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"I'm always amazed by how much I learn from my padawans"

— Master Vin Shu Blessed

"Try not to be a Jedi of success but seek to be a Jedi of value; we live a humble life, one of sacrifice. Empathy and compassion are of vital importance to us. Seek to improve society as a whole even if it goes against your own self interest."

— Master Vin Shu Blessed



Childvin 001.jpg

Born on the planet of Coruscant from a family of wealthy bureaucrats, Vin Shu, or Vin as he is often called by close friends, had little worries in his early life. He spent his childhood focusing on a career in Public Administration and enjoy leisure activities among his friends. It wasn't until he finished his education at the university that he discovered just how corrupt politics was. He then decided he was not interested in being the person who he his family expected him to be. This changed everything and shattered his world. He refused to have his family support him financially, lost and alone he had no idea what his life calling was and no other trades nor skills. For months he explored the galaxy trying to discover who he was. This was a hard time for Vin Shu for he had never been alone before and felt that everything in his life was nothing but chaos. Like many, Vin Shu did not know at the time that he was in tune with the force.

"There is no chaos, there is harmony" is what Vinshu thought was a strange twist of fate, he found his way back to Coruscant as he was discovered to be force sensitive by the wise Jedi Master MuadDib Kidd. Master MuadDib took Vinshu as one of his Padawans and allowed him to join The Jedi Praxeum (also referred to as The Praxeum ).

Jedi Padawan on Coruscant

Padawan Vin Shu Blessed

Vin Shu became one of the first students at the Praxeum. He began to learn much about the force along side fellow padawans; Ganja Connoisseur and Lewis Daehlie. Vin soon learned however that time and events does not wait for one to master all the skills needed to be a successful Jedi. Even before he could master his saber Vinshu was faced with disturbing events. Master Mantis Grebe spent out a transmission that a believed clone of General Grievous had been spotted in the area. A few nights later Jedi Master MuadDibb called for all of the Praxeum Jedi to report to Coruscant. Once there he informed everyone of a known bomb threat. Members of the NOJ and the Grand Army of the Republic assisted in the search. Vinshu and Ganja Connoisseur went as far as searching the dangerous slum areas of Vjun in hopes of discovering clues to the deadly plot. It turned out that the threat was really a distraction. A few days later one Jedi spotted a newly built droid army. Later that night Vin Shu was hurt in battle when a group of droids attacked him and Master MuadDib in the arena at the Jedi Temple in Coruscant. Master MuadDid used force heal to save Vin Shu's life. Realizing that he was not ready to face such a deadly threat, Vin Shu agreed to stay within the temple and continue his training while the Jedi Praxeum Masters and Knights continued the search for the newly built droid army. Eventually Master Victor Brody faced the evil clone of Grievous and stopped him before the clone could finish his droid army.

Master Brody defeating Grievous' clone

Vinshu grew stronger in the force as he trained inside the temple.


His body also healed leaving on small scars on his back as a reminder to always be cautious and perpared. It wasn't long that Master Brody felt Vin Shu was ready for another adventure, this time tracking and finding information on an ancient Sith Spirit by the name of Raze. Vin Shu assisted Master Grebe Sir Bury from NOJ searching under the temple where the remains of the first Jedi Temple laid. Together they found Raze's tomb.

Members of NOJ and Praxeum try to save Master Brody after his encounter with Raze; 221 ABY; Coruscant

Somehow the spirit managed to possess Master Brody briefly but Master Brody was able to resist him and in return defeat the spirit. Together the Jedi stood strong, members of Praxeum, NOJ and GAR worked together to help stop Raze. even though Raze was defeated many were injured in the process.

Vin Shu enjoyed his time learning at the Jedi Temple. He spent many hours studying about the force and the galaxy in general. He became very interested in the different planets and species that had a deep connection to the force. It was there that he first discover the living planet Zonama Sekot. Vinshu was very curious about the concept of a living planet so he decided to make his first off world trip to explore Zonama Sekot. While visiting VInshu became close friends with a member of the Potentium Followers Potentium Knight and future Potentium Master Flint Mokeev. Vinshu would often visit the planet and often sparred his new friend learning new saber technics and combat. While many Jedi did not like the idea of a Jedi being friends with a follower of Potentium, Vinshu created a brotherhood with several members of Potentium. Many times in his life he came to their aid of his friends as they in return aided him.

