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Victor Brody was a human male Jedi Master for the New Order of the Jedi, the Jedi Order, and the Jedi Praxeum. He served as a Council Master on Coruscant where he co-founded United Galaxies.


Early life

Born on a small unidentified planetoid in The Redoubt system.  His parents were both on board Outbound Flight when it crashed approximately 27 years BBY.  Mere infants at the time of the incident, Andre Brody and Sl’aria Pressor grew up together, fell in love and wed in their mid-twenties.  One year later they gave birth to their only child, Victor.  Throughout his childhood, Victor displayed insight into many things and an instinctive reaction to circumstances and occurrences that were said to be Jedi-like.  This sort of behavior was discouraged and frowned upon due to events that took place on board Outbound Flight, but Victor’s uncle, Jorad, recognized his gift and taught him what he knew about he Force in secret.  Having been denied the chance to become a Jedi, Jorad still took it upon himself to learn all he could from data tapes he could recover from the wreckage of the ship.  As Victor grew older he grew to resent his ability, and despite his best efforts, a slightly envious Jorad could not teach his nephew to be proud of his gift.  Therefore Victor eventually learned to conceal his powers from everyone, including his uncle, saying he just can’t feel the force any longer.  So his uncle focused on things that were more real, and practical, such as teaching Victor how to Pilot a speeder and a Delta-5—the only two crafts that survived the crash of Outbound Flight.

A few months before Victor turned 16, a species known as the Chiss visited the planet on which he was born in the Redoubt System.  Accompanied by two Jedi—Luke Skywalker and his wife Mara Jade, the Chiss rescued the remaining survivors of Outbound Flight and handed them over to the Jedi to be taken back with them.  Remembering how the Jedi treated people on board Outbound Flight, most people were hesitant to be ‘rescued’.  Since Victor still did not accept the gift he was given, he decided that he did not want the life that was going to be handed to him by his so-called saviors.  On board Master Skywalker’s ship, Victor snuck into an escape pod and launched himself towards the unknown.

Nearly six hours into his journey the pod got caught in the gravity well of a meteoroid, and trying desperately to escape, Victor managed to throw the pod into a uncontrollable vector directly into the center of a black hole.

Victor awoke to find his pod had crashed on the remote world of Malastare, and nearly 200 years in the future..  He was found by a Gran Sith Lord, Darth Wraith.  He sensed Victor’s confusion and dislike for the Jedi, so he trained him in the ways of the Dark Side, so that he may get back at them for the pain and suffering they caused his family.  This was when Victor became known as Darth Vyle.  Being a Master swordsman, Wraith taught his new apprentice everything he knew about lightsaber combat.  However his newly found powers and perspective did not satisfy his confusion.  In secret, Vyle would study the HoloNet archives, learning everything he could about the ancient times, The Old Republic, the Empire and so forth.  Slowly He came to the realization that he was not following the right path—that the Dark Side was evil and would ultimately lead to his demise.  Cautious, yet fearful that any new apprentice his Master, Wraith, would take on could be his certain death, Darth Vyle lead himself away from the Dark Side, and fought his former Master, killing him.  Around the time he turned 27 he completely abandoned all ties with his alias, Darth Vyle, and the force.

New Order of the Jedi

A young Victor Brody, and John Vandyke during their training as Padawans.

Victor trained to become a Jedi under the careful tutelage of Jedi Master Zoffa Morico on Yavin IV.

He trained along with his close friends, Mantis Grebe, Johnwinston Vandyke, and Mass Questi. After becoming a master and training several padawans to the rank of Knight, Victor was offered a seat on the Jedi Council, but he refused and set off to further his knowledge of the force.

The Source

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The Jedi Order (Coruscant)


The Fall of the Jedi Order

The Reign of Darth Malphas

An Evil Clone

It is unknow how, or when, but The Sith Lord, Darth Malphas, was able to obtain the DNA of Master Brody and create a clone of him, named Starek. Once Starek had finished his training as a sith, Malphas was able to replace Master Brody with the clone, who went unnoticed for quite some time. This would be the first step in a series of events that would ultimately lead to the fall of the Jedi Order and the destruction of the Great Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

The one thing Malphas did not plan for, was that Master Brody had surrounded himself with his closest friends and allies to rebuild The Jedi Order on Coruscant, and they were able to determine they had been infiltrated. Before acting, however, they mounted a search and rescue operation for their friend, along with help from the GAR, to rescuse Master Brody and return with him to Coruscant to confront the imposter.

It was during this conflict that the Jedi uncovered ancient catacombs that were sealed off beneath the temple, which contained a sealed tomb, which felt very out of place. It would later be discovered that this tomb was protective enclosure for the [REDACTED].


During his experience with [REDACTED], Master Brody realized that the only way to keep the galaxy safe was to open [REDACTED] and to try to contain its power, which he was successful in doing for a short time. However, it soon became apparent that Master Brody was not the one in control and slowly Raze was able to infiltrate the Jedi's mind completely, and he set out to destroy all Jedi, along with their temple. It was only with the help and power of all the Jedi that, as a whole, they were able to defeat Raze. However, Master Brody did not come out of the ordeal alive, or so it was believed to be.

The Death of a Friend, and Mentor

One of the several forms of Raze, with a Sith Lightsaber, in the Jedi Temple, 3 Days before the death of Master Brody; 221 ABY.


"On the evening on the seventh day of the 221st year ABY Jedi Master Victor Brody became one with the force.  He died a noble death defending the Jedi Order from an extremely powerful Sith Spirit, Raze.  The spirit possessed his body and caused Master Brody to wage an attack on the Jedi with the help of the most powerful sith spirits.  The three spirits turned on their successor and drove Raze back into the Holocron of King Adas.  The holocron was subsequently destroyed by Master Mantis Grebe, and the reign of terror Raze had was abruptly brought to an end.

Victor Brody was greatly weakened by the possession of his body and was unable to fully recover from the injuries he sustained from Raze.  He died a noble and valiant death, defending his bretheren.  He will always be remembered as a humble servant of the force."

Containing an Evil Entity

"The Force is the only way to contain an evil spirit that's partnered up with an artificial intelligence. You can't simply destroy this sort of thing and assume it's gone." - Master Mantis Grebe; during the Raze Conflict


Listening to the words of his dear friend, Master Brody agreed to allow the Jedi to
use the force to push Raze deep inside his conciousness, and construct a sort of
wall inside his mind to contain the spirit. The unfortunate side effects of this process
would mean that Master Brody would need to cut himself off from the Force
completely, in order to make sure it stays intact. It very quickly became apparent 
that they must fake Victor's death, as well as wipe his memory in order to keep Raze 
contained indefinitely.  

It was at this time that Victor said goodbye to his friends, and to his life as a 
Jedi, and the final confrontation against Raze occurred. Once the entity was 
contained, Victor fell unconscious, and was promptly transported to Corellia, where 
he was hospitalized along with a fabricated story about how he was the sole survivor 
of a frigate crash. 

A New Life
Since being released from the hospital, Master Vin Shu Blessed was able to confirm
that Victor was able to find work as a crewman onboard a freighter, and was living
a normal life. That was the last contact anyone has had with the former Master.