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Xera Keto is the Empress of the Tetan Empire, the controlling government of the Empress Teta system. After having been a political prisoner to the Revenant Armada since the age of fourteen she has broken from them in a revolt in which she’s established herself as a seemingly fearless leader of her people. She seems willing to lead the Tetan Empire into a new age as one of the few powers willing to wage war against what she sees as a dark cloud taking over the galaxy.


The End of Innocence

Soon after she turned fourteen she witnessed both her parents murdered by Krath assassins. The plot was later thought to be engineered by the Revenant Armada’s Grand Admiral Takaki Rejkus who would later be known as Darth Abyssus…others suspected in playing some part in it were the Krath themselves, Darth Ikiryo and some even alleged Gen Morane had a hand in it though he has denied any part in the assassination of the reigning Empress and Emperor. However the blame at the time would fall solely on the Krath and nobles alleged to have wanted the throne for themselves.

The Revenant Armada would enter the system declaring their intent to protect the young Empress and her inheritance. The Armada was met with a mixed reaction, some viewed them as hero’s and savior’s of the Empress Teta System while others who had not forgotten the Tetan’s history with the Sith.. Viewed them as thieves who only sought the wealth of the Tetan Empire for themselves. Never the less, they were now the true power in the Empire.

They quickly went to work in routing out the nobles who were said to have been part of the coup, in truth most of these nobles had little to do with it or the Krath but were seen by the Armada as ‘potential problems’. Most of the nobles who survived the purge either had ties to the Sith, Krath or were not seen to be a military threat. Xera would find herself isolated, even meetings with the nobles were supervised by the Armada, they were the gatekeepers and the Iron Citadel would become her prison for several years. Very few were allowed to see her, though some JedI attempted to make contact at times including Master Mass Questi and JedI Rostok, though it was limited to do the high amount of security the Armada had in place.. Her only confidant became her handmaiden, Finis who was the apprentice of Darth Abyssus.

Despite being the apprentice of Abyssus, her handmaiden would often direct her in a course that countered what Abyssus desired. She first started to learn of the force but at her request the abilities she was first taught were those which Finis learned from the Jedi.

The Ties that Bind

Under the direction of the Armada she was then to wed a noble from the Tapani System, Gen Morane. He was better known as a ruthless bounty hunter often called ‘The Spider’. The wedding would be attended by many outside factions such as the Trayus Academy from Rhelg. The Empress took it well..she did not let it bring her spirits too far down as Gen Morane assured her that the marriage would be one of politics and she faced no obligations.

In Gen she found a man with a different agenda. He seemed in her view to maneuver her towards the Imperial Remnant of which he’d admit to her that he was a Moff of. He took her to Onderon on a trip where he would meet with them but she opted to explore to jungles instead in which she came upon a tomb. She remembers little of what happened in the tomb only that an irate Darth Abyssus was there when she came to and would quickly whisk her back to Cinnagar though she was changed for a time.. Her personality seemed conflicted between the timid young girl that people had become familiar with and a more narcissistic counterpart far more prone to do as Abyssus wished.

It was during this time that Finis would have a falling out with Abyssus and would be banished from the Armada and Tetan Courts. More alone then ever and having this dual persona the Empress had no one to speak to, in each she was allowed to speak with she saw them as having an agenda to use her.. in this she began to slowly submit to Abyssus' teaching's. He often became frustrated with her as each time she took a step to the darkside she seemed to take two steps back..

The Heart of the Galaxy

The Armada had succeeded in where many Sith had failed as it managed to successfully sack Coruscant as it won a total victory over the Fel Empire, the PGA and the JedI to take the entire planet. The PGA embassy held out for weeks after the defeat but eventually they too withdrew.

The young Empress would be moved now to the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. The Armada was a militant force with no experience in governing a planet so the Tetan Empire would be tasked with establishing a civilian government. She was given more freedom to do this, but at the cost of being exposed to the Sith teaching’s of Darth Abyssus. By this time Finis had been banished from the Armada’s rank’s and the JedI could not contact her further.

On a trip to Rhelg where she and Darth Abyssus met with the underduke, she would also explore the caverns below the surface and find a crystal that Abyssus intended for her to use for her light saber, but instead it would be used to siphon the spirit she had gained on Onderon out of her.. It is not known what became of the crystal after this..

It was also during the Armada’s time on Coruscant that through Abyssus’ contacts on Zeltros he would discover Gen Morane had been working with the Imperial Remnant, he would interrogate the Empress to see what she knew.. And then force her to banish Gen from the Empire. The former bounty hunter left in a fury directed at Xera, blaming her for the discovery of his work with the Remnant. It was that day in which she let anger truly reach her for the first time as she felt betrayed by Gen just as he did by her, again she would move a bit further into Abyssus plans on making her his apprentice..