Temple Guard

Massimo Questi: "I wonder what kind of damage I can do if I shot him (the sith) though the glass."
Vin Shu Blessed: "err, I wouldn't do that. Master Grebe spent a lot time making those Bacta Tanks."
― Massimo Questi and Vin Shu Blessed

Coruscant Guard's Vin Shu Blessed, Joenas Jewell and Massimo Questi stand-off with three Sith Lords

Vinshu's days as a young padawan continued to be full of adventure. From droids attacks to battling ancient sith spirits along side Master Victor Brody, life never seemed dull on Coruscant. Vinshu made friends within the order but never met someone who got him in as much trouble as a young Coruscant guard, Mass Questi. Master Grebe saw something special in the young man and although very inexperience Master Grebe trusted Mass with the important task of protecting the temple. One of Vin Shu's first encounters with the young guard led to a near fatal stand off with three Sith in the med lab. As time went on, both Vin Shu and Massimo matured as they aged and took on more responsibilities, that developed into wisdom with each challenge. Massimo was accepted into Praxeum and made his own history within the community excelling through the ranks as Jedi Knight and then as Jedi Master, Mass Questi.

captive on Mustafar

Life at the Jedi Temple served as a dual role for Vin Shu. Not only was he expected to focus on his training but he also helped to protect the temple as a Temple Guard. Hours each day Vin Shu and his fellow guards, Massimo, Joenas Jewell and Ganja, kept a watchful eye out for any intruders that visited the temple for the sole purpose of causing harm to others. This meant that they were always on watch for Sith or anyone else that disliked the Jedi. Once the Cult of Rangos attacked the temple, VInshu tried fighting them off but was defeated and held captive on Mustafar. They tried to turn him to the dark-side but resisted. After many hours of VInshu reciting the Jedi Code the Sith grew bored and released him.

Jedi Knight

Jedi Knight Vin Shu Blessed

Vin shu enjoyed his time learning from Master Kidd and Master Grebe,.....But, wisdom and strength had not come easy. Vin Shu spent his days training and helping others. Hours of reading and learning what a true Jedi Master is supposed to be, as well as time in the Dojo learning how to hold and wield a saber for what seemed like the equivalence of decades of learning how to hold on to a high speed swoop while trying to avoid speeding straight for a steel plated wall. MuadDib Kidd did his job "by passing on what he had learned" but through experience and trial and error as a teacher of its own, were more powerful lessons learnt. As Vinshu trained he matured and as he matured he began to take on more responsibilities. Over time Vinshu was granted the title of Jedi Knight and his life once again filled with change.

As a Jedi Knight, Vin Shu still continued to provide support to his fellow Jedi and friends from both Zonama Sekot and Bakura. Vinshu kept close guard of Bakura assisting the Grand Army of The Republic whenever he was needed. GAR saved Vinshu's life on several occasions including once when his ship was shoot down by a group of Mandalorians after a vicious dogfight in the skies above Bakura. Vinshu's Jedi star-fighter crashed pinning him under the wreckage. He would have became one with the force that day if a young clone they called Judes Demina havn't pulled Vinshu from the wreckage and carried him to a Bacta Tank to heal.

3899477898 81661dd8ec.jpg

During this time Vinshu also joined the NOJ Galactic Patrol.. a short lived but effective team of NOJ knights lead by Kaia Kondor. It served as a linkage between all Jedi orders, on and off of Yavin IV, all those dedicated to the light side of the Force.

Anakin Trafalgar, Kenny Nostram, Mass Questi and Vinshu Blessed confront two sith lords

Sworn to service it wasn't long before they requested the aid of both VInshu and Mass. Sith were engaged in a deadly plot which involved targeting NOJ padawans as potential recruits trying to turn them to the Darkside. Vinshu and Mass was informed that two young padawan named Anakin Trafalgar and Kenny Nostram were being seduced to the darkside by two female Sith near the tomb of Exar Kun. Armed only with the knownledge of the force and two sabers Vinshu and Mass headed for Yavin IV. When Vin Shu and Mass arrived they discovered that the two young men had the situation well under control. Together the four young Jedi stood their own against the dark influence of the lady siths.

