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Created as W-3633, he quickly showed his skill as a pilot and gained service as a defender of Coruscant where he first served. Mostly a loner, he demonstrated difficulty meshing with his fellow brethren and worked mostly independently of his chain of command, lacking any definite squad. After brief service, his interest in helping others combined with his independent notions caused him to become stranded far away from Coruscant on an unknown colony. He spent several years living with the inhabitants as one of them, gaining much knowledge outside of his clone combat training. With the help of an unnamed transport pilot, he found his way back to his fellow clones who had moved to Bakura during his extended absence. Stripped of rank and forced to join a squad, he became an ace pilot as a part of the 333rd Tyrian Squadron, claiming many victories over the enemies of the Republic. With his new armor, his clone ID number was changed to J-2301 and he assumed the call-sign of "Wise", but goes by "Vice" to non-clones. Through determination and dedication, he quickly moved up the ranks to become an Captain of the 333rd naval platoon, proving himself a heroic pilot and noble clone soldier.

In his later years, he became emotionally distraught, plagued by his own personal issues and ambitious goals of power. To these ends he finished his work of creating a new Venator Class Star Destroyer for G.A.R., only to end up stealing it when he resigned as commander of the 333rd naval platoon. Having given up his rank, he cast off his former call sign of Wise in favor of Vice, cutting himself off from any connection of his past.


Early Life on Coruscant

His first days of duty were spent on Coruscant where he played the role of security, defending the city from various criminals and attacks. He much enjoyed the city, often found strolling the streets and even seen in the theater at times. Despite his love for the city, his adventurous nature, combined with his love of piloting caused him to depart, aiding people outside of the system and eventually leading to his separation from the Grand Army and his home.

The Missing Clone

Being that of a private, his disappearance was hardly noticed and completely forgotten once politics on Coruscant turned sour. Piloting his Delta-7, it is believed that his ship was badly damaged in battle, forcing him to land on a primitive world of human-like creatures. Weary of the space voyager at first, the creatures eventually grew to love the wayward clone, sensing his kindness and experiencing his calm and intelligent demeanor. Claiming him as one of their own, they taught him many things beyond what the clone had been trained, ranging from philosophy to horticulture. Bonding with his new family, his spent many peaceful days exploring the wilderness, meditating, and crafting simple trinkets. Despite his contentment, he yearned to once again visit the stars and to pilot a starfighter. Luckily, his dream would be realized when he was picked up by a spacer and brought back to the new clone base on Bakura.

Return To Service

Back on Bakura, he was completely lost, not sure where to start his life as a soldier again. Through word of his fellow clones, new armor was in development and was to be handed out at a celebration. Determined to regain his position, he attended the celebration in hopes of acquiring new armor, his own older armor greatly showing its age. To his dismay, he was cited as being out of a squad, was denide armor, and stripped of rank. Returned to that of a trainee, and put into an unfamiliar squad, he did not despair even when he was wounded by a rogue Mandalorian on base. He soon found himself attending patrols, receiving training, and gaining new experiences and camaraderie. In just the matter of weeks, he was promoted to private and put into Tyrian Squadron as a part of the 333rd Naval Platoon under leadership of Sergeant "Green". Finding a mentor in that of a Private "Diff", he strived to please his superiors, learning everything he could from "Diff". This would be short lasted once "Diff" was lost on Korriban, never to be seen again, forcing him into higher ranks and responsibilities.

Bringing Glory To The Republic

With the loss of "Diff", his career took off, both literally and figuratively. Receiving new starfighters and promotions in rank, he once again demonstrated his great skill of piloting, earning the respect of his leadership. From patrols on Ruusan, to missions to Korriban, everything was a thrill to him. However, his return to Coruscant was met with disillusion, saddened by the loss of Republic control and the unfriendly Empire. Still, he enjoyed each place he visited and performed his duties beyond expectations, joining his clones in various battles against the Sith and even becoming conscripted into the P.G.A. air force.

A Fateful Turn

Training was a constant, and being a pilot meant being the best, always having to hone and perfect ones skills. His days as a pilot almost came to a very quick end when a failed training exercise landed him, wounded and stranded, on Korriban. He would find himself in a surprising situation when confronted by the Sith. Despite being their enemy, he was allowed to live, and even more astonishing, received care. This was not without a price. The Sith spoke of the hidden evils of the Jedi, and influenced his mind against the very Jedi that he saw as mentors outside of the Grand Army. He began to question the ethics and values of the Jedi, and ceased his meditations with the Jedi of Ruusan, focusing on his training and service to GAR.

