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"Your voice won't save you from me.."

— Darth Aurora to the Jiaasjen'ari of the Trayus Sith Academy (Voice of Emperor Kulith Laan)

Victoria Lumos, later known as Darth Aurora.

Birth and Childhood

Victoria Lumos was an Epicanthix female who was born on Tatooine during the twin sun's set. Raised by her mother, naturally she loved to fidget with technology. At a young age, Lumos became an inventor which put her mass skill with her hands and her genius brain to the test. Victoria's father was a Jedi Master on Yavin IV. Until one day in the twin sun's heat, young Victoria washed the dishes with her mother. Slavers broke into their home attempting to take young force-sensitive. However her mother stood up to them and was struck down before the young woman's eyes.

The Jedi Path

After that dreadful day, Lumos was sent to Yavin to train under her father and become a Jedi Knight. But the anger that lingered was hidden deep within her. The anger itself made the other Jedi very cautious of the young girl. After a few years of training, Victoria showed a lot of promise. Her speed and agility proved to be unstoppable in comparison to some knights. This stroke fear in the Jedi's minds, her skills were far beyond the average Jedi.

A Jedi Mission

On the final mission as a Jedi, Victoria left with her father to patrol a place thought to be sith base. Upon arrival, they found sith, Lumos' father confronted an unknown Darth and young Victoria fought the apprentice. The fight was dreadful as light and dark collided. Young Victoria's speed was the apprentice's downfall, as she defended herself, countering his movements and defeated him. Upon moving to her father's side, the unknown Darth struck her father down before her. The Darth's corrupt eyes gleamed at her, the Darth sensed the darkness and potential in her and fled the area.

The Lonely Path

Young Victoria was now.. alone and lost. She became a wanderer, moving about the world to find a ship to return to Yavin IV. But she just found more Sith, or they found her and this time it was too much for her. Victoria saw her life flash before her eyes, remembering the past years of her life. She could only defend and right before the Sith could give their final blow, Darth Sae'hal II's voice would be heard behind them. The Sith were called off as Sae'hal II approached young potential Sith. Victoria stood in hopes to defend herself, though Sae'hal's kind gesture made her back down.

A New Pledge and Loyalty

Till this day on.. Victora pledged herself to this man, Darth Sae'hal II and to the God-like being, Ragnos - to which he serves. Victoria became a Sith, though she was troubled Many issues that blocked her true potential. And still does to this day. Often times, people say this is her strength, but to her it is a formidable enemy, a weakness. Day by day Victoria stood against the teachings of the order. The Disciples of Ragnos. Even the Arch Lord words she stood against often times. But soon enough she started to listen to the words of the Sith Order and her masters including the Arch Lord, Darth Sae'hal II. In time Lumos grew in her strength, speed and agility and it remained the strongest part of her.

Death and Rebirth

Finally Victoria reached the apprentice stage of her training and the Arch Lord chose her to be his Apprentice. This is the day young Victoria died. But like all things deatd, in turn comes a rebirth. Lady Aurora was reborn in Victoria's place. Aurora stood by her master as a time of war for the Disciples came, fighting in the war vs the Dantooine Jedi Enclave and the quest for power in the Obelisk Crisis. The war killed off many Jedi and Sith, but most importantly to Aurora, she killed her first and second Jedi. Aurora gathered more than just her first kills in this war, she gathered some unknown information. A Balachandra was a padawan in the Dantooine Jedi Enclave. After a few duels with the man, the brave and arrogant Balachandra approached Aurora telling her that he was her brother. She found that she was an Epicthanix, this was a shock to Aurora but at the same time felt comforted, she wasn't alone.

Aftermath of the War - A Force Vampire

The fighting and interaction in the war strengthened Lady Aurora, and in time she became a Darth and the Disciples re-stationed themselves. One of the great trials of Darth Aurora was that of the Sith Spirit, Agrotura. The spirit helped alter how she acted, how she thought and everything else about her. Aurora betrayed a Disciple, something she regretted though it served as a necessary tool till this very day to gain trust of this sith spirit. The reasoning of such a task was to trick spirit into teaching her to be a Force Vampire. And in turn, the spirit was defeated with such a power. But the spirit wasn't defeated entirely, even to this day. Through time and effort, serving in the Empire as one of the elite Sith. Her kills and the way of life she chose eventually brought her to becoming the Arch Lord's Hand. A leader of the Disciples of Ragnos, which Aurora would have thought to be odd. Aurora is still very much alive and fighting, but who knows for how long, only time will tell.


After a long battle she gazes to her comrades as they fall just to look down to see a man with her sword in his chest. For some reason the woman thought of his family and what she had done. After the battle she over heard her sith compared bragging about how many innocence they killed. Aurora was known for saving people she thought werent a threat so she wasnt very liked at all. "what have we become" she once said to sae'hal who was slowly killing himself within the darkness he created. aurora then decided to leave DORs side for a bit to gather her thoughts. This brought her to a small town on tattoine.

Darth Aurora's Apprentice

Another thing came from the aftermath of the war due to the Obelisk Crisis, Aurora was soon to gain an ally, her apprentice Adrianne. After some years of training Aurora's apprentice Adrianne; who eventually became known as Lady Astra formed to be a current Marauder and overseer of the Sith Academy. One of the first fights in her young maruader life was verse a sith spirit