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Often going by the name White Ragu, Shiek Ragu was a half breed of human and Miraluka. She originated at a young age from a lost planet called Bakura 4. She joined the Kalway Order of Jedi after roaming the galaxy for a few years of teaching beings a rare kind of understanding of life. Only after joining the Jedi order did she find out her background through a set of two crystals she always wore around her neck. The people on Bakura IV were a tribal society hiding most of their knowledge, technology and understanding from outsiders. This is where White Ragu inherited her great wisdom and understanding of how things and beings behave. White Ragu was a Consular Scholar who had a very extensive knowledge base in the force and it's abilities on the body and mind. The second crystal on her necklace told her where to find her brother named Metus Bawhe (He ended up not remembering his Ragu name and later kept the new one) who she had lost in a crowd while escaping a horrible war on their home planet. This war had a mysterious err about it and was the last event before the entire planet disappeared. Her people were not the Miralukas on Katarr and they didn't naturally possess the strong gifts unless trained fully probably because they were only half breeds.


Early life


At an early stage of a child's life on Bakura IV, the society had a practicing tradition where they would add one of four colors to the front of the name. These colors represented one thing and that thing would describe the personality of that holder. This is the reason why Shiek Ragu went by the name White Ragu. The four colors were Red, Blue and yellow. These three colors make up the whole spectrum. Then the remaining ones black and white in which are all colors and the abstraction of colors. Shiek received the color White representing Winter; a time when every thing is blanketed and the world is made clear and more visible as well as mixed. It is easy to belong to this world and it draws people together. Winter comes and goes when it does not being influenced by many things. Shiek continued her people's traditions.

First War on Bakura IV

"Children are only capable of remembering so much but you never forget the chaos of death and destruction; lost and confusion, nevertheless my convictions hold strong to the way things are in general and not how people make them"

— White Ragu to Malok

The child White Ragu was awoken one early morning when dawn had not yet set to the shouts of people outside and her mother frantically trying to get her to her feet meanwhile collecting important items and stuffing them in a sack. Shiek was told to wake her younger brother and to take the first shuttle off the planet Bakura IV. Something terrible was happening and there was so much commotion. Shiek did as she was told still confused and a bit frightened. Only when she saw her father out on the front lines using abilities unknown to the society's children did she stop and made her way towards him. As they approached their father the front lines were forced to push back and they found themselves trapped in a corner. They were protected by their father who came to they rescue and shoved on board the next shuttle. White Ragu watched out the window with her brother by her side as the planet's surface became smaller and smaller. Never being off her home planet she soon didn't recognize anything and felt a wave of distress she had ever experienced before. The shuttle eventually arrived on Bakura after a few days. White Ragu and Metus had fallen asleep against each other and the station master had to gently wake them up. He asked them where their parents were. White Ragu had trouble finding words as she looked over her brother who was now crying. The station master took them to a chair in the lobby and urged them to stay there. White Ragu did as she was told but Metus thought he heard his name being called and took of trying to find out. White immediately had to go after him and at first had him insight but as soon as he made his way out of the space port and into a larger his small body disappeared. After searching frantically for hours White came to realize that she had lost her little brother. She blamed herself for letting go of his hand in the lobby. White who was now crying herself found an isolated alley and dug through the contents of the sack that her mother gave her. Inside was a data pad with more the a million kredits on it. White knew to hide this some place safe right away. Next she found her necklace that she always wore but there seemed to be a more priceless set of crystals on it then there were before. There was also some food and a note written on a scroll. White Ragu read over the scroll which told her to look over her little brother and that her parents loved her very much but there was something happening to not only to their community but also the planet. They wanted to save their children from an uncertain fate. Reading the note made White feel more ashamed for losing her brother. A door opened to one of the buildings Shiek was in between and she could hear joy and laughter. She could her music and singing. White was pulled into the cantina by an odd looking being who was speaking in another language that she couldn't understand. She was brought in front of another drunk male human. After asking White a few questions she asked him if she asked if she could return to her home on Bakura IV. The whole cantina seemed to hear this and a hush silence filled the air after which was a roar of laughter. The drunk man smiled and replied don't school children know their homework today?? The fourth planet in the Bakura system is Arden and it's a gas planet meaning it's uninhabitable, you foolish girl. The man grabbed a hold of White's arm and pulled her out of the cantina and once again she was alone with her sack in the alley. Over the next few months she lived on the streets and saved her hidden kredits for emergencies. She slept in alleys that had some type of shelter above.

