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"Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer give a damn."

— CT-5313 "Spitfire" (Adapted from Victoria H.)


Right off the bat, Z-5313 was determined to make a name for himself. He was dedicated from the get-go, eyes always set on the prize with no thoughts of looking backwards. Each training course hosted, each system patrol, recon op, he'd be there without fail. There wasn't a single force in the galaxy that could stifle the need to keep on his feet, the young private always grabbing life by the horns. With an avid knack for aviation and space flight, Spitfire could not wait for the Pilot Corps to be reinstated. Not one for shore leave, Spitfire constantly seeks out military duties to conduct to avoid going stir crazy. Aside from his work-horse mentality, he's got quite a nasty temper that has almost gotten him into trouble multiple times whilst on duty.

His first combat experience would be against a rouge force user that attacked GAR's headquarters on Onderon. He'd been outside reading tech-specs when another one of his brothers arrived shortly after a cloaked figure began making demands. Private Scout and Spitfire would be engaged by the force user, a Mandalorian joining in on the fight as it progressed into the HQ. Having no firsthand knowledge on fighting SIth, or saber users in general, most of the blaster shots fired by Spitfire were reflected back at him. He received six shots total, with one of them causing major injury to his chest. Despite the injuries received and the target killed, Spitfire still considers himself a 'Shiny'. He didn't see the fight as one that would graduate him from that title

He'd spend four days on light duty before being sent out on a solo recon operation that would take him to Mustafar, Byss, and Nal Hutta. Tasked with flying an unmarked vessel, he would take a set of recon droids out successfully and return without injury. Shortly afterwards he'd participate in an undercover operation on Byss with Lieutenant Mort and Sergeant Nades, gathering intel on the Sith's citadel. Spitfire's confidence only grew the more he crossed into hostile territory and escaped unscathed. One might even call him cocky by this point, raising a fist at the mighty Sith empires and exclaiming that he was ready for war

When the Pilot Corp was reactivated, he became the first to receive training and certification. His heart was, and always will be, set on becoming the XO of the coveted Corp. A real fly-boy and potential top gun, Spitfire takes his occupation as a Pilot seriously. He sees this as his purpose in life, his true calling, what he had been created for. It didn't take long for the newly promoted Lance Corporal to pick his prized Starfighter; the ARC-170. The overall design and specification of the vessel made it the ideal craft for him to master the control of. To this day, he continues to pester Sergeant Rush about Pilot Corp activities, having developed a strong friendship with his brother. The two have taken to calling themselves 'Maverick' and 'Goose', cracking jokes and enjoying life in the wild blue yonder.

During a brief deployment to Yavin IV, a freighter came under fire by unknown enemy fighters. The call went out to scramble V-Wings, Pilot Corp CO Sergeant Rush taking to the skies with Spitfire to combat the enemy craft. Multiple fighters were destroyed before the bulk of the enemy force retreated as the freighter crashed into the wilderness below. Spitfire would pull over-watch with his V-Wing when the freighter's engines went critical. Having not been informed of the danger below him, Spitfire's V-Wing was sent spiraling out of control and into the river upside down. A saber tank operated by Captain Raven dragged the downed fighter out and flipped it over rather violently. Spitfire would survive the whole ordeal, being stuck on light duty once more and teased by his brothers who found it amusing in calling him 'Crash'.

A brief visit from a Jedi 'Archivist' would mark the beginning of what could easily be called subtle corruption by the disguised Sith's dark influence. The Sith's intent on squeezing information out of the Lance Corporal's mind would start with a trip to the local Cantina during a morning that had been a difficult one to start for Spitfire. Exhausted from the previous night spent writing report after report, he was easily lured away by the force and his fate sealed by the presence that would seek to control him. So far, he's only met the Sith once and the day ended with no recollection of how he'd gotten to the Cantina.

Spitfire's first Hutt Night would prove a major event for the Lance Corporal, the Sith from before showing up and luring him away after he and Private Echo had drunken far to much alcohol. The day ended with the Sith nearly breaking Spitfire's mind, sending Echo into a traumatized fit after his brother nearly turned on him. Confined to the brig, Spitfire would await medical treatment, unsure as to if he was protected within the HQ's walls or not.

Once released from the brig after a visit from two Jedi Masters, Spitfire would begin the long and difficult journey of cleansing his mind of Sith influence. The connection would be eventually broken and the voices of the dark forever silenced within his mind. His will remained strong, if only because of the bond he shared with his fellow clones. Spitfire would then suffer from reoccurring post traumatic stress revolving around Sith, the Force, and Lightsaber wielders. He can no longer step foot on Tatooine without his nerves forcing him into a hyper alert state of mind.

During a skirmish on Yavin, Spitfire was injured in a Saber Tank explosion, resulting in his right leg being amputated and replaced with cybernetics. Staff Sergeant Rush had been trapped within the Medbay on Yavin, only adding to the stress that ultimately erupted into an all out firefight with sabers flailing violently around them. His dislike, and fear, of Sith / force users would only grow because of the sheer amount of Sith that attacked the tank. It was a literal Zerg Rush of lightsabers and screaming. 