The Lost Padawan

Akemi Cryotank

After earning the title of Knight, Vinshu was given his hardest assignment that of training a young padawan. This was a task he both looked forward to yet dreaded at the same time. He was excited by the idea of teaching another but also doubted his own skills. Vinshu did push forward and took on a young Twi'lek by the name of Akemi Cryotank as his first padawan. Even before The Jedi Order discovered that Akemi was force sensitive she had an impressive past. Akemi worked as a secret operative for the Queen of Naboo searching for would be assassins. Akemi worked hard as a padawan excelling in her studies. Already in her first week as a Praxeum Padawan she learned a lot and could go very much deeper into all this philosophy and she built her first own Lightsabre, called Wintersabre (made with Crystal, white blade). Her skills and knowledge of the force grew every passing day. Despite her abilities Akemi was always haunted by something, perhaps something from her past. After she finished her training She was given the blessing of the council to be knighted but disappeared right before the ceremony. VInshu always blamed himself for not being able to help Akemi find peace within herself. He also hopes that she did not find her way to the darkside.

A New Padawan

Cade Renard and Vinshu Blessed

Not long after Akemi disappeared the council asked Vinshu to take on another padawan. At this time Vinshu was hesitant because he blamed himself for Alemi's sudden departure. Vinshu knew that if he was to train another then he needed to find the right person to train. It was then that he discovered a young man wondering on Yavin IV. (This was many years ago when the NOJ had their praxeum and homes located on the planet. The young man's name was Cade Renard. He was searching Yavin IV for an unknown sith that had killed his pervious master. Vin Shu sensed that the young man had much potential but needed guidance. Vinshu transported Cade back to Coruscant and introduced him to the other members of the order. Before long Cade became Vinshu's second padawan. The two shared many adventures together traveling to Yavin IV, Zonama Sekot and Bakura among others. In a very short time Cade became an excellent pilot and engineer. One adventure Cade helped rescue one of the Knights Of The Potentium Order, Merceal Smythe, who was badly injured and stranded on Yavin IV. Vinshu provided medical attention while Cade flew them back to Zonama Sekot. They were all greeted on Zonama Sekot by Masters Flint Mokeev and Master Salene Lusch along with several other members of Potentium. Eventually, much to Vinshu's approval, Cade was knighted

Praxeum Jedi Master on Coruscant

Jedi Master Blessed

Before Cade was Knighted, Vinshu and Mass were summoned to the Council Tower by Master Kidd. He informed them that he needed them to step up to the role of Master of the Praxeum, that enrollment and the future of the order demanded that the normal protocol be circumvented. Both Vin Shu and Mass had worked hard to protect and grow the order and the council felt that they were ready for the responsibility. Mass and Vinshu were nervous about the decision but took on the responsibilities and continued their work. VInshu and Mass both looked for potential Jedi through out the galaxy while training their own padawans. Lewis had earned the title of Jedi Master before Mass and Vin Shu and had much experience through out the galaxy he offered his guidance and advised them on important decisions. Together the three men provided leadership for Praxeum during a crucial time. Cade's training was going well so Vinshu decided it was time to take on another Padawan.

Things You Find in the Undercity

Larcen Blackadder

One day Vinshu decided to explore the hidden world of the Undercity of Coruscant. Being from a wealthy family Vinshu had little experience in such places. He wandered in the street stocked by the steer depressed and dark presence found below the many levels of Coruscant. He passed a shady looking creature selling what looked to be stolen goods. When asked if he wanted to buy any of goods VInshu declined. Vinshu could sense that he was hungry so instead of supporting illegal activities Vinshu decide to offer the little fellow something to eat. The two of them went inside the nearest establishment, it was a very questionable bar but they did serve blue milk. The creature introduced himself as Larcen Blackadder and they begin to talk. Larcen could tell that Vin Shu was a Jedi by the way that he was dressed. "you have to be careful down here" said Larcen, "they don't care much for Jedi here". Vinshu found out that Larcen had started training to become a Jedi but his order disbanded. Before long Vin Shu felt lightheaded, his vision became blurry and he was able to seat straight, "you alright?" Larcen asked. It was then that Larcen noticed a group of bounty hunters looking at them from across the room. He figured out that someone laced Vinshu's drink. He helped Vinshu out of the bar and walked him back to his ship. "I tell you Jedi may know the force but most of them don't know the streets." After that the two became friends, Larcen even helped Vinshu rescue Potentium Knights Master Flint Mokeev from the sith planet of Thule. Larcen was soon accept into Praxeum and became Vinshu's next padawan.