Into the Den of Thieves

The Armada would withdraw from Coruscant after running it’s resources to the ground, some are still not completely sure why they pulled out.. Never the less the Armada would now return to the Empress Teta System as it’s base of operations, while establishing an outpost on Nar Shaddaa to support it’s Hutt allies such as Ku'gan and Hutilla, the Empress would often be moved between Koros Major and Nar Shaddaa, during this time she was allowed more independence then previously as she had been ‘playing ball’ more so with Abyssus, often allowing herself to be used as a puppeteer mouthpiece. She was still a political prisoner though now she was able to slowly establish a network of contacts inside and outside the Armada.. Planning for the day in which she’d turn on Abyssus, though whether she would do so in the name of justice or revenge was not yet clear to even her. Those she spent time speaking with were quite a mix, several of the Wraith's she seemed to know well such as her cousin Apparition, a Zeltron, Jakira and Grado-Ekk a descendant of Odan-Urr. She also formed what she considered a friendship with Lt.Xean also known as Spectre feeling she could invigorate the good she saw under the mask of a cold blooded killer, his betrayal was something which would harden her skin quite a bit. It would not be through these darksider's which she formed her powerbase for her revolt but primary through soldiers and ships still loyal to the Tetan Empire as it's forces had been absorbed into the Armada many years prior, as well as those placed in civil posts throughout the Empire and it's extended territories. Many of these had created militia forces without the knowledge of the Armada, when the time came they rose with her.

She was ready to finally embrace the dark side in a desperate attempt to free herself and her people of the Armada, she had planned to travel to the Cron Drift where she believed she could rediscover the knowledge which Aleema Keto held of a ship infused with Sith magics that could cause entire star’s to go supernova. However a trip to Ossus with a man she had befriended would convince her that the course she intended would only lead to her people’s destruction.. She cast the dark side out and has since ceased practicing any use in the force, she had learned from many different beliefs but now believe she could best serve her people as being seen as one of them rather then a mystic as many still view force user’s in such a way with a degree of separation from ‘normal’ people.. So despite her very high potential in the force, she broke from it.

The Die is Cast

Finally, the Empress would publicly call for the Armada’s removal from the Empress Teta System, wishing to break from the prison they had placed on her and her people, she found support amongst many of the nobles who still had loyalist forces, insurgent movements, jedi orders and some less likely sources. The Tetan’s moved quick and were able to reclaim Kirrek to use as their staging grounds for their quest to liberate the rest of the Tetan Empire.

Though she was now free of the Armada, Xera’s life has since been threatened on a regular basis. Bold stances against both the Sith and the Hutt’s have caused several assassination attempts, and she has found herself at war with several Sith factions.. But she has also made many friends in her quest to liberate her people.. Her ambition’s go far beyond the Empress Teta System.. to purge the galaxy of all those who would tyrannize and oppress..


Xera following the liberation of the Empress Teta System

Xera's views would be put into question as she soon found those she had allied with as questionable about those she was waging war against. The galaxy was a much more confusing place then the young ruler had anticipated, and the liberation of the Tetan's had come at a high cost. She could no longer be sure who was an enemy and who was an ally and would change course focusing on internal matters more then the galaxy at large for the period following the purging of the Armada from the Tetan System. The war's with them as well as the Sith Empire and the Galactic Dominion (later known as the Galactic Alliance) had left her exhausted and in need of rest. Her health had always been fragile and she was starting to show signs of a more severe decline.


Xera on Koros

Xera is confident and fearless but has a sensitive side that few see, she keeps a fairly small circle of friends that know what lays under the ‘crown’.

She has a great respect for history and culture, establishing a small library and museum on Kirrek and planning to make Koros Major a cultural center should she be able to retake it. She has adamantly recruited scholars, scientists, historians and so forth wishing for this Empire to not just be seen as a military force.

Force Skills

She has been taught by many master’s learning many different type of abilities. Though something of a novice in the force, she has been learned in two rather rare abilities having taken a very different approach to learning.

  • Meditation
  • Telepathy
  • Empathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Force Sense
  • Force Illusion
  • Battle Meditation


  • She enjoys travel very much, some of her favorite places have been Ossus, Farlang Minor and Onderon (GU). She often states she would desire to be an explorer should she not have been Empress.
  • She has a love of history, especially anything from the ancient times of the Tetan Empire as well as that of Onderon.
  • She is fascinated by other species as well as creatures/animals.
  • She enjoys painting, writing, reading, theatre.