Shiny no more, Spitfire is determined not to allow the Yavin incident to happen again. He'd hone his skills, thinking up a combat regiment that would be approved by General Apollo for his brothers to hopefully adopt and enjoy. Having to deal with Hutts at an increasing rate, Spitfire has started learning Huttese and the common courtesies given to the Hutt Cartel.

After a ceremony on Naboo went horribly wrong, a man from the Imperial Reich was arrested and moved to Onderon. In response, a large group of Sith from the same order arrived on scene and a skirmish broke out as Spitfire piloted an LAAT with the prisoner on board to the high security prison on Dantooine. Their General would be captured, along with SSG Rush. A rescue attempt would be staged while Spitfire was called out to a mission on Dromund Kaas by Lieutenant Mort's orders.

The Operation on Dromund would end with the team wounded, exhausted, and forced to leave Mort behind who refused to come with them. His cybernetics damaged, Spitfire would deploy again after a patchwork repair to Nar Shaddaa with his team from Dromund to recover the injured that had stormed the Reich citadel. All hope lost, his confidence now reduced to a pitiful level, he would be thrust into the role of a stand-in medic, having to tend to the critically injured.

A day or two later, Spitfire was contacted by Staff Sergeant Nades, the two would be heading out for Byss. They'd land on the Sith controlled world with the hopes of rescuing their Lieutenant, only to rush back to the Station and express launch the ship they'd road in on. Trapped inside a pod rigged to explode, Spitfire would successfully pilot the ship to the pod, keep it steady, and give Nades enough time to pull the Lieutenant out. They'd fly home safely, breathing a sigh of relief in that none of them ended up dead and or captured.

With the Reich no longer a real threat, activity among the troopers would drop, making Spitfire steadily stir crazy. Seeking out options, operations, and opportunity; he devised a joint combat training with the Republic Armed Forces on Bakura. Determined to bring the RAF and GAR together peacefully and promote civil relations between the two, he refuses to give up on the idea that they may work together in the future.

Spitfire would run through the Triple-Threat Trial a second time by Lieutenant Mort's order, successfully passing the test and receiving a shrapnel trinket that symbolized the Lieutenant's strong bond with the young Clone and his brothers. He would later be accepted into the legendary Tri-Squad, an honor he never thought would be possible. Upon being promoted to Corporal, Spitfire was instated as Pilot Corp XO; a long and coveted position he'd been dreaming of since his graduation from basic training.

Multiple covert recon operations would be carried out by Spitfire with different partners each time. He'd prove himself skilled in the art, creating multiple personas to fit a wide range of aftermarket gear. After impressing his good friend Dha'kar'ta, he would be given the Mandalorian's old custom set of beskar'gam as a symbol of how proud he was and how strong of a bond they had formed with one another. Spitfire would be, as Dha'kar'ta had said, adopted into his Aliit. Whether he is truly apart of the Vendet Clan, he is unsure but is proud of the beskar bestowed upon him. He was given the name "Dha'troan" by Dha'kar'ta; which means courage in the face of darkness or to step into the howling dark to defend what you believe in, even if it kills you.

During another attack on Yavin, Spitfire's squad was defeated by two highly skilled Sith. He was captured, dragged by the ankle while the KOJ watched, off to Bakura. Beaten, bloody, and weak; he was thrown into the Jedi temple as a warning towards the Republic's advance onto Coruscant. Given that the Grand Army had no ties on Coruscant, at the moment, he was confused but incoherent. After being patched up by the Jedi, Spitfire was flown back to Onderon.

An attack on Iziz, Onderon, would prove nearly fatal for the newly appointed A'denla acting XO. He'd suffer sever wounds to the neck, left side, back, and chest. Spitfire would flat line twice in Iziz's medical facility, having bled out for quite some time before being moved and treated. While floating in a bacta tank, partially conscious, he was promoted by the injured General Raven to Sergeant and notified that they'd be receiving awards from the Queen in the next three days. When he woke up the next day, Spitfire was appointed full XO of the A'denla Legion.

After recovering from most of his injuries, and surviving two back-to-back confrontations from hostile forces, Spitfire challenged Dha'kar'ta to an Honor Duel. The duel would take place on Anchorhead, Tatooine; brought on by Spitfire's feelings of betrayal and the loss of the Troopers that were killed in the bombing of the GAR HQ. He would narrowly avoid defeat, winning the duel and making his way back to Onderon once he'd regained consciousness. Only two Troopers know of the duel, Private "Thirteen" and Staff Sergeant "Nades", both whom promised to keep it a secret. 

During the first day they were slotted to invade Ando Prime to commence all out war with the NHC's alliance, Spitfire ran a sabotage run with his prized StealthX XJ-Wing. He'd already flew a successful recon op with the stealth fighter and was itching for more. Zipping into the system, he targeted a large invasion vessel destined for Dantooine, blowing it to flaming bits before being targeted by the NHC's Fleet. Because he attacked that vessel, he single-handedly saved Dantooine from what would have been a nasty invasion of NHC Troops, Droids, and Armored Vehicles. After scoring five kills on enemy figters, now that his XJ-Wing was all over the enemy sensors, he was marked down as an Ace. Because of the sheer amount of fire power aimed his way, he was shot down and survived the crash.