The Old Coruscant War

Fall of Old Coruscant

In 222 ABY, New Imperial forces invaded Coruscant, occupying the planet for some years. During the invasion, Master Questi saw that he, his fellow Jedi, and allies to the Praxeum were greatly outmatched. Master Questi chose to gather the Padawans and Younglings and escape the battle in the sewers beneath the city. A Praxeum Knight Neo Sion, had turned to the Dark Side prior to the invasion.... and chased Mass and the Younglings through the sewer. Master Questi protected the young Praxeum members and took them to safety. Vinshu decided to distract the sith on the surface and join Master Questi later but he was not able to fight his way through the crowd. Several Sith attacked Vinshu at once. They tied him up and were planning to hold him for a public execution to send a warning to all Jedi. Lucky for Vin Shu, a brave rebel rescued him from his imprisonment before they could transfer him to the heavily secure cells in Coruscant.

Master Brody and Master Blessed disguised as Stormtroopers

An order went out from the empire that all Jedi were to be captured or killed. The Praxeum Order went into hiding after the invasion, seeking refuge on Kashyyyk for the duration of the occupation. During this time the NOJ had been displaced from Yavin IV and were in need of a home. Masters Questi and Blessed, with the cooperation of the Wookiee Tribe, brought the entirety of that order to Kashyyyk, where they stayed until they were able to relocate to Ruusan. Efforts were made to stop the Imperial forces. Master Grebe created storm trooper armor so that a small group could disguise themselves and gain access to the Imperial stronghold on Coruscant. Master Brody was placed in charge of the operation and asked Vinshu to assist him. They along with two other volunteers wore the storm trooper armor and Larcen Blackadder pretended to be their prisoner. Together they made their way into the stronghold and gathered intel for the rebellion.

Vin Shu Blessed and GAR receiving a message from Mass Questi via his R2 unit

Soon it became obvious that the displaced residents of Coruscant and Yavin needed a leader to bring a rebellion to the Core. Master Questi was chosen to be the leader, appointed High General of the United Rebel Alliance. Thanks to his history with the Grand Army, he successfully orchestrated raids and missions deep within Imperial controlled Coruscant. Eventually the Rebel Alliance transformed into the United Freedom Fighters, Masters Questi, Daehlie, and Blessed were all given rank. Vinshu has always given all the credit to both Master Questi and Daechile, "even though I was given the rank, it was really Masters Questi and Daehlie that deserve all the credit; they rallied forces, planned, organized and gave life to the rebellion. WIthout them I'm sure the Empire would still be intact. I was just fortunate enough to have a few trusted friends to call to join us in our time of need." Jedi, Potentium Knights, bounty hunters, commandos and clones wore away the Imperial defenses. Eventually the war was ended from internal turmoil. The Empress herself fled to Kashyyyk where Master Questi mercifully arranged for her escape to Mandalore with her brother. The United Freedom Fighters forces were able to quickly overtake the crumbling Imperial command structure. The cost of the war was high as the temple district layed ruins, Praxeum prepared for a longer stay in Kashyyyk.


The Jedi Praxeum on Kashyyk

After the destruction of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, it was decided that Praxeum needed a suitable home. The Wookiees open their arms and welcomed Praxeum into their fold. Praxeum moved to Village of Northyak on Kashyyyk, Cade Renard and Qinelenlea Watanabe went to great length to prepare a remarkable training, mediation, and medial center in the village. During this time Vinshu focused on training Cade and Larcen. Much of the training took place on Kashyyyk with some trip to Dagobah and Naboo. They studied lightsaber technics, flight, and increased their knowledge of the Force. Vinshu also began searching for new members throughout the galaxy as many of Praxeum's members were either killed or scatter during the Coruscant War. This was a difficult time for Vinshu because he felt the burden of responsibility solely on his shoulders. As stressful as it may have been he always felt welcomed by the wookiees and he did find some amusement in his padawan Larcen's Naboo Starfighter.