Childhood Friend Petro Suntracker

One morning White Ragu was roaming the streets looking for anyone who had any information about her home planet when she ran into a small skinny boy fleeing from one of the shops. The both fell to the ground and Shiek could hear someone yelling after the boy to stop. Shiek was still sitting on the ground when the boy got up and started to take off running again however White unconsciously used the force power stasis on the boy and caused him to stop dead in his tracks. At this point the shop owner was able to catch up to them and realizing that it was her that was preventing the boy from awareness she let go of her ability. The owner was unaware of what had happened but was now talking with the child as Shiek approached them both. The shop owner quickly searched the boy and took back the food that the boy had stolen and was about to call the authorities on him. Shiek came up with an idea fast and told the shop owner that she thought she saw some others taking his merchandise and asked who was watching the shop. The shop owner had a twisted face as he realized there was no one watching the store. He turned back and rushed as quick as he could. Shiek took the boy's hand as he blushed and lead him to a quiet place. He shortly began to struggle to pull away. He managed to break free when Shiek went to turn around. She asked him what he thought he was doing. The boy replied what does it look like?? After a while the boy introduced himself as Petro and that he was only trying to feed his cousins who also lived out on the streets and had no home, food or credits. He told White to follow him to the place where they were all hiding. They entered a small abandoned building that was out of the area. Petro beamed with happiness and pride as he told Shiek that you have to venture into a new area so that it would be less likely that you would be recognized. White asked him if he could have gotten a job. Petro admitted he had one before but he didn't like it. Petro yelled out I'm blind, I can't see. One by one a number of children appeared from hiding spaces. Petro noticed that one of the children was missing right that one of the children was missing. He quickly asked where is Zash? One of the little girls younger then White said that he was in his usual hiding spot. Petro went over to a small whole in the wall. Shiek knelt down beside Petro to just barely be able to see the shilouette of a child in the wall who was hunched in a ball crying. At first White had forgotten the name of the boy in the wall and he looked awfully a lot like Metus. She called out her brother's name but stopped when she noticed the look Petro was giving her. As the boy in the wall slowly began to come Shiek could see that it was not Metus. The boy was in tears crying about his family. Petro comfort him and it took a little while before the boy could calm his nerves. Perhaps it was a new friend, the child who looked like Metus, or that White thought she might find her brother in the area that made her decide to join the group of children for a while. She refrained Petro from stealing and they used the kredits that Shiek was given to by nourishment for everyone. She told him that if he continued it may cost him more then a slap on the wrist one day. The two of them went out some days to buy the things they needed and search for any clues of Metus or knowledge on the her lost home. Petro admitted that he or any of the others had never heard anything about it. Shiek would be a mother to the boy who looked like Metus during the day because his tears came constantly and during the night when everyone was asleep Petro would often jolt awake hearing crying from Shiek in her sleep. He would then lie beside her in a hug, and hum until she stopped. Only then would he fall asleep. The children continued the routine for a few months. Petro found himself wanting to buy Ragu a gift as he past the shops during the day. He wanted to surprise her so instead of asking Ragu for the funds to buy her a gift, he made a great risk and decided to steal one of the beautiful bracelets that he saw. His decussion was a fatal mistake. He ran out of the shop believing he was successful. Little did Petro realize that the owner had recorded Petro's image with a specialized hologram device. The next few days the owner interviewed people and showed them the playback on the hologram. With luck he was able to track down someone who had seen and recognized the group of children. They pointed the shop owner in the direction of the abandoned building. It was getting late so the owner entered the building and found Shiek with the rest of the children. The owner approached Shiek and confronted her about stealing but she had no idea what he was talking about. He continued in saying that she owed him compensation for his merchandise. The shop owner noticed White's bag in the corner of the room and immediately snatched it up. He looked through the sack and picked out Ragu's necklace realizing that some of the stuff had value. He replaced the necklace in the sack as the children were kicking and pulling at him. Just at that moment Petro came back in and saw the scene. Right away he recognized the man. The shop owner picked Petro up by his hood and dragged him along to take him to the authorities. White told the children to stay in the building as she left to trail them from a distance. The two of them were crossing a tight section that hung in the air. A few miles below was a busy area of the city swarming with local city starships. The section was wide enough for a large group of people and a number of droids. Perto managed to break free but knew what the things in the sack meant to White so he turned back to grab the bag. As he did the shop owner pushed him aside. The sack fell to the ground but Petro was pushed just as a droid was coming by, causing him to fall even further, right over the edge of the side of the section bridge. Ragu arrived to the end of the crowd just in time to see her friend bump into the droid and watched in horror as he flew over the side. White recovered the sack and slowly looked over the edge full of tears in her eyes. Petro's small body was not visible amongst the heavy traffic. He was too weak to prevent his fall. The next month was quiet in the abandoned building; no one dared to speak.

