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Yung is a SWRP character in Second Life.
Yung is a Yuuzhan Vong 11-years kid who lives on Zonama Sekot. He is a good kid, but also he has a lot to learn. It's common see him with his arrow and his bow walking trough Zonama Sekot.

The 1st econter to Zonama Sekot

Yung is a timid boy, who took a wrong way to see the things watching warmaster Devlin. Now he knows the warmaster is not a good example of beeing with others who are not of the old ways and hears now what the High Priest has to say. His first enconter with Zonama people wasn't the best. He was just playing with his bow, underwater, and he shots on a visitor twice and people get angry, specially Flint Mokeev.

Yung's arrows over the cantina building in his first enconter on Zonama.