Vinshu: "Larcen I think the adhesive you were using to hold the piece of scrap metal to the hole in the ship's floor came off when you hit that branch."
Larcen: "Darn, Master Blessed there is some duck tape in the seat behind you, do you mind?"
― Vinshu and Larcen

The Jedi Order

Eventually the debris of the temple on Coruscant was cleared away leaving an vacant area in the heart of Coruscant. VInshu visited the site and he knew that if it was left vacant it would only serve as a reminder of what the Empire did to Coruscant. For the first time in his adult life he went to his family to ask for financial support to help rebuild the temple. Masters Brody and Vandyke agree to help rebuild. The Knights Academy and Praxeum merged together to share resources and to rebuild The Jedi Order. With the addition of several respectable past NOJ Jedi Masters, Praxeum and The Jedi Order grew larger than ever before. Much work went into rebuilding the order and the temple. Jedi Master Undala Oceanlane, Jedi Knight Kenny Nostram and Cade showed Vinshu construction plans for the new temple, it was amazing. Not only did it cover where the old temple once stood but it covered the entire area of Coruscant that the Empire had damaged. Dorms were built, the archives and all it's knowledge restored and the Jedi Temple itself was slowly rebuilt. Once again the temple had life flowing though it's halls. The dorms were filled and new younglings were brought to the temple everyday. Vinshu remembered how much he enjoyed his time as a padawan in the old temple and hoped that others could experience that same joy.

The Jedi Order Council

WIth the growth of the order it was decided that an organized Jedi council was once again needed. Master

Praxeum Council Knighting Ceramony

Blessed was surprised when he was asked to join the council. It was an honor that few Jedi had experienced that also carried a lot of responsibility. The Jedi Order Council consisted of Master Blessed, Master Daehlie, Master Questi, Master Brody, Master Vandyke, Master Upshaw and Master Oceanlane. Each man bringing his own experience and talents to the council to carve a future for The Jedi Order. At this time both Cade and Larcen had finished their training and were awaiting their trials. Cade decided to postpone his and took on the responsibility of the Jedi Temple's Curator, manning the day to day operation of the temple and also making improvements to the temple. Since neither of his padawans required any additional training, Vinshu devoted his time to the council.

Temple Destruction

Praxeum Temple on Coruscant destroyed

Over time the stress of being a Council Master started to take it's toll on Vinshu and as much as he loved Coruscant it too began to burden him. Pyshically and mentally drained, Vin Shu decided it was time for him to take a short leave from the council and Coruscant. Although most of Vin Shu's ancestor hailed from Coruscant his paternal grandmother had been an ambrassor from the planet of Teyr. As a child Vinshu's grandmother shared fond memories of her own childhood on Teyr with VInshu. She told about how beautiful the planet was; it's majestic mountains and the breathtaking Teyr Rift. With the Jedi Order growing strong Vin Shu decided it was the right time for him to take his leave. At first the leave was suppose to short, just a quick vacation to relax his body and mind but days turned to months and months to year. Vin Shu did not return to Coruscant until he heard that his former padawan, Cade Renard, had been injured and the Jedi Temple once again destroyed.

Vinshu returned to Coruscant to survey the damage. Meteors had impacted the temple smashing the entire Temple District. Most of Praxeum escaped the destruction and took refuse on Yavin IV, home of the Kalway Order of Jedi, who offered to provide shelter. Sadly Cade Renard had been badly injured in the escape and it took Myrddin, Natirra, and Zavarah Zabelin to bring him back from the brink of death. VInshu visited his friend to make sure that he would recover.

Temple destruction

He then visited the temple to see what artifacts he could recover, surveying the damage he could tell that repairs would take many years with unmountable costs. Vin Shu also discovered that his father had been in the temple district during the meteor storm and was one of the casualties. Praxeum quickly moved to a base called the Vornskr, orbiting the planet Myrkr. Once Praxeum was settled into their new home Vin Shu left to return to his family on Teyr and took comfort in the Jedi Code, "There is no death, there is the Force".

