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Vinrum, also known as Kotep "Char" Solus and J-7311, was a clone born to serve in the Grand Army of the Republic on Bakura. Served for several months in the 724th Airborne, he served a tour of duty against The Revenant Armada before Bakura established it's current metropolis. A small Sith force captured him while on Tatooine, and through force manipulation used Char as a puppet to commit several acts of terrorism and bombings to the city of Bakura, all now off file. He was then arrested, and "executed" by a GAR officer, and tossed into the Bakura Sewers.

The Sith reappeared and completely wiped his memory and thoughts forcing Char to forget his entire life. He remained, almost dead for a week, until he was discovered by a mysterious stranger who took him to Nar Shaddaa where he was then cared for, and treated. He was there introduced to the Criminal Underworld and became a Mercenary for hire. He explored the galaxy and stumbled upon Kabriel Le'Sanit, who took him into the Black Sun Syndicate, where he is now. He quickly rose, to power to now become a Black Sun Boss alongside Kabriel, and other Black Sun Bosses aiding in the efforts to grow the Syndicates. After being thrown down from his Boss position, betrayed by the ones he called friends, he disapared...

It was soon realized by a small few, that Char had ungone multiple cybernetic changes, as well, facial reconstruction to hide his indentifty, becomming the well known Vinrum. Vinrum's reputation began by leading The New Trade Federation military into a long exodus of terror on the Outer Rim, taking control of several systems, and territories. This reign ended, after Vinrum attempted to take over The New Trade Federation along with his loyalists. Sadly, the revolution was a complete failure, due to the Sith Empire backing up the other half of the Federation, Vinrum was cast away for months...

Now, present day, Vinrum has returned within the Disciples of Ragnos, Imperial Storm Corps, revealing the threat that was the old New Trade Federation. Bringing most of his loyalists to the Sith Empire, he had reedemed himself in there eyes, and now strives to become a strong Sith military leader.


Years in the Grand Army

Born, like all clones, J-7311 was raised under close supervision by cloners creating the next generation of clone soldiers for the Grand Army of the Republic. He trained quickly under close watch by an experienced clone known as "Striker" who introduced the young clone into the 724th where Char quickly became at home. Bakura back in those times, was still just a small settlement with the GAR outpost, a large landing platform, and several small buildings.

Basic Training

Char spent his days as a clone trooper at Basic Training and in simulation rooms. He studied for hours on end, learning about Republic laws, regulations, and history. He was trained in several combat forms, and was given his first weapon; the standard issue DC-15. He was up every morning before most of the other cadets, performing physical training, drills, and getting an early start bashing holograms/droids in the simulator. This went on for a good month before he finally had the time to graduate, and meet Yuri, the Commanding Clone of GAR.

The 724th Omega

After graduating, he became a clone Private, and officially made a member of the 724th Omega Airborne. He was given special armour, and a grav-chute with which he used to make several combat drops. They spent months training, and preparing for a deployment and full front-line combat, but it never came. They spent days, and weeks on diplomatic missions to other systems... It wasn't until a one cold snowy day outside Bakura did combat finally come. Omega dropped in, and safeguarded itself against what was believed a "Rev" from the Revenant Armada.

The Capture/Betrayal

Char spent his following days learning about the Revenant Armada, and more so, Sith in general. He was on a lone patrol one day, when he was captured by a mysterious Sith group. They tied him, and took him to Korriban where we was tortured, and suffered Force Manipulation. He was then controlled by a Sith Lord and turned into a Husk where he was ordered to travel back to Bakura, and strike at the GAR. He did this without question, and bombed two sites on Bakura, which later was disclosed and seen as "accidents". He was arrested by the 501st, who quickly attempted to interrogate him, but to no success. The commanding 501st Officer ordered he be taken to the Bakura sewers and shot. A 333rd naval clone, carried out to order, taking Char away and shooting him in the chest to bleed out in the dirty sewer...

A Second Chance

Char was presumed dead, and his records lost forever within the Grand Army. They never even knew it was him, who committed the acts of Terrorism against Bakura that day. He was luckily spared by a Mysterious Stranger, who took him to Nar Shaddaa to rest, heal, and relax. Char suffered a horrible Memory Wipe, which left him brain dead, so he could never remember the Sith who made him suffer. He would never know of his history in GAR, or what he truly was until later.

The Recovery, and a new life.

Char was left in the dirty sewer for an entire week, before he was found by a roaming traveller who took him back to his ship. He took Char and gave him a new Commando Armour from The Republic to use. Char was brain dead, and could remember nothing. A week later, Char's memory gradually began to return, but only his basic memories of how to walk, talk, eat, sleep, and other necessary functions of living. He laid in bed for the next 3 weeks, only speaking when he could, but always thanking the man who saved him. He was taken to Nar Shaddaa where he learned much all over again. Galactic History, How to Fight, How to Steal, and other underworld traits needed to live. After a Month, Char was transformed from a Soldier, to a backwater Mercenary. He renamed himself, giving himself his old name after reading off a dog-tag he had from GAR.