The Battle Wages On

As a clone soldier, war was always a constant, and he soon saw major conflicts in many places in the galaxy. From Korriban to Coruscant, he fought valiantly against the Sith and other enemies of the Republic. While a great pilot, he would lose the battle on the ground, becoming grievously wounded several times. Spending time in a bacta tank, he almost lost hope, his passion to serve nearly destroyed by the loss of morale. Each time, he soldiered on, coming out of the med center with the determination to fight again, and so he did.

Coruscant was under attack, a new threat, the Revenant, had launched a full scale assault on the planet. In his most daring battle yet, he engaged Revenant fighters, destroying several and demonstrating his aerial abilities. As well as the battle in the sky was going, the battle on the ground was a disaster. The Revenant had broken through both Jedi and Imperial defenses and had surrounded the PGA. building. In an act of heroism, he piloted a gunship into the hanger of the PGA. building where the clones were preparing to make a last stand, ready to die beside his fellow clones. Revenant troops stormed through the hanger entrance, engaging the clones in close combat. The battle quickly became frantic, troops running this way and that. In the confusion, he fell to one of the lower levels where PGA. troops were being slaughtered by the Revenant. Struggling to save the troops, he found himself fighting three enemies at once, desperately escaping by means of a turbolift and baring many wounds. Back in the hanger, he managed to collect several wounded clones, including Ensign "Green", loading them up into a gunship and heroically flying them off of the planet.

Outside Relationships

Even though things had gone poorly on Coruscant, things on Bakura had greatly improved. The clones now occupied a new base in a well populated part of the city. Patrolling the streets, he came upon a mysterious woman, being known as Nora Saria. The woman was very seductive, and used her charm to manipulate the clone, using him for information gathering and asking for various favors. This strange relationship did not prove to be all bad, as she trained him in the ways of using a blade and even gave him insight into hacking systems. Becoming close partners, they eventually shared a residence on Bakura where they snuck away to frequently, speaking at length about philosophy, combat, and piloting. She shared many stories about the galaxy, keeping him enticed despite her questionable behavior. He would keep in touch with her until her secret activities, much of which illegal, forced him to distance himself from the woman. With the move to the base outside of the city, he ceased contact with her for sometime, until he once again needed her assistance on Nar Shaddaa.

Reclaiming Coruscant

Having become distraught by the loss of Coruscant, he spent his days training vigilantly, gaining experience in ground combat and making use of the skills he had learned from his relationship with Nora Saria. Now skilled at both air and ground combat, he eagerly awaited for his chance to claim vengeance against the Revenant. His patience would pay off, as the battle to reclaim Coruscant had begun. Leading an attack wing against the Revenant Armada, he unleashed his anger and hatred against the enemies of the Republic, claiming many victories against Revenant pilots. With success in the skies, he joined the battle on the ground, but his overconfidence got the better of him. Becoming too reckless, he was struck down by a single Revenant soldier. He would learn from this mistake, concentrating his efforts in the skies while sending his corporals to take his place.

In the next days, he fought smartly, taking control of positions in the city power core and helping to defend the medical center. With quick directives, his corporals did well in their task, eliminating many Revenant troopers and even defeating several high ranking Revenant officers. Even though he struck a brutal blow against the Revenant, the final days of the battle would prove to be disastrous with the sudden retreat of the Imperials, lack of clone troops, and an aggressive counter attack by elite Revenant commandos. In the end, he will be proudly remembered for bravely assisting in the capture of the Imperial Palace throne room and his determined effort to defend the city power generator.

Bakuran Outpost

With the initial battle for Coruscant over, he returned to Bakura where an outpost outside of the city had been established. Once again, his morale diminished do to the lack of clones who had survived, leaving his squad mostly vacant and causing him to be promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer. Not feeling ready for the role, he did his best to get the squads battle ready once more, but failed do to a lack of new clones and the lack of good remaining clones. The squads were soon disbanded, leaving him with no remaining troops to lead.

Greatly upset, he found solace in piloting, returning to places like Ruusan and practicing his skills. His activities would soon be noticed by the senator of Bakura. Frequently on base and training himself in new skills of being a technician, Senator Baudin took it upon herself to speak to the clone, chatting with him frequently. At first put off by the politician and her efforts to socialize, he eventually accepted the politician as a friend, meeting with her frequently and discussing a variety of topics. She became a confidant for him, someone he could trust and speak to about personal matters. Learning about the ways of civilian life from the senator, he found himself questioning his role and his life, uncertainty filling his mind as he considered what it would be like to quit his life as a soldier.