Moving Forward

While on Teyr, Vin Shu met an old freind Jedi Master Kenny Nostram. Jedi Master Nostram had been spending time researching and documenting information about the force. He showed dozens of priceless artifacts that he had collected over his life. He also told Vinshu about The Jedi Service Corps and how useful they were to The Old Republic. He explained that the service corps had an archaeological branch that studied the history of the Jedi and Sith. He explained how the ExplorCorps and all its members were executed, or went into hiding after the execution of Order 66. These conversions with Kenny convinced him that the Jedi ExplorCorps could provide a useful service to the galaxy once again. Once more Vinshu invested his money into a useful cause buying the ships and tools needed to restore the corps. Vinshu also knew that before he could begin his new life journey he needed to visit his Praxeum family. Vinshu made a call to his friend Cade Renard. Cade informed him that Praxeum was located on an large base above the planet Meglos and that everyone would be happy to see him. Upon his arrival he was greeted with several of his old friends as well as impressive new members to the Order. Cade and Qin had grown strong in the force and matured with great wisdom. He met a young girl named Miratae Avro who was filled with energy and promise as well as an extremely talented Praxeum Jedi Knight named Shiek Ragu. With Praxeum in capable hands, he knew it was time to move forward.

Jedi ExplorCorps

Vinshu exploring the galaxy

Vinshu spent many years in the Jedi ExplorCorps traveling to various planets in both Wild Space and in the Unknown Regions. Vin Shu was one of the very few who has ventured into the Unknown Regions. He rarely speaks about his time in the Unknown Region with the exception that many of the planets he visited were lifeless and empty resulting in his feeling of suffocation and loss of connection to the force. Regardless of his experience when he returned to civilization Vin looked aged beyond his years. His first instincts were to find his friends but upon his arrival he discovered the large station above Meglos had been destroyed and his friends were either scattered or died. Physically and emotionally drained Vinshu set out to find his friends when the force called out to him and pulled him to the planet of Ossus.


Vin Shu Blessed on Ossus

Vinshu found himself aboard a vassel obiting the historical planet of Ossus. He was careful to disguise himself as venturing so close to Ossus was extremely dangerous. Over the last several years Ossus had fail to the Darkside and was ruled by a group of powerful sith lords. Despite the dangers Vinshu knew that he needed to be there as something was calling him, as faint as a feeling as it was, he knew that it was a calling from the force. As soon as he boarded the vessel he could feel the presence of a powerful Jedi, moments later Vinshu was approached by an elder man in robes who introduced himself as simply as Marcus. The man didn’t need to say anything else; Vinshu knew exactly who Marcus was. Vinshu remembered hearing stories when he was a padawan of a remarkable Jedi Master named Marcus Moreau. Master Moreau was known for his many marvelous deeds and service to the Jedi Order. He was humanitarian, healer, shepherd and friend to many Jedi and non-Jedi alike. Master Marcus Moreau explained how he wanted to save Ossus and unify the Jedi Orders. He intended to bring the galaxy back to what it once was, a place of learning, understanding, and building of friendships. Vinshu was very impressed with the Jedi Master and agreed to help; in return Master Marcus agreed to help Vinshu find his way back to the force.

For many months Vinshu watch Master Marcus work tirelessly trying to rebuild the galaxy. Together they made trips to various planets reaching out to different Jedi Orders and other force users. Vinshu revived old friendships and created new ones while learning more about what it takes to be a positive influence from Marcus Moreau. Master Marcus, along with a small group of wise Jedi Masters, began to train potential Jedi in the ways of the force. Plans were made to free Ossus from the tyranny of the Sith and restore harmony to the galaxy but these plans were to never see fruition. Despite efforts to gain alliances and build relationships among the different Jedi Orders few Orders held the ideals as the Jedi once held dear. Many orders chose to focus on certain aspects of the force while ignoring others. Some Orders served only as guardians, mastering light saber skills while neglecting the history and philosophy of the force while others focused solely on the opposite. None of the Jedi seemed to agree and as a result chaos continued to thrive in the galaxy. With chaos the Siths’ strength grew and many Jedi suffered. Over time plans to save Ossus were abandoned and the Jedi who worked so hard to better the galaxy turned their attention toward other noble causes. Regardless Vin Shu had no regrets; he made many friends during his time on Ossus and learned how to be a Jedi again by reconnecting with the force.

After his time on Ossus, Vinshu felt no rush to join any other orders. His connection to the force may have returned but physically he was still weakened and tired. So he decided to retire from the chaos and began work on a new project, an old Consular-class space cruiser that he purchased and restored. Vinshu modified the ship with small ion cannons to warn off any pirates or scavengers and then hid the ship near a small asteroid belt in an unnamed location. There Vinshu practiced and studied his Jedi lessons hoping to perhaps return to the galaxy to one day make a difference in the lives of others.

