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The information below is OOC. The biography of the character is NOT written down anywhere ICly for you to obtain. While there are records you can obtain, there are large enough gaps in the history that putting the information together is impossible. That said, what CAN be obtained IC, will be listed appropriately under an appropriate heading.

Technical Information

  • Created Originally in text RP in 1998.
  • Re-created in SL in 2007
  • Played on SL by Reinhardt Stenvaag
  • Powers/abilities in SL RP reflect ONLY what has transpired in SL, except for the Force powers of Spirit Transference and Midichlorian Manipulation which are central to the character.
  • Character began in IRC RP, SWCombine, and forum based RPs as Naron Olarum.
  • Character was given/adopted the name of Ver'an in SL, and has been known only as that name since.


  • 37 BBY - Born on Coruscant
  • 27 BBY - Identified as Force sensitive, but denied training by Jedi Council
  • 21 BBY - Enlists in civil service academy
  • 19 BBY - Battle of Coruscant, parents killed
  • 18 BBY - Enlistment in Imperial service, assigned to COMPNOR, trained as Inquisitor
  • 4 ABY - Battle of Endor
  • 6 ABY - Fall of Coruscant, collapse of the Galactic Empire, arrival at Byss
  • 10 ABY - Begin of the reborn Palpatine's Empire on Byss
  • 11 ABY - Death of the reborn Palpatine, beginning for Force Questing for Naron
  • 50 ABY - Withdraws to mostly uncharted space to seek Sith training and vanishes from all records as Naron Olarum
  • Between 50 ABY and 125 ABY - First use of spirit transference
  • 70 Years Before Present - Returns to Galaxy, joins Telos IV Sith
  • 69 Years Before Present - Betrays Telos IV Sith and joins Sith Ancients of Byss
  • 68 Years Before Present - Named Darth Ver'an, all traces of Naron Olarum erased
  • 66 Years Before Present - Adopted by Darth Chaos as the first male member of her House
  • 64 Years Before Present - Leaves Galaxy, makes use of his second clone body
  • 55 Years Before Present - Returns to Galaxy, joins Assembly of Darkness on Vjun
  • 50 Years Before Present - Third Departure from Galaxy, third clone used, Sith artifacts implanted in himself and Force ritual goes wrong, warping his use of the Force
  • 35 Years Before Present - Returns to Galaxy again, rejoins Assembly of Darkness on Korriban
  • 30 Years Before Present - Fourth Departure from the galaxy. Fourth clone used.
  • 20 Years Before Present - Returns to Galaxy, assists Darth Chaos in founding House of Darkrose, returns to Byss and joins the Dark Lords of the Sith.
  • 16 Years Before Present - Resigns from Dark Lords of the Sith, revokes Sith religion
  • 15 Years Before Present - Re-founds the Empire-in-exile at Bastion.
  • 12 Years Before Present - Empire-in-exile is betrayed by Ver'ans chosen commanders and destroyed. Adopted by Mandalorian clan Beskar Buy'ce. Clan vanishes and Ver'an withdraws from galaxy again. Fifth clone used.
  • Present Day - Ver'an returns to galaxy again, founds Nim'Ithil Syndicate on Bakura.


Early Life

Naron Olarum, born in 37 BBY to parents Ildarus and Mileena Olarum lived his early life on Coruscant. His parents, mid level Republic civil servants, were able to keep him in the upper middle levels of the city, allowing him to know the high life of the upper city, but also venture into the lower reaches of Coruscant's bowels, although they did hate when he ventured there. Like all parents, they wanted their child to reach for the stars, both figuratively and literally.

In 27 BBY, at the age of 10, he was identified by the Jedi Order as being highly force sensitive, and able to undergo training, although his advanced age ensured the Order would not take him. Instead he was provided basic training to ensure his powers would remain within his control and cause no accidents from emotional outbursts. In 21 BBY, he enlisted in a government run academy on Coruscant to pursue public service for the Republic like his parents, with an emphasis in his courses on intelligence work. During the battle of Coruscant in 19 BBY, at the age of 18 while still attending the academy, both his parents were killed in their home when wreckage from the battle crashed to the surface of Coruscant, destroying their apartment block, only furthering Naron's resolve for galactic stability, security and peace. With the formation of the Galactic Empire later that year, he saw this as a step towards his desires, and remained in the academy despite many other students fleeing the new regime.

