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Wonka Ramesh the Hutt is the Overlord of the Black Dawn syndicate, chairman of the Nal Hutta Council and a member of the Hutt Council.

Wonka, born on Nal Hutta, spent most of their time on Korriban, where besides the Black Dawn Syndicate they oversee an establishment known as The Pit, where weekly fighting tournaments were held for a time.

Wonka has since moved the bulk of their operations to Nal Huttaa again, since being nominated to spearhead Nal Hutta's return to glory by chairing the Nal Hutta Council.

Wonka's eldest offspring is Pitza the Hutt, and he also has an huttling offspring by the name of Chella.

Besides the extensive operations which Wonka oversees in Black Dawn, and the assets Wonka manages for the Hutt Council and the Nal Hutta Council, Wonka also owns a belt of asteroids in the Kessel system which employ slaves to manufacture confections of varying types for distribution across the galaxy. Some of Wonka's confections remain banned in some systems due to presence of spice in the candies.

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