Shortly after the initial invasion of Ando, Spitfire was taken prisoner after chasing down a Sith that was headed in the direction his Troopers had retreated to. After blasting the Sith's knee apart with his pistol, he was ultimately defeated and taken prisoner. Spitfire would suffer through excruciating Force-related mental trauma before flipping off a Sith Master and being thrown through reinforced glass.

He'd spend three days behind enemy lines, suffering through hypothermia and ripping apart the housing of what was left of his cybernetic leg to create a shiv out of the critical components. This caused him extreme pain, using the nerve connectors and wires to complete the improvised weapon that he would leave in the hands of a captured innocent woman.

On the third day, Spitfire was rescued by an old friend of his; one he didn't expect to see again for some time. He was moved out of the base and dropped off behind friendly lines and commed for EVAC, rescued by Major Mag and Private Kenny.

The War would rage on and during a scouting mission, Spitfire neglected to bring his helmet. He had on protective eye wear and a tactical headset, a beret seated atop his shaven head. They were attacked by Droidekas created by NHC, shooting his already injured shoulder and chest. With his Troopers taking heavy fire, he stood up and made himself a large target to give them the chance to take cover. He would suffer sever burns on his right eye socket, his eye-pro destroyed, and his vision crippled. Given that he was a Pilot, he'd continue to deny his vision loss, praying that it would clear up the next day or so.

With Ando Prime steamrolled by the Grand Army, the War was hopefully coming to an end fairly soon. Spitfire would make the heart breaking choice of stepping down from Pilot Corp XO. As A'denla Legion XO, his abilities were stretched thin between juggling such high responsibilities back to back. It hurt to let go of his prized Corp position, having worked so hard to achieve his one goal in the Grand Army, but it had to be done. He knew someone just as qualified, if not more so, would take the mantel and do the Corp proud. He was later given a field promotion by Major Mag, installing him as a Staff Sergeant.

Personality and Traits

Spitfire is a loyal and dependable Trooper who's loyalty to the Grand Army knows no bounds. Although he can be temperamental at times, his dedication to his brothers always comes out on top. Spitfire will stop at nothing to make sure his fellow Troopers are running at 100%, often slacking off on caring for himself in the process. A real 'Work Horse', Spitfire can almost always be found with a datapad in hand or lost in a sea of reports scrolling down his helmet's H.U.D.

While his armor matches his fellow Sergeant / Staff Sergeants', he proudly wears the Tri-Squad emblem on his upper left arm and Apollo's Fist on his upper right. Upon his chest he has the letters 'XO' with a set of wings flaring out behind it, as well as a DI badge. His range finder is hooked into the left side port of his helmet, unlike most Troopers who have theirs hooked into the right.

Service Record

  1. A'denla Legion
  2. Pilot Corp
  3. Training Corp


  • Standard Mk. XII Katarn Armor with Utility Belt
  • Westar M5
  • DC-17s Dual Pistols
  • JT 12 jetpack w/ missile
  • Helmet Visor(Purple)
  • Vibro-Bayonet
  • Thermal Detonators(x2)
  • Force Restraint Cuffs
  • Helmet Range Finder
  • Half Pauldron
  • Pack List: 3 Ration Bars, 1 Canteen, Spare Ammunition x3, Vibro-Bayonet, Spare Comms-Link, Small Medkit.

Medals and Awards Received

  • Completion of Basic Training Certificate
  • Basic Training Medical Test Passed
  • GAR Pilot Corp Certification
  • Clone Purple Heart
  • Diplomacy Medal
  • NCOT Certificate
  • Onderon Medal of Honor
  • Fist of Iziz
  • Clone Air Medal
  • Ando Prime Invasion Medal
  • Bronze Star of Bravery

Notable Achievements

  • Rescued Lieutenant Mort, with Staff Sergeant Nades, from an explosively rigged pod launched into orbit from Byss
  • Instated as Pilot Corp XO
  • Accepted into Tri-Squad
  • Defended Iziz, Onderon and Protected the Queen from Death Watch
  • Instated as A'denla Legion XO
  • Won the 2nd Annual Artus Prime Tournament

Notable Battles, Operations, and Campaigns

  • Yavin IV Massacre; 4/10-11/2014
  • Imperial Reich Skirmish (War, Victory)
  • Dromund Kaas Recon Op; 4/17/2014
  • Byss Rescue Op; 4/19/2014
  • Roon Rescue Op; 4/22/2014
  • Terrorist Attack on Onderon; 6/6-7/2014
  • Single-Handed Destruction of NHC Invasion Fleet Destined for Dantooine; 6/23/2014
  • Invasion of Ando Prime; 6/25/2014
  • Death Watch / New Helix Corp War (Victory)


  • Certified Pilot / Advanced Pilot
  • Mortar Operation
  • Advanced Infiltration / Reconnaissance
  • Artillery Operator /Loader
  • Speaks Fluent Huttese
  • Speaks Limited Mando'a (Learning)