Imperial Career

His Force Sensitivity was soon discovered by the Emperors agents though, and upon his graduation in 18 BBY and his subsequent enlistment in Imperial services, he was immediately assigned to COMPNOR and all public records of him from that point were closed. He was trained as part of the Inquisitors, intelligence agents skilled in the Force who served the Empire doing things that were reported only to the Emperor himself. This position left Naron Olarum in frequent contact with both the Emperor and Vader, and like all Inquisitors, received special training in the Force from them as befit their station as the highest ranked Force users under the pair of Sith.

His career had him moving all over the Empire and beyond to the outer rim as dictated by the Emperor. As such, a private Dreadnought Heavy-cruiser was custom built and provided to him as it was to all Inquisitors. It would serve to house the troops at his disposal, as well as acting as a prison transfer ship for him to bring individuals back who required more intensive interrogation. During this time, he visited many planets, both openly and while in disguises and under assumed identities, and often found himself assigned to work in the Imperial Navy itself. This led to him gaining a fair deal of naval command experience, in fact it was commented to him by the Emperor that had Naron not pursued COMPNOR, an Admirals position would have been waiting for a man of Narons skill in the Imperial Navy. But to Naron, the concept of security was his goals, and the Inquisition was the most direct route to that.

After Endor

With the death of both Palpatine and Vader in 4 ABY at the Battle of Endor, Naron was, thankfully, stationed on one of the Star Destroyers to witness the event, but was able to flee when the battle was clearly lost. Palpatine had decided Narons naval command ability was needed on a small wing of destroyers and he had been stationed there to coordinate it. With the slow collapse of the Empire, Naron remained faithful to its ideals. Serving former Grand Vizier, now Emperor Sate Pestage (clone), he retained his positions as Inquisitor although the nature of his work was quickly changing. Lacking ability to utilize the Force, the new Emperor could not direct the Inquisitors as effectively as Palpatine had. When Ysanne Isard, head of Imperial Intelligence manipulated the Imperial Ruling Council into power, he supported this move as it did ensure some stability for the Empire far more effectively than Pestage had managed. But in 6 ABY, with the fall of Imperial Center to the Rebels, while the Empire split itself and engaged in a period of infighting, Naron felt a call that pulled him away from it all. He fled to Byss like many others.

On Byss, finding the Emperor reborn, Narons loyalty was re-sworn to the man along with many of the Emperors former servants, and he aided in endeavors over the next few years of building up. As the Emperor launched a new campaign against the rebellion in 10 ABY, Naron again worked with pride at ensuring internal security. Even after Palpatine's second death, he continued to serve as Military Executor Sedriss QL proved to be a competent leader, but Palpatine's second rebirth instilled even greater fanatical trust in Naron. Unfortunately, with the betrayal of Carnor Jax and Sarcev Quest, Palpatines third and final death was brought about. The nature of this death, along with seeing all of the Palpatine's loyal commanders and advisors killed on Byss while Naron himself was on assignment elsewhere in the Galaxy finally shook Narons faith in the Empire.

After Byss

In 11 ABY, Naron boarded his vessel only with the crew and soldiers who were willing to remain loyal to him and to the Empire even when the Empire itself had forgotten its own existence, and they fled. While Naron saw hope on the man known as Palleon, he no longer believed the galaxy could be saved by any single man who could not even wield the Force.

Spending many years visiting worlds rumored to be former Sith strongholds, many of those locations having been long erased from galactic records by Palpatine and his agents but retained only by Palpatines agents themselves, he uncovered many hidden secrets of the dark side. As such, he was able to obtain teachings from holocrons and learn things for himself from ancient texts. He grew in strength as a dark jedi, but still lacked the true source of power, the Sith religion, which to him, was what had made Palpatines rule truly great.

The Yuuzhan Vong threat was ignored by him and his crew, they had their mission, they were attempting to create in Naron the power Palpatine had himself once wielded. The Fel Dynasty's rise to power and their leadership of the Empire was likewise ignored. Naron continued to believe, even 30 years after the last death of the Emperor, that non Force users could not lead the empire. Over the years, Narons training uncovered many secrets, including those of long dead Darth Revan. And most curious of those secrets, was the True Sith Empire. While Naron knew the history of the galaxy, and the war with this now long dead Empire, their worlds were not worlds he had investigated yet. Deciphering Revans cryptic works, Naron eventually found directions to True Sith space, and in 50 ABY, his ship departed for this remote location, not to be seen again for roughly 150 years.