Bakura and The Jedi Order

Vin Shu Blessed at the Jedi archives on Bakura

After some time away, Vinshu felt the urge to return to Ossus. While enroute to the planet he began to hear reports that his old friend Mass Questi was alive and living on the planet of Bakura. Vinshu decided to visit the planet to see if these reports were indeed true.

An aged Vin Shu Blessed and Mass Questi

Upon his arrival at the temple, Vin Shu was greeted by his old friends Mass Questi and Hoggil Torok. He was excited to see his old friends but could tell that they were troubled. Many years of fighting had taken it's toil on his old friends. The three Jedi laughed and joked as they had once did as young padawans only now their three faces were covered with wrinkles. They explained how many challenges faced them and the Jedi Order. Vin Shu offered his assists and was accepted into the order. Over the next few months Vin Shu provided his skills as a diplomat to avoid many threats but war was inevitable. Time and time again the Jedi Order faced dangerous threats. When not facing danger Vin Shu spent most of his time assisting the order's padawans in their training. He spent much of his time assisting Mass Questi's padawan Rork Malek who reminded Vin of his old friend Mass when he was but a padawan; head strong but brave and honorable. Vin Shu stayed on Bakura until he received a call from his old Master, Jedi Master Mantis Grebe, who requested his assistance on Kashyyyk.

Return to Kashyyyk

Snapshot Kashyyyk, huts.png

back on Kashyyyk

Vin Shu returned to Kashyyk to find Master Mantis Grebe alive and well. Master Grebe had been busy providing aid and support to his fellow wookiees on Kashyyyk. For the last several years, leadership on Kashyyyk has had different views on he PGA / New Republic current involvement with Kashyyyk.  Elders from multiple tribes made the decision to withdrawal Kashyyyk from the Peoples Galactic Alliance which set a heated and going debate between many of the villages partly to do with some of the elders preferring to rely on assistance from those they are more familiar with. Master Mantis, being a respected clan leader and elder, requested that Vin Shu put together a small coalition of forces to help aid many of the villages on Kashyyyk. We are not here to suppress or force ourselves on anyone but are here as guests to assist with the wookiees.  Together Mantis and Vin Shu formed a New Jedi Coalition consisting of  former  NOJ, former Jedi Praxeum as well as former members of other orders, all   who felt the desire to contribute with the cause. The wookiees showed concerned about an increase of sith activities within the galaxy among other things. The coalition as well as several members of NJO,  KOJ and DJE rallied to the wookiees’ aid; however, in time Vin Shu would discover the efforts would not be enough.

At first things seemed quiet, almost too quiet; perhaps the quiet before the storm. During that time Vin Shu began to devote some his spare time studying the force again and talking with the Elders. One of the Elders told Vin Shu about a wookiee who had built a lightsaber hilt made of wood from a tree on Kashyyyk. This inspired Vin Shu to build a new lightsaber of the same fashion. Mantis too became inspired and assisted in reconstructing a memorial for Kenton Marek in one of the villages.

A close Jedi friend named Tah heard of the mounting coalition on Kashyyyk and soon came to join the efforts. Together they ventured out to seek support from others. During that time Vin Shu discovered a young 16 year old Togruta girl by the name of Ashla Trey. He could sense much power within Ashla but her temper concerned him. Vin Shu thought about taking her to one of the Enclaves within the galaxy but felt that perhaps his age and experience could provide a sense of balance to her temper and vigor. He could also tell that she was a caring person with a big heart who had the potential of becoming a fine Jedi one day. Vin Shu, along with Jedi Master Tah, began Ashla's training. She was very strong in the force and a fast learner but also often too fast to act. Vin Shu began working with her on control and patience when her training was cut short. Unaware to Vin Shu Kashyyyk was in much more danger than he realized.

Vin Shu had sense a disturbance in the force, he felt the presence of something or someones that he hadn't felt since his time on Ossus. The Shawdowlands on Kashyyyk had caught the attention of DLOTS, the same powerful SIth Order that controlled much of the galaxy and had caused much of the destruction on Ossus. They had decided to take control of the Shadowlands and strip it of it's recourses by placing a mining facilities throughout Kashyyk's Shadowlands. Vin Shu hurried to mobilized it he was too late. DLotS defeated the coalition, conquered Kashyyyk and captured Vin Shu.