Valermit Mindseer's warblade was Valermit's first combat-worthy weapon.  He crafted it during his coming-of-age trials and, extremely unusually for a mere youngling, he fully attuned its kendar crystals both to himself and to the weapon, thus guaranteeing that only he can use it as anything more than a basic sword.

Valermit later intentionally destroyed his warblade in the throne room of the Sith Citadel on Byss as a symbol of his breaking the chains of his past: the weapon itself was consumed in a flash of simultaneous light and darkness, and the kendar crystals embedded in it emitted a kendar pulse shortly after the weapon's destruction, dumping several months'-worth of Force energy in a single moment. Valermit survived the test which his Mistress set him without the aid of his warblade, though he did lose consciousness briefly.


Members of the Sith species crafted warblades as early as the rein of Sith'ari Adas.  It was not until some time during Vitiate's reconstituted Sith Empire that the Sith Order started using lightsabers; in what (relatively) few confrontations there were between Jedi and Sith before that, the Sith used warblades treated with Sith alchemy to make them not only impervious to lightsabers and blaster fire, but also to imbue them with the power of the Force.

The warblades of the Enclave of the Pureblooded Sith Sorcerers draw on this ancient tradition, though not all Enclave warblades are treated with Sith alchemy - many members of the Enclave temporarily imbue their warblades with the power of the Force to achieve a somewhat comparable effect.  However, the real power of alchemically treated warblades lies neither in their ability to combat lightsabers nor in their ability to cleave through most armor when wielded by a strong individual, but in their ability to absorb Force attacks and essentially charge the sword, permitting the wielder to unleash a devestating burst of Force lightning upon even a glancing blow.  Add the Force-storing properties of the kendar crystals, and the result is a Sith walking around with a kind of Force battery. The crafting of a warblade in the Enclave of the Pureblooded Sith Sorcerers can be compared to a Jedi or Sith creating their first lightsaber.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Sith warblades could deflect lightsabers and absorb blaster fire just like lightsabers did.
  • Valermit's alchemically-treated warblade could absorb almost any type of Force or energy-based attack, though he could only channel the Force energy reliably.
  • Once the kendar crystals within the pommel and around the base of the blade have attained sufficient charge, the wielder has the option of releasing a localized kendar pulse, shorting out all nearby electronics and, if the wielder channels and controls it properly, also disabling most energy-based weapons and shields.  In addition, a carefully-controlled kendar pulse event will envelop one or more targets in total darkness, leaving them unable to see and feeling like they are suffocating.  Prolonged exposure can lead to permanent disability or even death.  Kendar pulse events cannot be deliberately triggered by wielders other than the weapon's owner.
  • As shown in Valermit's first battlefield experience, a warblade could be charged before a battle (in that case by submerging it in lava for a time), thus giving its wielder a temporary boost to their Force power pool and a lesser boost to their ability to wield and control Force powers.  Valermit used this especially to create realistic illusions and to convince a more experienced opponent that he was on fire.
  • The kendar crystal-powered vibro-edge on Valermit's warblade was unusual in the Enclave, and he was only the second person to add a vibro-edge to their warblade when they originally crafted it during their coming-of-age trials.  The vibro-edge allowed a significant boost in cutting ability at the cost of higher and more frequent maintenance requirements than were normally associated with vibroweapons.  Since the vibro-edge on Valermit's warblade was powered by the kendar crystals, which were fully attuned to him, it could not be activated by any other user without Valermit partially attuning the weapon to that specific individual.
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