The Vjun War is regarded as an illegal conflict begun by the Coruscanti elite. The Vjun War was one link in the chain of events leading to the dissolution of the galactic senate and the Onderon Crusade.

Fearing the return of a powerful Sith Empire on its borders, and alarmed by rising Sith infiltration and terrorism on Coruscant, the Grand Moff, the Empress Talmerith and her Dark Jedi counseler Atticus devised a plan to circumvent the galactic senate and launch a preemptive invasion of Vjun.

The Vjun War featured the second largest battles in SWSL history after the invasion of the Coruscant Temple district by Moff Ravyne Rayne.

Although the Empire had gained control over the hyperspace lanes leading into the Sith Empire, the Imperial forces were eventually defeated after several fierce battles on the ground, and forced to abandon the conflict.

Many still praise the Empire's decision to invade Vjun, citing rising Sith terrorism and influence on Coruscant, and the "Most Horrible and Wicked Oppression" of the non-force sensitive population of Vjun. Supporters also point out that the Sith Empire was badly weakened by the invasion, suffered loss of territory, and went through an intensive period of "restructuring" following the war.

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