Meeting Royalty

Shiek had found a small secluded garden in the city where she had marked a grave for her friend. When ever she woke up during the night crying with no one beside her she would make her way over to the garden, and lie by the marker, and hum herself to sleep. One night Shiek woke up to laughter. She looked up at the statue in the center of the garden to find blurry form sitting on top of it. Shiek slowly rubbed her eyes still very tired. She found her self looking into her own face. She thought she must have been seeing things until her other self ask, "What are you sleeping on the ground in the cold for, you silly girl?" White sat up onto her knees to have a better look at who was talking. There on the statue sat a little girl around the same age as Shiek who also looked shockingly similar to her. A second voice called out into the middle of the night and in a rush the double ganger jumped of the statue down to the groud and pressed her back to hide in front of it. She looked at White and signled her to do the same. "Well what are you waiting for??" The girl pulled Shiek against the statue along with her and told her to be silent as the second voice continued to call out. As the voice gradually died down into the distance White's new acquaintance began to relax and let go of her hand. The odd girl then spun around on her feet and barked out, "Who are you, then?" White wasn't sure if she should say anything but eventually told the girl her name. The girl then replied, "And why aren't you on your knees? Don't you know who I am?" White admitted that she didn't know and the girl seemed to be surprised and horrified. The girl picked up a stick from off the ground and gave the back of Shiek's legs a hard whack. White cried out and fell to the ground in pain. She was about to say something when the voice retraced its path and was headed back in their direction. The girl stuck out her tongue at Shiek and took off laughing in the night.

Officer Malok

White found herself sitting in the center of a thick forest on the moon of Endor as the moon fell and the darkness of a strange land settled over her.

Ship Bay: the Elixa Trava


Padawan White Ragu standing in front of one of the trees at the embassy on Yavin 4

White Ragu was taken on by Master Iria Tuqiri as a padawan.

First Major Sith Encounter

White Ragu's first major sith encounter came during her first few days at the Kalway Order of Jedi on Yavin 4. A group of apprentices and masters were sitting meditating at the main circle in front of the medbay along with White Ragu. A few sith approached the group and sat do beside them to meditate as well however their real goal was to get them emotional and lose control. What they expected didn't surcome to pass as White Ragu psychologically supported her group at the same time proving the sith's beliefs were folly. She only used facts against them and not just the jedi belief. The ones who ended up emotional was not the jedis but the siths. Slowly, day became night and the jedi group split up to get some work done. White Ragu went back to building her ship on top of the medbay landing pad. White Ragu could barely sense the three approaching sith. By the time she did, they were close enough that it would have been a tight escape. The three sith were now standing around her but did not attack. They wanted to do more damage and turn her from the lightside path. Their efforts proved to be in vain. Luckily White Ragu's master was on her way up to say goodnight when the sith started to use darkside powers against Ragu. Master Iria approached them and the sith started to use the force power fear against her. White Ragu used what power she had to soothe and heal her master until she took a few steps back, misjudging where the edge of the medbay roof was, and ended up over the side. White Ragu ignored the sith who had followed her down, and attempted to make her way back up her master. It was too late. She ended up being knocked unconscious by the sith who was following her and she woke up to find herself in the medbay, with Master Iria standing in front of the bacta tank.