The First Sith Encounter

Arriving at these worlds, he found them not as exterminated as he had anticipated. A small order of people existed, who like him, were studying the ancient sith knowledge. These people were, like him, others who had fled the Empire, although many had fled the creation of it, and since been warped by the regions strong dark side presence. Others, like him, had served the Emperor with already existing knowledge of the Force, but one thing rang true. Like the ancient Sith Empires, this one hid beyond the outer rim in the unknown regions, one dark lord over them, with many masters, each with one apprentice, and non force using troopers under them.

Naron quickly grew in importance in the academy on these worlds, his initiates phase was excessively short as he drew the attention of the Dark Lady who led the order. He was apprenticed to her quickly, and worked at her side for over 75 years as she led this order, with him quickly rising to become her Shadow Hand, his apprenticeship to her never ending, nor did his rise to power in her place.

Despite her remaining in control all this time, he assumed control over all academy teaching of this order, himself teaching classes in Sith Alchemy and Sorcery that he had learned at this location. Eventually, as he was learning, all empires collapse, as this one did and so again, he left, vanishing, and out surviving so many others.

The Spirit Transferance

It was during this time period, with his body growing physically old, that Naron, now a Sith Lord who by choice bore no name, created a clone of himself. There were minor genetic modifications made to the clone, as well during growth, Naron intentionally saturated the clone with the Force, attempting to heighten the clones affinity for the force. Maintaining the body in a clinical coma, it ensured that once it reached maturity, Naron was able to enact the rituals he had learned on Byss under the reborn Palpatine, but until his training with this Sith Academy, had been too weak to put into practice himself. At this moment, awakening in a new body, a new purpose filled Naron. The desire to survive, utilizing this newly displayed power to ensure he would never die.

The Intermediary Years (OOC)

How many years passed with Naron out of all records is unknown. At this point, the games I was playing in had changed the nature of their setting. Before this point, it had been 3 different web based games, each with specific time periods set in either BBY or ABY. As of this point, the character was recreated in SL, and as such dating formats change to "before present". As well, the powers and abilities Naron had learned before this were wiped clean, the only two that I maintained, as they had become integral to the identity of Naron/Ver'an, were Spirit Transference, and Midichlorian Manipulation.

The New Era

Roughly 70 years before present, finally returning to the galaxy after so many years, Naron, now using various assumed identities that changed with every planet he visited, was met with a new galaxy vastly changed. By this time, the crew of his ship had all died of old age, and in turn been replaced with droids who's main purposes were repair. In fact, Naron controlled the ship almost entirely by himself, through the Force, and from his private meditation chamber in the ships center. It was no longer grey with an Imperial insignia emblazoned upon it. Now it was painted black, all view ports darkened, running lights extinguished, and broadcasting no transponder signal. It was a ghost ship, even devoid of life support systems mostly, as Naron contained this to his private quarters only, able to withstand the cold and lack of air elsewhere in the ship due to his enhanced Force abilities.

He traveled the galaxy for a short time, learning the history he had missed, but eventually found his way to Telos IV. Here, he enlisted in a Sith Order, but hid his past from them. He allowed them to begin his training over, so that he might see what secrets they possessed by earning their trust. In a short amount of time, he came to perceive this order as a pathetic waste of his time, weaklings who were unfit to be called Sith, and found himself on Byss again, the first time in nearly 200 years. This time though, a Sith Order found him.

Darth Chaos, of the Sith Ancients, forced him to forswear his present order, which he willingly did. She took him for her order, the Ancients based upon Byss, and he jumped at this chance. In short order, Darth Magnanimous, whom had been Lady Chaos's own teacher, had taken Naron as apprentice. The man was deemed by Naron to be a fool, easily manipulated, and he was. Naron hid his past, and all knowledge of the Sith and the Force. Instead, he rapidly overpowered the man, learned the basics he had to offer and left the man little choice but to promote Naron within the order in less than a year, something virtually unheard of. The man, in his one bout of clear thought, sensed the great secrets Naron hid, and named hims Darth Ver'an, in honor of the ancient Darth Revan. Naron kept silent on the choice of name, but was pleased.

