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Yavin IV was comprised of a molten metallic core with a thick, immobile low-relief silicate crust. Over half of the moon's landmass was split into four continents which were mostly covered in a thick sea tropical jungles with tall canopies. Some areas were dominated by mountainous ridges and volcanoes.


Yavin IV had sprung a number of Rancors no one knew how they had arrived on the planet but they were territorial in protecting their eggs. It wasn't long when the Rancors disappeared during the night. Evidence was left behind that lead the Chief of Archives Lady White Ragu to believe that the Rancors had been brought to Yavin as an Arkanian experiment. White had not heard anything further of Arkanians since her research into the Vanishing Miraluka Temple of Torr.


The Great Temple/Massassi Temple

Built by the Massassi sith order the Great temple.

Forming KOJ

The Adas Holocron

After finding the holocron Lyis Hirano and her group brought the holocron to Lady White Ragu to study. None of them would realize the horrible cost that was to come with the the artifact.

Hall of the Order

The Hall of the Order is a location on Yavin IV, where every current and former Knight and Master has their picture on the wall. This was designed as a way of honouring those who have trained within the academy and made it to being a Jedi Knight.