Captured and Tortured

One morning White woke up to hearing about one of the masters being captured. Still used to the leadership positions that she was thrown into she decide to lead an investigation her self and relied on her abilities to use psychology. White gathered up the things she need and quietly took a ship and left Yavin IV to head to the base of one of the sith groups in hope that they had heard something about it. When she arrived on the planet she could not find anyone around until she found her way into a temple that had a great darkside aurora. She made her way to the large wooden doors and began to open them using the force, making her way inside. The hall was grand but remained empty. She heard a noise from the floors above and so headed up the staircase that was in the room.


He approached the Yavin IV meditation circle carrying only a bag that he kept close to him at all times. He was only a child and as he came closer to were White was meditating he tried to mask his presence however Shiek could sense him anyways. Without turning to face him she greeted him with a smile and did her usual bow. The little boy was still cautious of her as she introduced her self. Something in her made the boy feel more relaxed and relieved, almost as if he could trust himself with her. He sat down beside her and they started talking as if they had always known each other.

The Ragu Necklace

Chief of Archives

White was assigned the role of the Chief of Archives after her friend Dawn Donner suggested the position. At first White wasn't too sure, but she eventually decided to take up the role as it would provide very useful in prepiation for becoming a Scholar.

Jedi Path

From the beginning of joining the KOJ White Ragu knew exactly what path she wanted to follow. When the time came she chose to be a Consular because she understood that people made many excuses to look for the easy way to do things and often couldn't see other possibilities, however she could. Shiek often mind tricked many of the sith to do as she chose without them realizing it instead of taking out her saber. The sith soon started to be more causious around her. She was also able to out talk them with logic and general facts because she had the understanding of the galaxy her people had.

Training with GAR

White and Dawn were having a dispute when Sir Dro Plund approached the two of them. After hearing out what they had to say, he grew tired of the arguement and suggested that they seperate for a little while. He suggested Lady White take some time off at his appartment that he rarely used on Bakura for a week. White could use the time off and agreed to the idea.

Sith Holocron Lesson

The following is how White Ragu ended up have the Miraluka sight and senses.

Once again White Ragu met up with the grey jedi Farlonis at the old embassy to talk to him about Hector. After their conversation Farlonis told White Ragu to be careful, in which Ragu replied you don't have to worry about me. Farlonis wanted to be sure and asked if she would take a test. White Ragu said she was ready for it. Farlonis took out a sith artifact from his cloak and handed it over to White causiously. The artifact immediately began to glow and suddenly White fell into a deep trance. Farlonis who was witnessing all this became very worried and tried everything he could to bring her out of it. He wasn't able to. Farlonis didn't hear anything, but the sith artifact was now talking to Shiek. Multiple sith voices were speaking to her saying;

"You are a strong minded young one and worthy of learning about your true Miraluka nature and skills but it will cost you a great price."

— Sith artifact

At which point White fell to her knees crying out screaming in pain. Farlonis was still helpless to do anything. When White Ragu looked up, broken from the trance, her eyes shined a milky silver. She seemed to be looking around and finally said out loud to Farlonis that she could no longer see. White Ragu was now blind and Farlonis had to guide her back to the medbay. There she was put in a bacta tank to try and heal it but with no such luck. Normally it might have done the trick but there was not only a strange black aurora surrounding her eyes but also her whole body. White wasn't the only one who could sense this. It was powerful and not visible to sight. Hector was at the enterence of the medbay with his bear calling out for her. She told Farlonis not to let him into the operating area because she was afraid of what he would do if he saw her so vulnable. After a while of running tests on White and studying, Farlonis realized there was nothing he could do. Over a peroid of time White Ragu stumbled around and could not be the person she used to be with her movement and fighting. She constantly ran into things and people had to escourt her around. She couldn't help but feel defeated. However something was also occuring in the mean time. Her senses were beginning to sharpen and eventually Shiek was starting to be able to use her strong senses to tell where everything was. Finally White was able to use her senses to the point where she was her regular self again. She felt even stronger and more capable then before.

Family Reunion

"One crystal is for you, Shiek Ragu and the other one is for him."

