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X-1619, nicknamed "Downz", was a clone trooper who held the military rank of Major General in the Grand Army of the Republic. He also served as Senator of Bakura and he served as the fourth Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Senate, being the first clone to rise to the office of chancellor. He has also achieved the office of the mediator and later chairman of the Galactic Federation of Free Republics.


Grand Army of the Republic

General Downz Portrait

Brigadier General Downz was a member of the Clone Council and replaced Brigadier I-4717 "Joker". At some point during or before the Galactic Dominion War he was promoted to Major General.

Galactic Dominion War

Major General Downz was the leading Clone Council General on the war against the Galactic Dominion. Viewed by the Clone Council as being a Sith Organisation and reported by Galactic News Network as a means to unite various Sith orders.

The feud between the Grand Army and the Galactic Dominion led to the creation of the Galactic Coalition, a coalition between the Mandalorians under Niv Dralshy'a and the Tetan Empire against the Sith Empire and her allies.

The war between the Grand Army and the Galactic Dominion would engulf the world of Bakura, Ruusan and Yavin IV into an embargo by the Galactic Dominion. Meanwhile, the Grand Army would fight the Galactic Dominion on all its worlds in an attempt to cripple the forces of the Galactic Dominion.

Senator of Bakura

Chancellorship Candidacy

X-1619 election for chancellorship

Upon the resignation of Chancellor Altus, Senator Downz announced his candidacy for the position of Chancellor. A position that had never been filled by a Clone Trooper before. He was back by several high profile people, including Former Chancellor and Acting Prime Minister of Bakura Talia, Former Chancellor Baccus Altus, Captain Snoop of the Grand Army of the Republic and Minister of Defense of the New Republic Ryan Adams.

Downz's campaign was about better transparency with what was being debated within the Senate, more frequent and consistent meetings, as well as allowing more public access to citizens and news agencies. His campaign motto was "ready to fight, tooth and nail to get the Republic back on track."

Chancellor of the Galactic Senate of the New Republic

New Confederacy War


On way to a Senate meeting, Downz landed in the capital outside the Senate Chambers and was approached by Hixal. He spoke with Hixal for a few brief moments, before heading into the Chambers, as he went to head into the chambers, Hixal was shot. Upon securing the scene, Downz headed into the Senate Chambers.

Downz resigned from his position as Supreme Chancellor due to his failing health. During the Senate meeting he was residing over, his close friend and Vice Chancellor Ta'kara Darkmoon was killed by two intruders who claimed to be getting revenge for their leader Hixal. Down was powerless to do anything and watched as his friend was beheaded. He would then go out of the public eye for a few months.

King of Bakura

Nomination to Associate Justice of the New Republic

Downz was nominated by Chancellor Shan Connell to become an Associate Justice in the Supreme Court of the New Republic, however, the nomination never progressed with Senator Sapphire Tafo arguing that a foreign King has no place within the New Republic. Downz's short-lived nomination had him saying to the Senate that he would do his best to clean the courts and fight corruption within the New Republic. 

Galactic Federation of Free Republics Mediator

Campaign for Chairman of the Galactic Federation of Free Republics

Dantooine Jedi Record


Name: General Downz

Faction: Republic

Faction Type: Political

Rank: Former Chancellor

Race: Human(clone)

Gender: Male


Info: "General and war hero of the Republic Downz has served with honor for over thirty years before retiring and becoming Senator of Bakura."

When Baccus Altus stepped down, Downz entered the bid for chancellor winning out over Senator Rain from Yavin 4 and Senator Nomi of Dantooine."

Info: "Downz hopes to unify the Republic as well as mend the relationship between the Grand Army and the people it has sworn to defend."

Info: "Downz recently stepped down as Chancellor due to an illness which is preventing him from his duties. During his time he presided over the New Confederacy War and many other ongoing conflicts."

Info: "Downz was also one of the first Chancellors to work more closely with the Jedi in an effort to unify their work for the entire Republic."