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Jedi are among the most pragmatic beings in the galaxy. We tend to operate under the assumption that it's better to get things done than to observe all the niceties - we consider justice to be of more consequence than law, for instance

- Vilda Kazyanenko

Early History

Vilda’s father was a successful business man who lived on Coruscant due to his business dealings with the government. The family business, Kazyanenko Armaments Corporation is based on Coruscant and has been in the controlled by the family for generations. The Corporation’s core competencies are to build large weapons systems, like star-cruisers, and pull together disparate resources, such as soldiers to create armies and scientists to create new technologies. Kazyanenko’s contacts on Mandalore are able to provide beskar at cost, in return for a 50% profit sharing agreement with the Mandalore government. This advantage always allows the corporation to position its products competitively and is key to the success of the company.

As a boy, Vilda always wanted to be a Jedi. His mid-chlorian counts were well above the limit to get into the Order, but for some reason this was not picked up from the Jedi. His nanny droid has weeks of footage picturing Vilda in angry contemplation, staring off at the Jedi Temple through his window (the towers were visible from his bedroom window). It has been noted that as a child his mother was killed and his sister abducted by mercanaries. His father, being fully engaged as the CEO of his corporation, left Vilda's primary care to his Nanny droid, a TDL/X1-Lioness V2 Variant nicknamed 'James'.

Flight School

Coming of age and wangting to put himself to good use (and escape the solitude of home), Vilda joined the national service. Displaying a natural aptitude for piloting, he was chosen to become a starfighter pilot. Vilda’s untapped force abilities and uncanny reflexes served him well, as he moved up the ranks to become a wing leader in Shadow Squadron.

While in the service, Vilda met his first wife, Kimmie Aeon. Shortly after their marraige, occurances of drastic weight loss and compliants of horrific dreams are recorded in his medical log. After months of such complaints, Vilda disappeared from his duty station and was reported absent without leave (AWOL). The following story was compiled from various sources including, but not limited to, audio clips ripped from his personal protocol droid to stolen records from the Sith Temple on Ziost:

Initial Exposure to Organized Force Philosophy

Vilda reportedly flew to Mos Eisley in a trance, as instructed by a dream. He was lead to a strange glowing pyramid with ancient ruins upon it, reportedly a Sith holocron. The pyramid spoke to him. In a low raspy voice, it said, "My apprentice…. I see you have found my Holocron. Very good! Veeeeeery, very good”, a small laugh, “Do you know who I am? You can sense it… I am Darth ….” Then he continued - "Know that the time for your training is not yet at hand… Know that at some time in the future you will be called… Know that when you are called, you will come at all costs. You are the apprentice and I shall train you. Take my holocron. Guard it with you life. Go and save your mate. Together, we will keep her safe."

Vilda's ship was tracked from Mos Eisley to Ziost, where he attempted to rescue his wife. Just as he was leaving a Sith Lord, Darth Ptas, revealed herself. “Why are you here, Vilda?” she asked in a mocking voice, “To save your wife?” She knocked him to the floor and pulled out her light saber. “I will kill you both! You trespass sacred ground”

Mostly likely in fear, Vilda babbled some of the words from his dream, which turned out to be, an ancient Sith saying. “Tell me what you regard as your greatest strength, so I will know how best to undermine you; tell me of your greatest fear, so I will know which I must force you to face; tell me what you cherish most, so I will know what to take from you; and tell me what you crave, so that I might deny you…”

The Sith stopped abruptly. “What was that?” she asked in an intrigued tone. He related everything, about the dreams, the promise and the holocron. The Sith Lord gave him a choice. “Kneel and join us… or join your wife in death!” Vilda knelt before the Sith Lord and pledged himself to her, in return for his wife’s health.

Vilda the Sith

The records seem to be unclear at this point, but it can be determined that the Sith tried to recruit Vilda’s wife. When she refused, he was instructed to kill her. This must have deeply affected him, since after multiple attempts at trying to convince her to come with him, he challenged her to a final duel, as he indicated at a later date, with the intention to finish his own life so that hers could be spared. At the last minute, the Jedi intervened and after subduing him managed to convinced him to join them.