— The essence of White Ragu's father speaking though the crystal on her necklace

On a quiet morning White Ragu was making her way to the Yavin 4 medbay when she ran into Master Iria, Master Moonsoo, Dawn and the mysterious female stranger she recognized from her first incident with her necklace. She approached the group in the lobby of the medbay but they were in a rush and they all went to the landing pad on the roof. While they where on the roof waiting for a shuttle White Ragu was told that Charles had gotten captured according to the mysterious woman. The masters told White that Dawn Donner had found the crashed ship with the stranger in it and helped the stranger to the medbay. The stranger told them she was going to lead them to Naboo where their knight was being held. Her real motive was to seperate the group and get White Ragu alone. She wanted the necklace for herself and intended to betray the rest of her group. When they all arrived on Naboo they took some time aside to talk amongst themselves about whether or not they could trust this person. White Ragu informed the rest of the group, aside from her master, who this person was. The stranger now realizing that she probably wouldnt have the chance to sucessfully complete her plan decided to make for a quick escape. The jedis still had questions they wanted to ask her and pursued her. She stopped and turned around and ignited her saber. It would appear that she was in fact force sensitive but White Ragu had already expected that from the stronger feelings she had. The stranger tried to put up a fight but still suffered from the injuries from her crash and soon fell to her knees in pain. The jedis helped her to feet and brought her in a cantina that was beside them. They sat her down at a table. White pulled her master and Master Moonsoo aside to talk to them in private. She mentioned everything that Farlonis had told her about the Star Forge. She also explained their agendas to use the power harnessed by it before Hector's father or the creature could. Realizing that she likely would not be sucessful in her plans to seperate the group and get Shiek along the stranger accepted it and announced that they had to travel to Ossus to activate the second crystal of the Ragu necklace.


In becoming a Jedi Knight White Ragu took on the advanced path of a Scholar. Having access to much of the material around the galaxy and being instated the Chief of Archives before hand during her padawanship gave her a head start and understanding of what possibilities there was. Also after finally becoming a Jedi Knight she took on Hector as an apprentice as she promised.

The Elixa Manifesta

During the early stages of White Ragu's knighthood she discovered an ancient manifest that had some mentioning of what appeared to be her planet and people. Written by one Master Scholar and Scientist Jacob Thorn Shiek placed it in with the material in the KOJ archives.

Destruction of the Death Star Cells

Battle for Yavin 4

The Dark Whispers

Lady Aichi's apprentice Lyis brought forward a holocron to Shiek that they had adventured for and found. They were unsure of what it was and wanted her to research and study it to unlock it's secrets. After a short while Shiek found out what exactly it was. It was known as the Adas Holocron.

Adas Holocron

White soon found herself obsessing over the Adas holocron as she studied it. The effects of the darkside energies were not strong but there was starting to be a change in her appearence and behavour. She became more isolated; keeping more often to herself. The holocron began to build more power as it was working though Shiek. She eventually started wearing darker fashion as the holocron gained enough power. A few people started to notice the slight change in her. Her first padawan Hector was the one who noticed the changes in her behavour. The holocron was able to use Shiek so it was harder to tell and it was able to use her wisedom and blind Nova and Luik to what Hector was saying. She also accused him of spending too much time with the Dark Whispers order but she did so in a way that turned the focus from her to him. They went from not knowing what to believe to telling Hector not to worry about it. The holocron did the most emotional damage to Shiek's padawan Hector. White's behavour was getting worse but still not obvious of a major change. The holocron wanted to keep people blind. However it's power became too strong and a dark presence was starting to be seen even to the point where she had dark auroras around her. People were really beginning to worry. White met up with High Lady Shade and Sylum. They could see the effects of the holocron, but had no idea what was causing it. Shiek was blinded her self, and couldn't see anything wrong. The way see saw it, she had never changed, but she admitted to having a headache. High Lady Shade asked White if she could try to soothe the headache, while Sylum tried to swayed her into still believing there was nothing wrong, pushing her closer to the darkside. High Lady Shade shut the Dark lord up, and convinced Shiek that she could soothe her headache. But what she really wanted was to understand what was happening to her. As she began to meditate through the force with White, the holocron defended itself and attacked High Lady Shade. After falling, Sylum and White looked at each other in confusion and tried to revive her. She wouldn't get up as one of her hand maiden, Nomi, arrived, so White ran to the medbay to retrieve a stretcher for her. However, when she reached the meditation circle, the holocron took control over her mind and clouded what she was doing, to the point where she forgot completely and walked into the archives instead. After a while Sylum came looking for White and found her in the private sith section meditating.