Within the Sith Ancients, Ver'an grew in reputation quickly. Training frequently in saber dueling with Darth Chaos, his skills earned him an invitation by the order to undergo a mission to Tatooine. Five Sith Ancients left for the planet, landing in Mos Eisley as they pursued 6 NOJ Masters. All 6 were slain easily, and for his efforts, Darth Chaos named him the first of her brothers, teaching him many secrets she held.

But this era would not last, as the Emperor Validus would turn the Ravagers axial super laser upon Byss, and for a second time, all life on Byss was eradicated. Ver'an would turn back to Telos, though his first order had long since failed, his former master had established an order, the Sith Mythologies. He joined this order, helping his former master build it. It was during this time that he turned a Jedi Master, Yoki Lightfoot, and made her his apprentice. But again, a call summoned him. His former masters incompetence, and faith in his apprentices abilities ensured there was nothing holding him back from answering this summons. And so he left the galaxy again. Though his apprentice would turn back to the light after his departure, she would eventually seek out Darth Keres to complete her training, and would herself be known as Darth Nereza, until her death at her apprentices hands.

The Second Disappearance

This time though, his journey did not take him as far as it had before. Following where the Force led him, his ancient dreadnought came out of hyperspace in orbit of a massive, frozen rock planet that had drifted away from any star, a rogue planet devoid of any means explorers might have used to find it. The frozen chunk, shrouded in eternal darkness, was the perfect home for the man who now found growing appeal in the path of shadows. Naming it Abyss, he began construction of his fortress beneath the surface and the studying of the dark side that seemed to permeate the planet. It was at this base, and durring this period, that Ver'an again practiced spirit transference to inhabit a newly prepared body, and even set to establishing a store of spare clones, ready in case of emergency. A massive chamber was dedicated to this, several dozen bodies, clones of himself, genetically manipulated and warped through the Force, kept in medical comas, simply waiting for him to make use of them.

The Second Return

55 years before present he returned to the galaxy. This time though, he sought out his sister, Darth Chaos, and found her among the Assembly of Darkness based upon Vjun. Joining the order, he resumed his place as a Darth in a Sith Order, and learned more of what he had missed. He likewise joined an order of Sith Alchemists, his knowledge earning him a swift appointment to their Council along side his former apprentice Darth Nereza. But that small group soon collapsed, and self named Emperor Kestrel, for reasons never revealed, silently expelled Ver'an from the Assembly of Darkness. For a time, Ver'an roamed, but felt the call summoning him back to Abyss, withdrawing from the universe yet again.

Returning to the planet, he would at this time engage in two activities that would forever change his use of the Force. First was the forging a trio of Sith amulets, which when utilized in conjunction with each other, would dramatically increase his strength over the Force. His powers vastly enhanced by these, which he had surgically implanted at hidden locations in his body, he then undertook the second of the activities to change him. As empowered as he was, he undertook a Sith Sorcery ritual that was meant to make him one with the Force without ending his life, an attempt to make him a living manifestation of the Force. The ritual did not work as intended, indeed, in history the ritual never had worked as it was impossible to do so. BUT the power he wielded did cause the rituals effects to take a hold of him in their entirety, even if they were not what he intended. From then on, the Force was so powerful in him, it would be visible to the naked eye of even the untrained. And it would bear the color of his soul. While the pure would always be wreathed in light as a result of this ritual, Ver'an was himself engulfed in shadow. From then on, the Force and his use of it would be visible to all as shadow moving from his body to his target, a visible line of his consciousness unless he were to take active steps to hide it within objects. As well, many of the abilities he had learned were forever modified and warped by this new development. The man who so longed for his path of shadows, had been made into what he called from then on, a 'Shadow Sith', as his growing insanity allowed him to think of himself.

The Third Return

35 years before the present, Ver'an again returned to the galaxy to seek out his sister, utilizing the clone body he had empowered with Sith artifacts and warped through his Sorcery on Abyss. He followed the Force to Korriban, re-initiating contact with Darth Chaos and the Assembly of Darkness, now free of Emperor Kestrel, as Darth Dolor now led it in his place. Rejoining the order, he began aiding in teaching of his path of shadows and some Sith history to the students in the academy there. He learned of his apprentices death, but was unfazed, finding a new girl to take her place, a young woman whom he would again depart before completing the training of, but who would herself become Darth Neraj. Before he would leave again though, Ver'an would earn a position within the Assembly of Darkness of Sith Master, and witness the splitting of that order as many fled to the Sith Legends, an older but less prominent order. Faced with the choice of one order or the other, hearing the arguments of each, seeing the chaos Sith in the galaxy were in, the self cannibalistic ways that every order practiced, he again fled the galaxy, but this time not because of a summons, but this time, because of disgust for all the Sith had become.

