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For the Jedi clone of Aenanya Riaxik, see FC-112.
For the original Aenanya Riaxik, see Aenanya Riaxik.

Vashara Vendoss, also known as Darth Vashara, was a Sith clone of Aenanya Riaxik, created by Darth Vendoss in an effort to both have a dark side father daughter relationship and to kill his daughter the original Aenanya Riaxik, who's selfless deeds were causing Darth Vendoss to loose respect in the Sith community. Darth Vashara was later killed by the Jedi in 245 ABY.


Darth Vendoss used a hair folicle from Aenanya's hair brush that was left at the Riaxik family home on Dathomir. Vendoss took the sample to Kamino and had her cloned, the clone appeared to be perfect and did not have Aenanya's emotions and memories; in fact she was the same physically but very different emotionally.

Aenanya and Vashara lookalike

From the moment Vashara stepped out of the cloning tank the room was filled with the dark side emminating from Vashara, Vashara could automaticely sense that Vendoss was weak, because of his love for his daughter. Vashara pretended to devote herself to Vendoss and learned all she could from him, she trained under him for two years until 244 ABY where she was finally given the task to kill Aenanya, after Darth Whitewolf failed to kill her.

Alliance with the Yuuzhan Vong

Vashara first met with Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster of the Vorrik Devlin Vorrik on Roon, and they discussed both their hatereds for the Jedi. Both reluctant to trust each other made a temporary alliance to kill the Jedi on Haruun Kal, and in the end both had plans to kill each other when their task was completed. The agreement was to have the rogue Yuuzhan Vong army led by Thorr to invade Haruun Kal, where Vashara would sit on the sidelines and wait for her oppertune moment to ambush Aenanya Riaxik when she was alone and kill her, however this plan never succeeded as the Yuuzhan Vong were eventually captured and Devlin was killed, only to later be brought back by mysterious Sith alchemists and Master Shapers.


Commander Azemus

Vashara's love affair with Commander Jaiden Azemus began when she first visited the planet Haruun Kal to both stalk and torment her genetic template Aenanya Riaxik as well as send their sister Aeva Neox threatening cryptic messages with the intials D.V. (Darth Vashara); thus causing Aeva to leave the order and go into hiding. During one of those days when Aenanya was chatting in the medbay with Commander Azemus, Vashara stumbled across the two undetected and was instantly infatuated with Commander Jaiden due to his good looks. Vashara then made it her priority to study him further, later luring him into a Sith outpost on Roon, where he became infected with Sith medichlorians allowing him to have force powers; which was her plan to seduce him to the darkside.

Darth Azemus kneeling before Darth Vashara

Vashara later on that night began calling out to Jaiden through force telepathy which eventually almost drove Jaiden to the point of insanity had he not decided to go check it out. Jaiden arrived on the planet Korriban which was surrounded by Yuuzhan Vong soldiers under the leadership of Vashara and Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster Devlin Vorrik, he was then greeted by Vashara who had been expected him. Jaiden asked why she called out to him, Vashara denied calling out to him and that if she did it was her heart doing it because they are soul mates. Jaiden was apaulled by this lie and believed Sith were incapable of love, then he tried to attack her out of rage for making Aenanya enter a coma state. Vashara defeated him and held him by his hair and told him to listen to her and listen good. She then explained to him that each person from the day they are born has a soulmate whether they like it or not and Jaiden is her soulmate. After beating him hard, Jaiden became confused and lost at deciding which path he should take, light or dark.