Elemental Guardian

It is unknown when White first came in contact with the spirit element but a once realized the danger of bring all of the crystals together as one. In the wrong hands it would have proved to be a great danger. So she rounded up three others in her order and told them a false story, because she was under instructions to keep the the element under strict protection. The three others Master Moonsoo, Master Iria and Lady Koraa.

Joining the Praxeum


While in the archives on Coruscant, Hector found his way in and approached White, looking a bit disturbed and confused. When he stood in front of her she asked him what was wrong and he admitted that he was torn between choosing who should take the responsiblity of adopting him. After always acting so strong in front of Hector, because of all that had happened, she let down her guard and cried out that she had lost her old order already and didn't want to also lose him too. That she did care who he was with as a son and didn't want to also lose him to anyone else. She said that it was herself that had always been protecting him from the start, since she first met the small child and that was the true definition of a mother. She told him not to confuse her with only being a teacher.

"Don't confuse me with only being a teacher because Im not. Im a consular, Im a friend, Im a jedi, Im a Scholar, and Im a teacher. Im any thing I choose to be. "

— White Ragu to Hector

Death of Ragu

White Ragu had never given up on her first padawan since joining Praxeum, Mathew Loening

Truth and Illusion

Later Life

Council Member of Praxeum

Between major events of the Praxeum Order there was times of confusion and turmoil. The order had lost a number of masters and an even larger number of Council members. A new council was named to resume the responsibilities of the previous one however it was an irregular appointed union consisting of a few of the well mannered knights and padawans. Shiek was not originally assigned a position on the council with the first round of candidates. However the council remained mostly in shadows from a number of it's members. Shiek was told that the masters had said that she was to knight two of the padawans. She was also unaware of the new council's existence so she consulted with one of the masters to get the complete story. He confided that he was also unaware of the dealings of the order at the point and agreed to go ahead. Shiek began to make plans for a knighting ceremony however the when the council heard about what was happening they called for her to present herself in front of them. Shiek answered their call and stood in front of them to discover that there was a council intact. Communication bounced back and forth between them and she realized that the padawans may have been working for their own interests. She questioned the council about the possibility before returning to the padawans with the recent news that they would have to remain patient and wait for the council to decide. While Shiek was attending that meeting she also took the oppertunity to present other issues and ideas. The council was impressed and within a few days was voting on accepting her into the council. Lady Qin informed Shiek of the council's decission to have Shiek join the council. Shiek accepted but was uncomfortable with the irregular council however she also understood that the order still required a council. With the remaining masters of the old council stepping down the new group took on full responsibility. Ragu acted as a bridge between the group members and the council by taking on opinions and ideas to pass forward. She also urged the council to begin pursuing the members who have not been recently active. They begin with one of the knights.

Addictions and Choices

Disappearence into the Void

After lending support against an attack on Yavin and the following jail break of the prisoners Shiek boarded a medical ship to return to the planet's surface from the death star orbitting the planet. It was suppose to be a routine flight however something else was in store. Mid way down through the atmosphere Shiek was confronted by a sudden burst only appearing in rear compartment of the craft. Shiek was the only one who was tossed out of the ship and instead of a decline she started to ascend. Further above the incident she rose as Shiek blacked out and landed on a hard ground. As she rose up from the ground still feeling a bit dizzy she indulged on her surroundings. In a moment she realized that she was sitting comfortly on a bench

Great Depression

Final Resting Place of Shiek Ragu

Personality and Traits

White Ragu was majestic, kind, wise, cunning, sweet, and tried to bring the best out of people and a situation but is also authoritative. White Ragu often had the ability to draw people to her. It is uncertain if it was the work of the force or her beauty and personality that did so. White Ragu often told people that the reason she bowed to anyone who she first started speaking to and when they left was because she respected all live and acknowledged it. It was nearly impossible to have any influence on White Ragu, she usually almost always came to her own conclusions from her own reasoning. Her reasoning was only based of general facts and never on belief. She knew what people wanted and how to influence it to give them what they wanted.

