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ZCS is a Combat System in use in SWRP sims. It's developed by Salene Lusch and can freely get optained at Zonama Sekot.

It was designed prohibe level camping, to have low management and be able to stand the lag of an openspace sim. It aims to balance the ranged vs melee fights.

It has the following features:

  • meters shouldn't lag in fight under normal circumstances. Even on open space sims.
  • it has classic powers (healing, lightning, pull, push, etc.) embedded.
  • no level or central database, allowing the CS to continue to work independently of an non SL maintainance.
  • damage rate is caped: using a fast rate blaster don't make not more damage, and button smashing in melee has a limited usage.
  • no regeneration while running (or hovering or swiming), and lower rate while walking. People can still run in combat to get a tactical advantage, but running around their opponent is not the standard way to heal.
  • non killing fall damages.
  • the swings can only hit people forward, but blocking works in every direction.
  • it has a training mode (with possible reset) and a RP mode. Also a non combatant mode and a OOC mode.
  • the opponent only have a vague idea of the commabatnt health, but the owner know the stats.
  • saber deflection (with a chance of failure).
  • support for saber destructibles. The devkit is public.
  • afading effect when falling unconsious in RP mode.
  • auto updates