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Ambassador Jarnis, born on the Imperial planet of Eriadu named Valen T. Jarnis.

He came into the services of the Empire as an Imperial Knight Apprentice. He served in the Knights from age 17 through to 29, recognised for his Diplomatic tactics and ideals in a variety of situations over the years had gained him the title among friends of “The Negotiator” (His second saber was made his namesake in that respect).

He was offered the post of Ambassador to Tatooine and planets within the Concord of Falleen, before which he had been assigned to the planet Fresia for some years owing to the death of the original Ambassador who held the post for over 30 years. Jarnis was fond of this new life he lead, it gave him more opportunities to aid the Empire other than striking down its enemies. Even though he has left violence behind him in hope of more peaceful resolutions he will still fight when pushed to it. During his time on Fresia it was often rumoured that he would adorn his Knight Armour and wander the cities with his face covered, getting away from the duties of his office for awhile and soaking in the atmosphere he would never have encountered in his official clothing and role, some say he continued this practice on Bastion upon his return between assignments. Although, no one can truly prove such a thing.

Valen has served in the systems under the Concord of Falleen for sometime now, operating directly from his offices in the west side of Mos Eisley City he is able to remain in close contact with the nearby temporary Garrison and various other public representatives who made the move into the less crowded area of the city. Jarnis, however, was unable to fully shift away from the "old town" (East side). He enjoyed the bustle and general life that the area played host to and so every evening Valen made the journey to his home from the Embassy.

A number of attempts have been made on the Ambassador's life since he took office, dispite his obvious attempts to improve the situation in town and actively upholding the Imperial policy of supporting the local economy and rebuilding the war ravaged world...