Returning to Abyss yet again, another clone was prepared and made for Ver'an. The earlier force rituals had warped his use of the force so much, that as he grew this body, it was warped beyond any appearance of Humanity. Bearing skin as black as the depths of the space, utterly mute, dead, and blind, most would have discarded it. But with Spirit Transference comes mental instability, and Ver'an believed this clone to be perfect. So he inhabited, relying heavily on the Force to offset the blindness, muteness, and deafness. He also took to wearing heavy robes, with a grotesque mask to hide his features.

The Fourth Return

20 years before present, and yet again, Ver'an would return to the galaxy. Utilizing an identity he assumes through the use of Force Illusion and mind control, he begins assembling the groundwork for a company, although even to the present, this company has not begun to fully form yet. Soon he found himself on Nar Shaddaa, the smugglers moon, summoned by his sister Darth Chaos, who now bore the name of Remnant. Talk of making the unofficial family into an official, organized House occurred, and so the House of the Dark Rose, led by Remnant and Keres, was born, taking up residence upon Nar Shaddaa, of which Ver'an remains a Dark Brother to. But something in the galaxy called to him again.

For a third time, Ver'an was pulled to Byss by a force summons. Arriving, he found it had become re-inhabited. Again the Ravager orbited. Descending to the surface, he made contact with an ancient order he had never considered worthy his time previously. It had always appeared to suffer the same self-cannibalizing traits of all Sith Orders. But this time, he found it expansive, re-established as a sole order within the reforming Sith Empire. And again, Emperor Validus led it, the last man Ver'an considered even remotely capable of claiming the title. Ver'an pursued entrance to the order, and was granted it, though the order respected his experience and granted him the title of Sith Lord, equivalent to what past orders he had belonged to had named Darth, while what were now called Darths, had formerly been Sith Masters. He approved this change from what he had known, seeing as it would force people to strive harder for the pretty and insignificant titles they so desired.

Ver'an, as appeared during his time with the Dark Lords of the Sith

Ver'ans own niece within the adopted family he had assumes was chosen as his master, Darth Rowe. Her teaching was hard, something he respected greatly. But the truths he had been learning about the Sith were irreconcilable to him. Their power was not as absolute as he had perceived for all these years. Their very ideals made them self destructive and cannibalistic in nature. So within only a very short time, he resigned from the Dark Lords of the Sith, and went his way as a Dark Jedi, although several Jedi he had contact with referred to him as Grey more than Dark. It was at this time, that he began revisiting his own path, and revisiting sites of importance to the legacy of of the Empire he had once served.

Eventually he arrived at Bastion, taking up residence for a short time on the ruined orbital stations that had once served as security checkpoint for the Fel Empire before its collapse and loss of the planet. It was here he learned how wrong he had been about the Fel Dynasty. Given that the galaxy was devoid of Imperial presence at the time, Ver'an assumed the title of Supreme Commander, and gave new life to the Fel Empire, working slowly to re-establish it and basing it at Bastion.

The Empire-in-exile

Ver'an as he appeared in the Empire-in-exile.

Utilizing the Force to mask his black skin now as well as offset his physical disabilities, the Empire-in-exile provided with Ver'an enough focus that for a time, he was able to see how flawed his form was finally. But he could do nothing about it, as focused as he was upon the Empire-in-exile. Work was going well, Bastion was slowly being rebuilt, Muunilinst had pledged their financial support and Yaga Minor's shipyards were producing a defensive fleet.