Zonama Sekot Ranger

Char needed to find a new life, he wanted a purpose, something to fight for. He sought across the Galaxy something to do besides killing, and he finally found it one day stumbling upon Zonama Sekot. Zonama's population were peaceful, loving Potentium Knights who needed additional forces to keep themselves safe. Here, he became a Zonama Sekot Ranger, along with 3 others. He formed a squad, and protected the planet, and it's people for a good time. He learned values, emotions, and other useful traits he lost from his mind wipe.

Leaving Zonama to be Lone Wolf

Zonama was never in any danger, since it was heavily defended and full of constant activity. It was never a world that could be taken by force, so Char sooner or later made the choice to leave. Zonama would be in good hands with the rest of the Rangers, while he continued to search the Stars for answers to his past. It was around this time, his memory began to really come back, as he witnessed glimpses of his GAR days, and the fight against The Revenant in his mind.

The Black Suns- His World

He travelled for Months on end, searching for the answers he demanded across the stars. He was on Ruusan, Dantooine, Coruscant, Korriban, Naboo, Tatooine, Bakura, and other systems searching for what had actually happened to him. He finally one day had a massive memory flash, which revealed his clone nature. He never accepted the fact he was a Clone, but yet embraced it to make himself a better man. It was soon after he met Kabriel Le'Sanit, Rorshac, Eleazar, and other Black Sun members joining their ranks, while also getting to know a Mandalorian named Caine Rexan.

Introduction to The Suns

The name The Black Suns was not new, nor was it old to Char's ears. He had heard of several priate attacks in the past, but never made anything of it. It wasn't until he stumbled upon a Black Sun Boss, Kabriel Le'Sanit did he actually consider joining them. It was on Tatooine, Mos Espa where the deal was struck to join the Suns. He started off a simple Merc, working odd jobs and missions for Kabriel, and Rorshac "Red". He moved from system to system obeying his two bosses with ease, feeling the usual authority he once felt in GAR.

Becomming a Regime

Char became fixed on living on Mos Espa, where he normally spent his days. He was so custom to the life of The Black Sun he requested to stay full time. This made the bosses happy to hear, and with all of Char's hard work was made a Black Sun Regime, making him a type of Black Sun Officer. Char was honoured, and felt right at home with the new job,quickly taking control of battles, and tactics. He soon came into contact with a two of his now closest companions, Trid, and Ri-Ja. Trid and Char at first bumped heads, Trid, was a human male, and did not like Char's tactics, and Char not liking Trid's obedience. They quickly learned that together, they were far greater then apart. The two became good friends and allies,and continue to this day. Ri-Ja, a Miraluka female, was usually quiet, obedient, and very violent. Char had no problems with Ri-Ja besides her occasional bloodthrist, but once they continued to work close together, saw the greater sides of her nature. The two have respected one another quickly. Char continued to make more allies such as Anthisium, a Dark Jedi type man with great skill, Katt a purple twi'lek with an attitude, and more. Char had officially made the Black Suns his home.

Learning and Becoming a Mandalorian

Char for a great time, had been interested in Mandalorians. He knew Clones had based their customs on Mandalorian culture, and some words and phrases in GAR were taken strait out of Mando'a. He met a man named Caine Rexan, who at first looked at Char calling him a "Di'kut,wanna be Dhette". Time passed, and the two actually became good friends, Char learning many things from Rexan, respecting him the most, Rexan becomming more of a Father figure for Char. It was this man who made the choice final for Char,to become a Mandalorian. Sadly, Caine Rexan was killed in an honor duel... Char painted his Beskar'gam red, in honor of his Father figure, the Man who taught him to be strong.

The Rise to Power- The 4th Black Sun Boss

Char's transformation to a Mandalorian was quick, and easy. He followed the Resol'nare and accepted the culture. Char was named Kotep Solus, meaning "Brave One" in Mando'a, being once called that by Caine. His new, full name, was Kotep "Char" Solus, and he took the name with honour. It was after he became Mandalorian, was when he officially was made a Black Sun Boss, out of the blue. Kabriel Le'Sanit believed Char was the perfect new blood to add into the boss family. He rose to the challenge and now oversees most, if not all Black Sun operations. He has made several dealings with several governments and systems.

A Blast from the Past

One day as Char attempted to save his friends on Lehon, he was beat down by Mandalorians and his old friend "Red". He was near death when his old primal instinct as a Husk kicked back in. The memories of attacking his fellow clones, and going on a killing spree flooded his mind, as memories of his basic training, childhood, and life went through his head. He awoke to see Ri-Ja stitching him up, but continues now to see numbers and hear voices within his own mind...