Down a Dark Path

Dark Beginnings

All was not well with the clone as time continued to pass. Burdened by the many hardships that he had endured and the fateful experience of his meeting and capture by the Sith, the darker aspects of the clone would soon come into view. At first yearning for the power that the Venator Star Destroyers represented, he proceeded to take control of construction of several new Venator prototypes, keeping much of the project a secret to himself. While a minor glimpse into the evils that lurked in the clone, it would only be made worse.

The Darkness Grows

The sudden retirement of his mentor, Lt. Commander 'Green' and problems amongst the higher ranks left the clone vulnerable to evil influence, turning to a long forgotten friendship with Nora Saria for company. It was shortly after this time that he also took on an apprentice from Onderon by the name of Trisha Omni, a skilled technician and thrill seeker. He began to teach her everything he knew and sent her on deceptive missions to further his own agendas. While things seemed to be going smoothly for awhile, it only became increasing worse when the clone had an unexpected accident.

The Creation of the Dark Clone

While exploring the surface of Dantooine, he was drawn into a mysterious cave, sounds of chanting encouraging him to delve deeper. Lost in the darkness, he fell into an ancient Sith well, believed to be a Dark Side force nexus that served unknown purposes to long forgotten Sith. Trapped in the well, he spent several hours at the very bottom, the evil chants invading his mind and twisting his thoughts. Eventually he managed to contact other clones, and with help of the Jedi, escaped the Dark Side nexus. It was too late, however, to stop the damage that had been done to him. The clone spiraling much more quickly out of control in his quest for power and dominance. His mood changed drastically, showing unremorse for a lost brother, and even ordering the execution of an unarmed prisoner. When a discovery of precious crystals were found on Alaris Prime, he quickly took as many as he could for himself, even showing hostility to the Jedi that was assisting them. With a supply of credits, he became even more involved with the criminal, Nora Saria, selling her the crystals to in turn acquire very powerful armor and take up his new guise as a sinister clone commando.

Slow Transformation into Evil

Injuries for the clone started to add up, and after a serious explosion on Alaris Prime, he was knocked into a coma that lasted for several weeks. When he had awoken, the clone had a droid left arm and right eye, mirroring the mental transformation that was going on internally. Taking some time to grow accustomed to the new parts, he quickly learned to make effective use of the droid parts of his body. At first he attempted to hide the seriousness of his injuries, concealing his appearance and the fact that his left arm was now droid, but another battle on Alaris Prime against several Mandalorians caused him to lose his prosthetic droid arm, forcing him to use a much more robotic droid arm that he couldn't conceal. Embracing this physical change, the clone grew more ruthless in his actions. In a bold move to learn more about the Sith, he led a mission to Byss. When attacked and forced to flee, he left the other clones to die, making a rush for an enemy shuttle. Prevented from escaping, he was captured by Darth Rowe and subjected to the worst forms of torture the Sith could prepare for him. Left both mentally and physically scarred, the clone began to wear a rebreather mask to cover up the severe disfigurement of his face and thus signaling his transformation into complete evil. Encouraged and supported by Nora Saria, it is yet to be known what the clone would do next.

Administrative Leave

The clone's less than loyal actions in G.A.R. went unnoticed by the Shocks and Commanders, but those that worked closely with him had quickly grown concerned about his mental well being. Although they never learned about the attempts to harm his fellow clones on Dantooine nor the faux rescue mission on Byss that turned out to be a trap, his fellow clones felt it best that he take a leave of absence, forcing him on administrative leave. Tired and in poor health, he reluctantly accepted his forced vacation from G.A.R., going on to tend to other business in the galaxy. In his absence, it was uncertain what was to come of the Venator project that he had started.

Return to Action

The Venator Project Continues

The Grand Army was going through many transitions, from new Commanders, to new bases, they needed all the clones they could get. This forced them to take Wise off of administrative leave, putting him back in charge of the 333rd Naval Platoon that was badly lacking leadership. With his command reinstated, he quickly got back on task, moving into the base on Kathalon and learning about the status of the 333rd. With the essentials looked after, he resumed his lust for power, pouring over documents about the Venator project, learning that it had been handed off to officer after officer, shipyard after shipyard. It took some tracking down, but he soon found that several shipyards had not only begun construction on new Venators, but had yeilded two different Venator designs, with other shipyards producing new cruisers to fill in the smaller ship classes. While the two Venators were only empty hulls, he was certain that he could have them opperational with the help of one of their lead engineers.

With his ambitious nature, Wise managed to bring the Venator to operational status ahead of schedule. It was to be a moment of great celebration for G.A.R., but personal issues had continued to plague the aging captain and it was coming to a breaking point. Having come to view G.A.R. unfavorably and feeling that he was being held back, Wise continued to struggle in his position of power and to continue the legacy of the 333rd. Unwilling to give up, his stubborn demeanor ensured that he would see things to their conclusion, or so it seemed.

