meet his father or would it be just one those here say.

It’s been weeks since Master Sabra said that he was almost ready. But he hasn’t seen her of late. (Due to real life issues) Zack had been to worry. For many days, Zack just wander the galaxy searching; hoping to get some sort of feeling from his master presences in the force, but Zack had to return to the Academy on Ruusan, To speak to the Council about not being able to contact his Master. This was great deal of disturbing news for Council, so they approved to placing me in another’s care until Master Sabra returned.

After Knighting Ceremony

Zack Andel’s Curiosity and Imprisonments

I went visiting to other places today, Vjun and Byss. I went to find out what was going on in the political things in the government. There seems to be small or large scale that I can’t sense of decaying and corruption. But of Late I can’t find the source for the time being going lay and wait. Six months Zack Andel spent there, lost in the shadows captured and beating down... it was as if he lost the will to survive but he continue to stay strong falling back on his old sith training... the war passed over Vjun like a dark storm... the government crumbled from the stress from the other sith factions in the galaxy... meeting it's unfortunate but timely end...

With the crumbling of Vjun, Zack Andel made his escape to Nar Shadda only to be captured by his sister Synestra a sith apprentice of General Nercon, a mistake and none the less Zack had to trick and deceive his young sister to make his escape, but that won’t be until six more months on Nar Shadda as Zack duck and dodge every bounty hunter from all corners of the galaxy and Sith apprentice and dark lord from every fraction in galaxy for months on end...

Through everything Zack Andel had face, the finding of his sister...Synestra. And the tortured he had endured. Zack’s emotions had soared to new heights, his power and knowledge had renewed felt more empowered with darkness than light. But he must remain, in serect for now. The past can never be won over with light only embraced again can the wounds be mended. For now it remains as such, Zack Andel a Jedi Knight of the New Order of the Jedi. Lost to his own fate. To very darkness, that the jedi council had feared of him.