It was at this time, that a reclusive and insular Imperial Remnant took notice of his work, and comming out of their shells, began tense relations with the Empire-in-exile. Ver'an would not back down, feeling their reclusive and insular way was not serving the citizenry of the galaxy in providing order and security, which only heightened the tensions. Unknown to Ver'an though, nearly his entire command staff were approached by this Imperial Remnant, swayed to their side, and in turn, fed lies about Ver'an, his decisions and his motives, which again further complicated relations between the two Imperial groups to the point that no reconciliation could occur. Shortly after, the entire command structure of the Empire-in-exile rebelled against Ver'an, literally tearing apart all the work they had been producing and nearly destroying Bastion in the process. Siding with the Imperial Remnant, Ver'an was able to admit the winners of an Imperial civil war that had never seen a single moment of fighting. Ver'an ordered the forces still remaining loyal to him to join the Remnant, and himself requested membership as Ver'ans goals had never been to lead the Empire-in-exile, but rather to build it up so that an Emperor might be chosen by his command staff. Joining the Remnant was Ver'ans last chance to serve Imperial Ideals, and he took it. But the Remnant would not have him. Accepting every single member of the Empire-in-exile under him, both traitor to Ver'an and loyalist, they denied Ver'an the ability to join them. And so, Ver'an finally learned the last truth he could have from the Empire. An ideal.. is never attainable at a galactic scale. And after a lifetime, he finally abandoned his quest to give birth to galactic order and security.

The Mandalorians and the Fifth Widrawl

An old clan of Mandalrians, Beskar Buy'ce had been watching Ver'an. Like him, they were a reclusive bunch and prone to venturing out beyond the explored regions of space. An invitation was made to him, a chance at family, camaraderie, and the teaching of new ideals to him. Given the emptiness in Ver'an at the loss of first the Sith and then the Empire, both which had been core ideals in him for so very long, he took the offer. He was made a member of the clan, though of everything Ver'an has ever done in his life, this was perhaps the shortest. The clan did little to teach him, instead he learned what it meant to be Mandalorian from members of clan Kata, in particular Cayce Urriah, and individuals in of clans based on Kerest. But Beskar Buy'ce was a whisp of smoke, and their members vanished, leaving Ver'an not only untrained, but still only mid way through his initiation. Feeling betrayed yet again, the loss of yet another attempt of his, Ver'an again withdrew to Abyss, forsaking all ties to the galaxy except for the one group who had never turned on him; the House of the Dark Rose. Sith yes, but the only ones who had never turned their back on the fact that he was family.

It was during this withdrawal to Abyss that Ver'an spent a good deal of time meditating. The effects of the force ritual that had so warped his use of the force were fading, and with it, some clarity returned. A new body was prepared, and though it still suffered blindness, deafness, and muteness as his previous clone had, the flesh returned to human coloration. The defects themselves were likely because of the extreme genetic manipulation and midichlorian tampering he continued to engage in. But the Sith artifacts he had once implanted in himself were left out. Ver'an was a dark jedi now. Solitary, alone. Never again would he answer to an order, and be betrayed. Or so he decided.

The Fifth Return

Ver'an is forever contemplating, with Abyss in place, why does he continue to return to the galaxy? He realizes it is a question he can never answer, and so does not dwell upon it. But he returned, Nar Shaddaa being his first destination. Contact is made via the Force with his sisters Darth Chaos and Darth Keres, though he does not seek them out. He learns quickly that the path anywhere in the galaxy, is the one you forge yourself. Following someones footsteps will not work, following an order, will not work. Not for him. He returns to Bakura shortly after, Nar Shaddaa, finding the world ripe for the birth of something. What, he isn't entirely sure of. Establishing the Nim'Ithil Syndicate, he learns from the past. He will not allow his commanders as much power and authority. He also knows keeping them active, and well paid, will keep them loyal. A criminal organization is born, with an old Dark Jedi leading it. A dark jedi who's true history, not even his adopted siblings know.