Powers and Abilities

White Ragu was kidnapped from the streets of a city on Bakura. Her captures ended up taking her into the middle of a war which occupied their attentions while Shiek was able to escape from their custody. During this time she met up with an officer in the war named Malok. Malok soon discovered the great understanding of White's people through her and decided to train her in battle strageties. Also During White Ragu's stay in Bakura she participated in training with the clone troops of the Grand Army of the Republic which gave her special understanding from the other jedi in her order how to flow through battles as a team and developing special battle plans. She also decided to go back to the beginning during that time and learn the basics of duelling some more with a sword rather then her saber.

Lightsaber Training

Having the knowledge and understanding that her people possessed made White Ragu a lethal weapon with the saber however didn't tend to use it as much as using force abilities to support her family of Jedis in the background. It was believed that she had more reason for doing so then just because she was a Consular. When White's undersatnding and Miraluka sight were finally combined it resulted in being about to see and understand biology of other beings. She was then able to mimic the movement and combat style along with other things. She was then able to further herself adapting and advance a form of one of her jedi friends in a different order. At first it was a bit new to her and her opponent was able to get an adventage over her in the first spar but by the second one she had adapted quickly using his own style against him and was then unable to get that advantage he could previously.

Force Abilities

Being a Jedi Consular Scholar White Ragu had an extensive knowledge base for the force and for it flowed. She could see with her Miraluka sight how to strengthen connections. Weakening them however is much more of a challenge then one would think. White Ragu tended to have a much stronger use for psychological force powers like mind trick, force illusion, but was also known to use electric judgment from time to time. Shiek also had the senses and the sight of seeing things through the force like her Miraluka side could. She even made a few exceptions to use mind trick on a few of the masters as a padawan but never enjoyed or felt good about it. Only two other people new the full details of what spired. One was Dawn Donner because that was who Ragu was protecting and the other was master Iria who she trusted to tell the truth to. After that event White Ragu promised herself and her master to have more faith in the council's decission. That was the last time she used mind trick on her own order. After suffering the effects of the Adas holocron with old sith magic White's powers and knowledge of the force increased greatly.



White Ragu had a number of different white dresses and apparel. The red and white version of her appearance didn't last but did look very suiting too. Her usual fashion was a white classly attire that helped people recognize her outer beauty.


Apprentice Saber

White Ragu's apprentice saber

White Ragu's apprentice saber was nothing impressive but she did sand down some of the grip to shown a bright bronze. Shiek decided to wield two of them during her time as a padawan. She wore one of either side of her arm just slightly under the jedi armor she wore for a short time that she made herslef. They both shown a white blade surrounded by a black aurora. This auror came from her experience with the sith artifact that took away her regular sight.

Heart of the Guardian

White Ragu received the rare crystal from a good friend who was also in the same order named Koraa Aya.

The White Blade

The White Blade in it's connected appearence

Known as a unique double-bladed saber. Like the Vanishing Miraluka Temple of Torr the White Blade was believed to have an odd life like ability to be able to sense beings through the force. This gave the user to also have the upper hand of having another sense as a weapon. It was modified to be able to split into two single sabers to use or as a whole.

White Ragu is using the force to make the two single blade forms of the White Blade levitate

The Adas Corrupted Blade

This was the corrupted form of the white blade when Shiek fell under the dark influence of the Adas holocron.

Final Sabers

Shiek eventually changed her outfit to a more traditional jedi look and took both the White Blade's crystal and the Heart of the Guardian crystal out of their usual hilts and replaced them in a new set of hilts. One side lit up and powerful orange yellow while the other a pure white.


Elixa Trava

During her time off one of the things White Ragu deside to do was start building a great transport ship called the Elixa Trava. It is believed that the word "Elixa" meant "Venture" and "Trava" meant "Void" or "Unknown Region". Together they made up the term "Explorer of the Obyss". White Ragu had to eventually put the poject aside for a later date so she could gather the appropiate materials needed.


  • Kalway Order of Jedi
  • Padawanship
  • Knighthood
  • Taking on Apprentices
  • Chief of Archives
  • Consular Scholar
  • Elemental Guardian
  • Keeper of the Temple of Torr
  • The Praxeum
  • Praxeum Council Member