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The Wandering Jedi was a Jedi Order which was in operation in early 2007. Founded by Odenviscar Knight, a senior Knight at the ancient Jedi Master Order on Ossus, and recently Knighted Maximus Blankes. It came about when the aforementioned Order was laid to rest by its Masters Leonardis Mission and Zoom Kilian. Odenviscar and Maximus did not wish the great ideals of Jedi Master fade away to nothing, and for the remaining Jedi from that Order to be scattered homeless across the Galaxy. Taking thought, they gathered together a few Jedi from Jedi Master, including Knight Dwight Clutterbuck and the also newly-knighted Kobra Stein and Gareth Sleeper, as well as Padawan Amy Rosmer, and formed the Wandering Jedi upon the planet Kashyyyk in a hidden base underground.


The Wandering Jedi were in conflict with an Order of Sith based on Dark Rose Station in orbit around the planet. Initially, they attempted to hide from the Sith, but as time passed, there was inevitably contact and then conflict between the two Orders.


Unfortunately, after the Wandering Jedi had become established on Kashyyyk, Master Oden vanished, and remained missing for several years, enduring as it turned out much hardship and loss. The remaining members of the Order continued without him and were able to keep the younger members together and learning with the framework they had learned at Jedi Master, as well as new ones they created themselves. A time of self-discovery, this enabled these young Knights to grow as Jedi and gave them a freedom that having Masters had not allowed them.

Wanderers coming home

Master Oden eventually found his way back to Kashyyyk and around the same time, former Grandmaster Leonardis of Jedi Master emerged from his hermitage in an ice cave on Ilum after much meditation energised again by the Force. He came once more to the now-abandoned Jedi Academy on Ossus and started to rebuilt it to its former glory, gathering to himself Master Zoom and a couple of his former Knights, thus forming Jedi Guardians of the Peace, the child of Jedi Master and a continuation of its history. Through the Force, Master Oden felt that the heart of Jedi Master beat once more upon Ossus, and on voyaging there from Kashyyyk, met Master Leonardis. They agreed to bring the Wandering Jedi home to Ossus, and in doing so they abandoned their more vulnerable base on Kashyyyk, destroying it lest the Sith discover its secrets. The Wandering Jedi were then absorbed back into Jedi Guardians of the Peace, and Master Oden was granted a Masterhood in the combined Order, where he and many others of the Wandering Jedi remain to this day.

Wandering Again

Upon the closure of Jedi Guardians of the Peace in June 2009, the few remaining active members of the Order reactivated the Wandering Jedi, under the leadership of Grand Master Odenviscar Knight and assistant Grand Master Maximus Blankes.

Due to complications beyond control, Grand Master Odenviscar Knight stepped down from office, relinquishing it to his predecessor, Maximus Blankes, who moved the Wandering Jedi to the remote planet Haashimut for a time. The Wandering Jedi remained in hiding, living up to their name, wandering from planet to planet in search of a new home and protection from those that hunted them.

The Wanderers Arise

While on the planet Haashimut, the Jedi found a cache of ancient archives mentioning another planet, Falang Minor, which was also used by the Jedi in ancient times. Gathering the Jedi under his command, Grand Master Maximus Blankes lead the order to the planet to reclaim it's lost information and temple and restore them to the glory it once once. For now, this is where the Wandering Jedi call home.

There are rumors of the Wandering Jedi having an outpost on the smugglers moon of, Nar Shaddaa. This matches the whispers that the Wandering Jedi have formed an alliance with the Tetan Empire.