Azemus and Vashara in the ancient Sith Shrine on Haruun Kal

Vashara used this weakness against him and convinced him to turn his back on the lightside of the force, afterward she dubbed him with the sith title Darth Azemus, thus turning him into a Sith Lord. Darth Azemus, after he was dubbed quickly grabbed Vashara and took her as his lover, but not before she began playing both hot and cold cat and mouse lover games with him. She then gave Azemus his first assignment which was to go to Haruun Kal and resume his duties there acting like nothing had happened, spy for her and wait for further orders. Azemus stayed stationed on Haruun Kal for a few weeks before Vashara summoned him back to Korriban, where he explained to her that the Jedi will arrive on Korriban soon and search the base. Vashara ordered the immediate evacuation of Korriban and warmaster Devlin Vorrik to prepare her ship so that they could move their new base to the ancient sith temple on Haruun Kal. Before leaving Korriban Vashara with the aid of Darth Azemus used force lightning to destroy the base leaving it in ruins, which the Jedi arrived to find it destroyed and deserted. On Haruun Kal the NJO and SOTF ambushed Vashara's gang inside the Sith shrine, after receiving a tip from Anya Khoas despite Vashara's efforts to kill her. Vashara was defeated and taken into custoday where she was then interrogated and revealed nothing but idle threats. Hours after her capture Darth Azemus led a rescue party and broke her out of prison, where the two headed for the medbay and Vashara faced off with her rival Aenanya Riaxik. Aenanya defeated Vashara in combat and Darth Azemus as well, the two quickly got to their feet when she and the Jedi were distracted and escaped back to the Sith Shrine. Azemus inside the shrine as he was giving her a massage promised Vashara, would eventually get her revenge as they plotted they again were ambushed by Jedi Knight Talia and Jedi Master Jron ladyl. Talia ordered the arrests of Vashara and Darth Azemus and begged Azemus to come quietly. Still having feelings for Talia, Azemus promised not to her Talia if she and her master left, when Talia refused, Vashara ordered Azemus to kill Talia. When Azemus hestiated, Vashara used force lightning on him as well as Talia, then battled Talia only to be defeated, and escape, leaving Azemus to fend for himself. Angered by Azemus 's capture and hesitation to kill Talia as well as out of jealousy towards both Talia and Aenanya. Vashara did not send a rescue party for Azemus, thus allowing him to rot in prison, while she further conducted her plan to kill Aenanya. Azemus eventually escaped on his own from prison and returned to Korriban where he encountered an insane Vashara, who went into a state of madness days after she killed her father Vendoss. Azemus tried to convince Vashara that nothing was wrong and that she could be redeemed, Vashara didn't want to hear it and attacked him numerous times mistaking him for one of her helloucinations. In the end Vashara couldn't take any more and collapsed, Azemus used his knowledge of the force to heal Vashara's damaged mind. When Vashara awoke she was partly sane again and went on the run, while being hunted down by the Jedi, Azemus accompanied her as she went on a vicious rampage killing various innocent people on numerous planets. After Vashara was killed for the first time at the Ancient Sith Shrine of Haruun Kal, Azemus's feelings for her slowly began to fade away turning toward Aenanya and he was eventually redeemed by Aenanya. Jaiden would never come face to face with Vashara again, until she was a force ghost, where the two talked and became good friends as she helped him now and again on his trials.

Aenanya Riaxik

Aenanya vs. Vashara

When Vashara came face to face with her genetic host, jealousy and rage filled her and she automatically both hated Aenanya and wanted to kill her.

Vashara uses force lightning against Aenanya

The jealousy came from wanting Vendoss's love, feeling some attachment towards Vendoss, and Vashara knew he could never fully love her since she was only a clone and the real Aenanya was still alive. Vashara failed to kill Aenanya the first time they met, which caused Vashara to become obessed in killing Aenanya.

Vashara kills her father

Later, when Vashara returned to Darth Vendoss's citdel, Vendoss ridiculed her and said she was just a failed copy, since she failed to kill his daughter as well as her DNA was breaking down and she was dying. Even more angry Vashara killed Darth Vendoss using force lightning, but not before telling her that she was hateful, and she could have loved as well as been greater than her sister Aenanya. Vashara took command of his Sith Order, then for the first time ever called herself Darth Vashara and referred to herself as the Dark Lord of the Sith; before made it her order's task to kill Aenanya Riaxik and destroy the NJO.