The Second Sun Dynasty

Leading The Black Sun

After his dear friend, and partner Kabriel Le'Sanit died, Char became the new leader of The Black Sun. He gave up his Mandalorian heritage after being constantly hounded by Mandalorians for being a pirate in the first place. He now rules The Black Sun, fighting for the Galactic Syndicate Union gaining new allies, and enemies...

Fall of The Second Sun Dynasty

Months later, as The Black Sun grew in power, Char was demanded to step down from power, due to being un-pirate like. He was accused of turning the Black Suns into a "PMC" and changing The Black Sun image, enraged, he left The Black Sun behind, knowing full well if he was to simply step down it would never be the same, and if he didn't they would try to kill him.

Though he has cut ties with The Black Sun, few are still loyal to him and across the Galaxy word is being spread of his absence. Char leaves with his head high, prepared for what ever the future will now hold, but he knows now... He is once again, free. Leaving his old friends to lead the Suns.

The Next Phase

Char's plans are mysterious and unknown, now free to do as he wishes, with plenty of credits and weaponry. Only time will tell his next move. Will he join a new faction? Will he want vengeance or peace? Do his loyalties belong to the Republic, The Sith, The Empire, who does Char now belong to? Or does he now, belong to himself... Only time will tell, where Char will go. He currently resides on his Frigate.

Secret Life

Char was missing for several monthes, no one had heard of his name. The GNN attempted to locate him, but to no use, he was off the grid. Only his closest friends and companions would ever know he had changed his name to an alias, and linked himself to several factions including: The New Republic, The Revenant Armada, The Hutts, The Sith Empire, and more... For a span of 4-5 monthes, his name was changed to Vinrum.

Char became a good friend of The Viceroy during his service as Leader of the Black Sun. The Viceroy had been impressed by his good friend's leadership skills and out of kindness given Char leadership of his growing Droid Army when he could have allowed Char to be captured by the Hutts. Using advanced NTF technology Charzon was made into a Cyborg with enhanced physical abilities, aiding his ability in combat. Working alongside The Viceroy, a large and powerful army was created; the two constantly expanding the NTF. When Bespin was taken under The NTF's wing; Char would always ask The Viceroy to destroy DOR due to their uselessness; stating that they were a "drain of resources to assist and The Republicw ould only attack Bespin because of their lacking ability in Galactic Politics". The Viceroy would at times agree on DOR's uselessness but give The Arch Lord a chance to build up his Sith Order, having somewhat of a friendship with Exitium. Char was indeed the Supreme Commander known for being an inspiring leader of The New Trade Federations military, but no one on the outside would ever know such as he lived his double life, only a few old Black Sun and close friends like Nico Fett, and Ri-Ja would ever know the true side of him. He had been a soldier from birth, and it was only right that he lead an army. He would never guess, that all of such would come to a sudden end... He, along with Genesis Barthlmess and another "NTF Loyalist" began an attempt at a revolution, to take The New Trade Federation away from Drake Wade, and begin a new Separatist way of life. This revolution however, was short lived, as The Sith Empire backed Drake Wade and crushed the 3 "Loyalists" sending them all into deep exile.

The Disciples of Ragnos

Since being Vinrum, he had become close to one indiviual, Arch Lord Exitium, who was leader of The Disciples of Ragnos, a small but powerful portion of the Sith Empire. After Char or "Vinrum" was "Dishonorably Discharged" from the NTF, and exiled he sought Exitium, a long time enemy of his past, out. The Arch Lord agreed to keep his secret, if he obeyed the Sith and served starting as a new recruit. Char accepted, knowing he needed to start somewhere, he kept his alias as Vinrum, and became a DoR Imperial Storm Trooper, while beginning once again to reveal his powerful traits of leadership and tactics. He would also share information involving Drake Wade that was supposedly against the Sith Empire, and other power plays that would prove himself worthy of being within the Sith Empire. It did not take too long for Extium to create his own proof, to prove that Drake Wade was, corrupt. Vinrum was now free of Sith opposition.

It took no time at all, for the DoR Moff council to watch and see Vinrum's potential. He passed basic training will above average scores, his field tactics surpassed even current non, and commissioned officers. Extium himself had worked with Vinrum on several battles during the NTF and DoR's failing relationship months prior.

Quickly Commissioned and awarded many ribbons and medals, Vinrum was made a Lieutenant, and then Captain within the DoR ISC's Commando division. He was made head of the Commando Division, and also put incharge of an entire garrison of 12 troops in the name of ragnos.

Vinrums rise, fall, and rise again, was complete. Yet, like his noble beginnings as a corrupted clone, merciless pirate, and destructive Supreme Commander, Char; Vinrum... Was no where near done.

The Future?

Char has one thought in mind, the only thing now in sight. The Sith Empire, to be his home. He had lived such a harsh life in the midst of dark sided superpowers. Never before had he gone away from the Sith. It was time for a true commitment, like he should have done once leaving the Grand Army of the Republic. He would take his knowledge, and skill to the top ranks of the Sith Empire, and hopefully, become as feared as the Sith Generals of old...