A Fateful Day and the Fall of a Hero

Having built up enough motivation to resume his duties after several weeks of little activity, Wise came to the clone academy to do some more work and to train with the 333rd. However, when he tried to enter the academy, the doors refused to open, the passcodes having been changed without anyone bothering to inform him. Having reached the breaking point, the clone sat outside with a datapad and began to write his resignation. Only after several hours had passed did another clone allow him inside of the base, at which point he began packing everything he needed in preperation for what was to come next.

The Renagade Clone

After clearing his office, Wise left the academy, not to return. Boarding the Venator Class Star Destroyer named Twilight, he commendered the ship with the assistance of a close circle of loyal clones whom he instructed years prior for this event. Leaving port, the Twilight fled into hyperspace, transmitting Wise's final orders to the 333rd and his resignation that read thus,

"To whom it may concern,

It is with heavy heart and much thought over the past weeks that I have come to the conclusion about my future in the Grand Army of the Republic. It has been over twenty years ago that I was created as just another clone to serve the Republic. There have been many changes within the Grand Army and many changes within myself over those long years. I have become scarred, broken, angry, and bitter amongst other things. Most of the clones that I have initially served with have either died in battle or moved on. Perhaps do to my sheer stubbornness, I have done neither. While my decision may seem rash, and I suppose it is, I have considered how it effects those other than me. I can't say in good conscience that I hold their best interests above my own.

In the absence of LCDR O-5863 'Green', I have tried to keep the 333rd going. Not only keeping the platoon together, but encouraging them to become better. I no longer feel that I can continue to carry the burden of leading the 333rd. It is also clear to me that nobody has the ability to take my place. Long before this, I had decided that should I die or be no longer fit to serve as the leader of the 333rd and no clone be ready to take my place that the 333rd should die with me. That decision greatly effects what I'm about to do.

And so it comes to this. I care not to explain in full why I have chosen this route, so suffice it to say that I no longer feel able to continue in the Grand Army. It has been a long time coming, but it had to be done eventually. After this, I will most likely be considered a traitor, coward, or worse. I expect the full force of G.A.R. to come after me, and I accept that. If I am found, then do with me as you see fit.

As commander of the 333rd, my final order is for all clones of the 333rd to disband. The flags of the 333rd are to be ceremonially burned and given full honors. With that order given, I hereby resign of my post and forfeit my rank of Captain and thusly retire from the Grand Army of the Republic without honor. With my departure, I shall be taking the Venator, Twilight, and the heavy cruiser, Justice. As these are serious crimes of theft, I shall be gone well before you receive this message. Feel free to seek me and try to bring justice onto me, but I assure you that it shall be futile.

To the clones of the 333rd, I regret that I have failed you as your captain. I feel undeserving of your loyalty and the medals that have been awarded to me. I hope that you all find better leadership in another platoon. If after this you still choose to wave the flag of the 333rd, I will be most surprised, but I would rather that it end here. If you wish vengeance against me, that is well. Remember me as you see fit as I do not expect to be remembered admirably.

To the rest of G.A.R., the 333rd was my pride and joy and to bring about its end hurts me deeply. I am sorry for the harm that it will do to the whole of the Grand Army and the Republic that it defends. The taking of the ships, Twilight and Justice, is to be my payment for services and retirement that I feel is duly owed to me. With the 333rd disbanded, G.A.R. should see no need of them. I have arranged for a crew and supplies to operate the ships and may very well continue to fight for the Republic, but no longer on the side of G.A.R.. Perhaps we may yet see each other again on good terms."

— Former 333rd Captain Wise, Final order and message from Captain J-2301

It was at this point that J-2301 Wise had become an outlaw, having stolen several ships of the G.A.R. fleet and fled to unknown parts of the galaxy. It would have seemed to be the last anyone would have heard of Wise, but he resurfaced weeks later for an interview with the GNN, the news report following,

"Sitting in the upscale cantina on Taris near our offices, we sat across from a battle hardened clone officer from the Grand Army of the Republic. Recently being declared dead from killed in combat and awarded the medal of honour posthumously, the former commander of the 333rd, Wiseman, showed up quite alive and eager to tell his story. Battle-hardened with several scars and cybernetic replacements, including his eye and an advanced cybernetic arm with markings such as the flag of the 333rd and Tyrian squadron, marks the Captain said would identify him as the true Wisemen, this veteran declared he was very much alive.