As a Jedi

Vilda trained as a Jedi Sentinel under Master Dracona Kage. He steadily moved up the ranks, studying Jedi and Sith Philosophy, lightsaber combat, craftsmanship, core force powers, negotiation, and many other valuable skills. He had a knack for battle meditation and was known to try and use Form Zero instead of resorting to the lightsaber. Against the advice of his master, he attempted to learn the secrets of flow walking, or Force Vision. It is unknown whether he succeeded or not but this attempt made clear that Vilda’s desire for knowledge was a weakness…

Vilda and his first wife divorced during his padawan apprenticeship.

Vilda served as a Jedi Representative to the Imperial Senate on Onderon. During the Sith/Imperial war, he volunteered to serve the Empress, citing the will of the Force as his reason for joining. He earned the rank of Imperial Knight, but left abruptly, when the Empress closed the Senate, claiming that the Force no longer directed him to show support for the Imperials as the last bastion of freedom was closed down.

A First Padawan and Lost Family Found

Vilda's first padawan, Jys Tebut, was a dedicated learner. After years of training, just prior to her Knighting, it was found that Jys Tebut was Vilda's long lost sister who was abducted during the attack on the Kazyanenko family home when Vilda was a young boy. It was during that fateful attack that Vilda and Jys lost their mother. As a padawan learner, Jys Tebut assisted in the establishement of an NOJ presence on Onderon and was involved in most of Vilda's activities while stationed on the planet.

Second Fall to the Dark Side

A few weeks after opening an NOJ office on Onderon, Kazyanenko suddenly began acting erratically and violently. Newsworthy sources pin the bombardment of Ruusan on him as well as other violent acts including the attempted murder of Jedi Knights and younglings. It is unknown why such a prestigious Jedi Knight would suddenly start acting this way. One has to believe that it was either unwanted intervention of darksiders, perhaps the spirit of Freedon Nadd invading his mind on Onderon, or perhaps he just recognized his true destiny. Subsequent interviewes with Vilda's former padawan Jys Tebut shed more light upon the story. Either way, an unknown individual placed his bust among those of the Fallen Twenty along with the plaque displayed here.

The plaque that was found affixed to Vilda's bust in the Lost Twenty exhibit

Vilda during his second Fall

A Return to the Light Side

Recent reports indicating that Vilda has left the dark side after a mysterious debilitating illness have been confirmed. Hospital records indicate that he was put into a medically induced coma, at the brink of death after expending himself at the task of saving his former Jedi Master, Dracona Kage. Upon awakening, it is reported that Vilda professed a desire to remain with the Jedi. Vilda rejoined the New Order of the Jedi as a padawan to Master Kaliwillow Lane.

Joining the Jedi Covenant

Two weeks into his training, Vilda returned to his homeworld, Coruscant, to volunteer as a member of the Order of the Jedi Covenant. As a Covenant Knight, he developing the Orders training program and was instrumental in bringing Master Lucas Atlantis back to the Order. Shortly thereafter he was appointed to the Covenant Jedi Council. He has indicated that his goal is to shift the Covenant back to the true Light side path, away from the Gray side that the Order was forced to embrace during the turbulent times of war and it's aftermath.

Subsequent to the PGA victory, Vilda and Brihan Takacs were joined in an ancient cerimony on Ruusan.

Vilda founded the Alliance of the Jedi, which, at the time of this report, met each Wednesday at 6:30pm on Yavin. The Alliance is focused on encouraging cross Jedi Order cooperation. He seems to be successful on this front and has gotten at least seven Jedi groups to collaborate together.

Over the past months, Vilda settled into a standard routine. When not training his padawan and participating in missions to save the galaxy, he enjoys spending time in the archives, performing research on ancient subjects that will assist with the rebirth of the Jedi. For his long service and record, he was recently honored with the rank of Master.

Vilda in the Alliance of the Jedi Council chambers on Coruscant

Rejoining the New Order of the Jedi

Upon returning to Coruscant, after participating in a long scientific mission exploring the Outer Reaches, Vilda discovered that the Order of the Jedi Covenant had dissolved. Choosing to return to his original Order, he traveled to Ruusan and re-joined the ranks of the New Order of the Jedi, taking on the rank of Knight.