Public Record: Naron Olarum

  • NAME: Naron Olarum
  • GENDER: Male
  • DATE OF DEATH: Declared MIA and presumed dead, 8 ABY
  • RACE: Human
  • BIRTH PLANET: Coruscant
  • KNOWN FAMILY: Ildarus Olarum - father, Mileena Olarum - mother. Both killed in 19 BBY in a surface explosion from falling debris from the Battle of Coruscant.
  • FORCE STATUS: Known force sensitive, labeled by Jedi Order during Republic Era. Minor training provided to avoid accidental misuse.
  • AFFILIATION AT TIME OF DISAPPEARANCE: The Galactic Empire, details classified by COMPNOR.
  • OCCUPATION: Classified by COMPNOR.
  • PAST AFFILIATIONS: A government operated academy located on Coruscant - student, details of which specific academy and record of studies, Classified by COMPNOR.
  • PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: A human of moderately tall stature, standing 6 foot 6 inches (1.98m), bearing pale skin and eyes, with trim, neatly kept light brown hair. Physically fit due to healthy regime of food and exercise. No recorded health issues, deformities, etc.
  • PERSONALITY TRAITS: Calm and collected, careful and methodical. Greatly concerned with security of the Republic (and later the Galactic Empire), leaning towards totalitarian ideals where the society and state come before individual rights. Emotionally reserved, not prone to outbursts, which only causes outbursts, when they occur to be more severe.
  • NOTES: 11 BBY, at age 10, identified as Force Sensative who missed Jedi screening. Deemed too old to be fully trained, basic training was provided to ensure accidental misuse of the Force would not occur. 19 BBY, at age 18, was mid education at an academy on Coruscant when his parents were killed via an accident resulting from falling debris from the Battle of Coruscant between Republic/Jedi forces and Separatists led by General Grievious. 18 BBY, at age 19, graduating from the academy, enlisted in Imperial service and transferred to -redacted- Further information Classified by COMPNOR.

Public Record: Ver'an

  • NAME: Unknown
  • PRESENT ALIAS: "Ver'an"
  • PAST ALIAS: Many insignificant names used, none confirmed.
  • GENDER: Male
  • DATE OF BIRTH: Unknown
  • DATE OF DEATH: Still alive
  • RACE: Unknown, assumed near human
  • BIRTH PLANET: Unknown
  • KNOWN FAMILY: House of the Dark Rose, specifically its highest ranking members, although family status is assumed by adoption and not blood relation.
  • FORCE STATUS: Highly trained. Dark side user. Known to display Sith Alchemy, Sith Sorcery and other obscure paths, level of proficiency unknown.
  • MIDICHLORIAN COUNT: Last recorded at 14,550 during physical on Byss (67 years before present)
  • PRESENT AFFILIATION: Nim'Ithil Syndicate ("Boss"), House of the Dark Rose (Brother)
  • OCCUPATION: Criminal mob boss
  • PAST AFFILIATIONS: Telos Sith (Apprentice), Sith Ancients (Sith Lord), Sith Mythologies (Sith Master), Assembly of Darkness (Sith Lord), Sith Alchemists (Council Member), Assembly of Darkness (Sith Master), Sith Legends (Sith Lord), Dark Lords of the Sith (Sith Lord), Empire-in-exile (Supreme Commander), Beskar Buy'ce (Ge'verd)
  • KNOWN MASTERS: Darth Magnanimous, Darth Rowe
  • KNOWN TEACHERS: Darth Adazca, Darth Chaos, Darth Nyx
  • KNOWN APPRENTICES: Darth Nereza (deceased), Darth Neraj (MIA, presumed dead)
  • PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Variable. It has changed over time. Cause of changes is not known. Present appearance is as follows: 8 foot 2 inches (2.48m), light toned skin, dark greying hair cut in a mohawk, dark greying beard trimmed thin, solid jet black eyes, muscular frame with no visible markings or deformities known, although no proper examination has taken place. Despite previous recorded injury requiring prosthetic limbs, all limbs recorded as natural organics at present time.
  • PERSONALITY TRAITS: Dark, silent, always cold and calculating, scheming and plotting. While greatly understating his abilities and powers, he will also flaunt some applications of the Force in an attempt to misdirect any potential rivals or competition (which he views as everyone) from his true focuses.
  • SKILLS/ABILITIES: Extent of abilities is unknown. All basic powers assumed, all basic combination powers assumed, some advanced powers likely.
  • KNOWN CYBERNTICS: None, although records indicate at one time he had artificial prosthetics, but no note is made regarding the switch from those to natural limbs now.
  • NOTES: The age of Ver'an is unknown, a matter of much speculation. Where he vanishes for such long periods is likewise also a matter of speculation. Despite his known history in the galaxy, he has avoided notoriety mostly by capitalizing on his long absences and by remaining a subdued presence whenever he is active. The changes in his body and Force abilities are as well, a matter of speculation. No longer do many consider Ver'an a man anymore, as indeed, he no longer seems to behave as if one. If this is due to some change in him, some great knowledge he has gained, or growing insanity due to age is unknown. Ver'an is as great a mystery as he chooses to present himself.