First Death

Back on Haruun Kal Vashara's Yuuzhan Vong followers informed her that a red Sith Lord Twi'lekk female was out to take over her stronghold and command and wanted to challenge her; Vashara full of rage excepted the challenge and was killed by the Twi'lekk, who threw her in the lava pit. Wanting revenge for her death Azemus traveled to Haruun Kal but was unable to find Vashara's killer and instead encountered Vashara's better half Aenanya, where he was then turned back to the lightside by Aenanya. As Aenanya healed Darth Azemus, who reclaimed his identity as Commander Jaiden Azemus, the two made a startling discovery that Vashara's body had been stolen just hours after an autoposy was performed.


It was later revealed that Devlin Vorrik thought to be dead after his murder and the capture of his army on Bothawaii, was in deed alive and he was the one who stole Vashara's corpse.

Vashara in 244 ABY as a Yuuzhan Vong

Thorr captured Sith alchemists and forced them to use their powers to resurrect Vashara which they successfully did, the only problem was there was so must tissue damage from being thrown into the lava, that starwars:Master Shapers had to turn Vashara into a Yuuzhan Vong, which significantly diminished her force abilities, but Devlin didn't care, he just wanted revenge for leaving him to die. When Vashara awoke, she was immediately put into the embrace of pain, where she was tortured by Devlin for days on end, and instead of making her go insane or more evil it did the opposite effect and made her feel guilty for her past evil deeds.

Final Death & Redemption

Vashara was eventually released from the embrace of pain and was at Devlin's mercy, she pretended to help him, but betrayed him to the NJO in the end and warned them of Devlin's newly conceived invasion plans. Thorr even more angry by her betrayal fatally stabbed Vashara and originally planned to place her into the embrace of pain again, but he was unable to do so or bring her back from the dead again. Vashara died from a stab wound to her lower abdomen which was very painful for her, but she didn't care she believed she deserved to suffer in death for her past sins. After dying Vashara came back as a force ghost assuming her original human form, where she then appeared to various people including her ex-lover Jaiden Azemus and Jedi, where she helped them. Vashara in the end, went by the alias Vashara Aenanya and dedicated herself to continue helping those in need for all eternity, which she continues to do to this day.

Personality and traits

Vashara was cruel, manipulative, calculating, bossy, snobby, cunning, crafty/ sneaky, sexy, seductive and had a dangerous unstablity personality, also resembling madness out of both jealousy of Aenanya and wanting her father's love in return. Her hot tempered personality especially escalated into grief, insanity, panic, fear and bitterness, when she killed Vendoss, as well as when she was told by various people throughout her life; including Darth Vendoss, that she was incapable of love. In an essence behind the character she was best described as the female version of Smallville's Major Zod and the chaotic Goddess Calisto from Xena: Warrior Princess. When Vashara was redeemed she became balanced, responsible, selfless and kind, and her personality greatly began to resemble her genetic template Aenanya Riaxik.



Darth Vashara holding her red bladed Guard Shoto's on Korriban with Darth Azemus

Unlike her genetic template/ sister force user Aenanya Riaxik, Vashara fights with either purple or red bladed Guard Shoto, fights in a vicious style form of Niman/Jar'Kai combat, she has never used another form of fighting or type of lightsaber. Vashara used her shoto's up until her supposed death where they were taken away from her dead corpse by Aenanya Riaxik. Jedi Maris Brood, Sinya, Talia, Jaiden Azemus and a Black Sun member are all known for using Guard Shoto's.

Behind the scenes

The character Vashara was created by the player Aenanya Raixik, whom also plays Chief Jedi Healer Aenanya Riaxik, who shares the same name. Player Anenanya Riaxik created Vashara Vendoss as a way to develop the Jedi Healer's personality into the Star Wars Roleplay Universe as well as create a good Roleplay going with the help of fellow roleplayer Anya Khoas who is best known for her role as Lita Spiritweaver/ Castenage. Only wanting to create a minor roleplay and a fake Sith group Riaxik was given the group the Sith Order, to use and found herself organzing a large SWRP community RP. The RP brought a group of rogue Yuuzhan Vong into the story, after roleplayer Devlin Thorr asked if Vashara could align herself with the Vong for a better story. The three got together and pitched the RP storyline and were the first to roleplay out the story on Friday January 12st, 2011, and since then the roleplay has been successful and gotten more players involved.