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"I'd bid greetings, but I doubt this message is being welcomed with open arms or minds. Thus, I shall be short and to the point. The monarchy of Bakura has risen back into power, co-existing with the Grand Army of the Republic. The citizens have called upon their traditions to recreate the seperate government from the clones. I have answered this call and taken it upon myself to serve the residents of the planet to the best of my ability. Our space ports are open to the public, residencies prepared to be occupied, cantinas more than stocked for the thirsty. Bring the outcasts, bring the lower class, bring the ones who are tired of oppression. We accept all walks of life, Dark or Light Force aligned, tainted or pure. Bakura isn't just for clones any more. This is Queen Wynd, and by the power bestowed up on me, the monarchy of Bakura as risen."

— Wynd Nephthys

Wynd Nephthys was the first Queen of Bakura, founding member of the Bakuran Monarchy.

"The Queen of Bakura, Wynd, has betrayed us all. Becuase of her dedication to the 'Force' she has been infected, and corrupted. The corruption has gradually progressed throughout her entire term, and has offically been confirmed of being a 'sith'.

As a safety precaution, all relatives and follows of the Queen will be detained immediately. Specifically the Princess of Bakura, as well as other religious 'force' users assosiated with the Queen. Until matters are settled, Marshall law is now in affect."

— Senator Zahri Yven


Guantleted arms, Silver eyes, white black tipped strands of hair.  Ornate tattoos, one Echani powerblade on each hip, and the detailed crown in her hair, rags adorning her figure. Multiple lip rings