Expressing disdain for the Clone Council, the Senior Officer explained why the GAR leadership wished to cover up his retirement and instead claim he was dead. Recently the Captain had put in his bid for retirement, nothing unusual for an officer of his experience especially since his main work, overseeing the construction of a new Venator Class Star Destroyer, had been completed. The Twilight was the first of a new line of advanced warships for the GAR navy and Wiseman had been in charge of overseeing its construction, a project costing in excess of sixty million credits. On his retirement, Wiseman took the extraordinary steps of disbanding the 333rd and stealing the Twilight with several clones loyal to him, a plan that had been in place for several years as the Venator was finished. In addition he disabled several ships while making his escape.

Now a fugitive, Wiseman stated that the GAR wished to bury the whole incident under the rug and erase the construction of the Venator and of Wiseman going rogue from the GAR memory. As for the why, Wiseman explained that he had served the Grand Army faithfully for over two decades, fighting in countless battles around the galaxy receiving numerous wounds along with the mental trauma associated with it. However, as Wiseman stated it, the GAR made no attempt to acknowledge his service, not even paying for his cybernetics, a luxury he had to pay on his own. There was no attempts to treat him like a human being and the only award was a medal given when most thought he was dead.

Since he had been given full authority over the Venator, he was able to steal the ship and take it as what he described as payment for his service to the Grand Army. Stating that he would return the ship back to GAR for the cost of the ship plus substantial more, his only other request of the clone council was that they start treating the troops with respect and to refocus on their main goal of securing the Galaxy from evil such as the Sith organizations.

For now, the seasoned naval officer and his loyal crew will use the Twilight for their own purposes, doing what they can to protect Galactic space lanes and stay out of a GAR detention center. The Captain also cautioned the Galactic Republic on relying on the Grand Army’s naval power and urged them to form their own fleets for protection. With that the accomplished officer bid his farewells, leaving GNN to obtain a statement from GAR on their stance of his story. "

— Rakiko Lowtide & Daana Kira, Captain Wiseman Lives

Despite the resurfacing of Wise, G.A.R. still had little clue to where the former captain had went, but it was obvious to them now that the renagade clone wasn't going away for good.

The End of Captain Wise

Wanted by G.A.R. and considered a traitor by many, Wise made it clear that he understood the severity of his actions. When he had chosen to commit his vile acts, the good clone Wise was no more. G.A.R. gave honors in memory of how Wise had served honorably in spite of his recent actions. Feeling undeserving of such honors bestowed unto him in light of his atrocious actions, Wise gave up his callsign, changing to that of Vice and declaring himself an admiral of his own fleet. With one simple act, J-2301 Wise was no more, replaced by disdained Admiral Vice. In the end, the clone did not seem to live up to the callsign of Wise.

In Search of Redemption

Admiral Vice Seeks Out Allies

While no longer a part of G.A.R., Vice still sought to serve the interests of the Republic. His small fleet had captured or destroyed a good number of smugglers, pirates, and outlaws, selling or reusing what ships and cargo they captured. However, it was not enough for him. Stopping a few pirates was too little in his eyes in the effort of helping the Republic.

With the power of the Venator and his experience, the clone could still be a valuable resource in the effort to stop evil across the galaxy. Making active efforts to let others know of his intentions, Admiral Vice began to contact various people and organizations, offering his services and ships for aid. With these small first acts of kindness, he began the slow and difficult path of redeeming himself and re-establishing a good reputation in the Republic.


Often quiet and well spoken, he is one of the more intelligent clones and not one to get into fights or use crass language. His sense of duty makes him dedicated to the Republic, striving to be his best. Interests include aviation, philosophy, history, exploration, amongst other non-combat activities. While a proficient fighter, he often chooses to work through conflict in less hostile ways, talking through a problem instead of resorting to fighting.

This changed in his later years after being exposed to the evils of a Dark Side force nexus, combined with the many past experiences that had left him bitter and vengeful. After the torture on Byss, his physical changes were matched by the changes to his personality. He become obsessed with vengeance and a drive to become more powerful than before. The companionship that he had shared with his fellow clones became bitter resentment, viewing them as weak and inadequate to defend the Republic. While once adventurous, it had come to the point of brazen disregard for his own safety, willing to confront the Sith on his own and to travel to the most dangerous of worlds without his fellow clones.


In his early forties, his face was a mess of scars and wounds that he kept concealed behind a rebreather mask. Of his remaining human eye, a mixture of deep sorrow and burning hatred could be seen if one looked closely enough. His right eye was replaced by that of a droid one, it constantly glowing an ominous red color. Where his left arm had once been, a large and powerful droid arm took its place, shiny silver metal being new and polished. By any standard, the clone did not appear to have made it through the recent years very well.