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Vashara Riaxik was a genetically engineered Force-sensitive Female Human that was conceived by scientists, who impregnated one of Jedi Master Aenanya Riaxik's clones, using DNA that took from Jedi Master Ram'ser Protogenoi, in an effort to create a force user super soldier/ assassin and sell her on the black market without the client getting caught.


An 11 year old Vashara

Vashara was born in a top secret medical facility located on an astroid from one of Tython's moons and her birth was a violent one. Vashara, was cut from her mother's womb; while, her mother bleed to death. The Aenanya's clone's body was later recovered by the New Jedi Order. Meanwhile, the scientists fled to Saleucami with the toddler Vashara, that was placed into a growth acceleration tank for two hours after her birth. After their arrival on Saleucami, the scientists who were later revealed to be working for a secret Sith faction, set up base in another private facility endorsed by the Sith, to finish conducting their work to make sure Vashara was the perfect Sith assassin/ soldier, for their plans to wipe out rival sith groups and leaders. Once again Vashara underwent multiple experiments and growth acceleration treatments and aged up to ten years old in three months.

The acceleration treatments were stopped due to the planet of Saleucami being destroyed, unknown to Vashara that the treatments had been completed. To Vashara's despair, the scientists took off leaving Vashara to die in the bombing of Saleucami, which would erase all evidence of their being there and the Jedi finding Vashara. However, Vashara was eventually found wondering through the streets of Saleucami half mad, by two Jedi hopefuls that were around the age of 10.The three became best friends and introduced Vashara to Jedi Master Blade Kamala of the DJE, who eventually welcomed Vashara into the DJE. Vashara began her studies and as a Jedi, three weeks later, she quickly aged up to 14 after three weeks of joining the DJE and then continued her training as normal hoping this was just a side effect. Unfortunately this was not a side effect and it was revealed she had nanites in her blood stream that were part of a specific program, that would eventually halt the aging process, once she reached the age of 25.

Becoming Kyanduso Taurus[]

Vashara posing as Kyanduso inside a Star Destroyer

Vashara eventually reached the age of twenty-five and by that point she was able to trace their point of origins back to the abandoned facility the scientists left her at months ago. Vashara searched the wreakage of the site and managed to find old records and security feeds that were careless to have left behind and it was there she learned of her true origins and potential. Horrified Vashara started to have a panic attack and go insane causing her to leave the DJE and go into exile to avoid bringing harm to the Jedi and at the same time cure her insanity. Vashara later fell into a deep coma, during which time her DNA began to change transforming her into a chiss and coding her subconcious mind to seek down Sith factions and their leaders to eventually kill them. When Vashara awoke she took on the dead Chiss padawan Kyanduso Taurus's identity and began seeking out Sith masters that would train her as a Sith.

Meeting Darth Vyrassu[]

Vashara Riaxik: "I wish to be trained in the dark side of the force, I have had much history with it so it doesn't scare me in the slightest. If you train me I will never cease to amaze you and i will proove my worth, if you should have me?"
Darth Vyrassu: "Young Acolyte, I can already tell that your wanting to learn the darkside as you are in the Sith Academy, as for having you as an apprentice i cannot at the moment, it is forbidden to take an acolyte as an apprentice until you have graduated the Sith Academy, but i can send you to someone who will begin your Combat training, she is the best and she will make sure you last long enough to see the war coming in the long distant future."
Vashara Riaxik: "Oh trust me old man, I will survive even if i have to claw my way through the ranks of this academy, you can be sure of that."
― Vashara Riaxik (as Kyanduso Taurus) to Darth Vyrassu


Two months later after her public appearance, Vashara posing as Kyanduso, travelled to Eclipse (twin planet of Dromund Kaas), where she learned of an ancient Sith order, Order of the Jen'ari, within The Dark Government that was training dark jedi. There Kyanduso met Darth Vyrassu and asked for him to train her, he however rejected the idea of training her as it went against the Sith doctrine to train an Acolyte who had not graduated from the academy. Impatient and overconfident Kyanduso began to boast and insulted both him and another one of the instructors Uni, which caused Kyanduso get get shocked with Vyrassu's force lightning until she bowed before him and leanred her place. Shortly after, Kyanduso was give a mission by uni which was to prove she can fight by beating up a Jedi Padawan from one of the various Jedi orders. Later that night Kyanduso traveled to a planet and captured Arya Snow, the daughter of grandmaster Lexi of the JJO, then she took her back to the planet Eclipse where she tortured her after Uni disapproved of her capture. Outraged Kyanduso broke Arya's skull in, nearly killing her. Fortunately a Jedi arrived, battled Kyanduso (who fled vowing to capture Anya again), and rescued Arya, Kyanduso travelled back to Eclipse where she was publicly laughed at by her fellow classmates and told she was a disgrace by her mentors which fueled Kyanduso's hostilities towards Jedi even more and set her to devote herself fully to darkness for her revenge.

Exile/Sith Apprentice[]

Although Vashara prooved herself worthy by completing her tasks and became a Sith aprentice, it did not last long, the nanintes that were programmed into Vashara's body began to die causing Vashara to revert back to her original human form and turned her back to her regular sane self. Fearing she would be caught for her treachery, Vashara ran off to a remote location away from the Order of the Jen'ari and where she now remains in exile, and so far they haven't found her.


Vashara was created using both organic & technological gentic manipulation; and as soon as she was born, Vashara was injected with nanites that could be activated by someone in a remote location using a switch. As to whom the person was, who activated the nanites, causing Vashara to enter a coma, turn into a chiss and go insane remains a mystery. What is certain is the nanites were programmed to kill Vashara once her tasks to assassinate all the leaders of rival Sith groups was up, and it is also unknown if this is a malfunction, the nanites going dormant and waiting for the perfect time to activate again or the activator having a change of heart and does not want to go through with the assasination attempts.

Personality and traits[]

As her normal self Vashara is kind, esay going, friendly, flexible, obident, selfless, and wears light colored clothing with brown hair. As a Sith/ darksider Vashara is cold, cunning, greedy, ambitious, often times wreakless, foolish, an idiot, selfish, bullying and wears either black leathered clothing with black boots or bikini's with a belt, and matching pieces of armor, all with dyed jet black hair.

Powers and abilities[]

It is unknown what Vashara's lightsaber fighting style is, due to her never being in a real battle, so farshe has only been seen dueling with her mother's two sabers donned with a red (sith traditional crystal) and used various fighting styles. Apparently when Aenanya was captured she had her sabers on her that were later removed by guards and placed in storage. Somehow after there were brought to Saleucami, young Vashara got hold of them when the scientists abondoned the facility, and she has used them ever since. Because, Vashara is a force sensitive and was gentically manipulated, she inherited a heightened sense of sound, movement, thought, sight, forsight, cognitve skills, levitation and was able to sense something or someone faster than any normal force senitive; however there was also a weakness, she was less prone the darkside and had trouble distinguishing darksiders to lightsiders auras (meaning she someonetimes couldn't tell a darksider from a lightsider, especially if they hid their auras), and she is very sensitve to bright lights, if she is around bright light for long periods of time it results in migraines.