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Valara Drayen-Kira, also known as Darth Malice, is a human female born of two Sith Disciples on Dromund Kass. She led a difficult life, leading her down the path of the dark side at an early age to follow in her parents footsteps. Upon discovering her royal heritage in her young adulthood, she laid claim to the throne of Onderon and rules the planet as the current Queen, though no one but herself knowsof the darkness that lies within her soul.


Family History

Valara is a direct descendant of Freedon Nadd, who was the original Monarch of Onderon and once Dark Lord of the Sith. During the Galactic Civil War, Onderon was the site of the most important Imperial military ordnance center in the sector, near Iziz. The Rebel Alliance destroyed it in 2 ABY, motivating the royal family to hide their children on a space shuttle and send them away so they would be safer. Valara's mother, Ahara Kira, was born of these children, and was thought to be the last living descendant of the Kira Family. She grew up suffering the more harsh planets, and as she did she realized she had a special gift. She travelled to Dromuun Kaas in hopes of becoming an acolyte there to use her special talents. There she met Malaphus Drayen, who was to be her instructor in the ways of the Dark Side. Malaphus was from Naboo, and had been recruited by the Sith once his force power was discovered, and sent to Dromund Kaas. Malaphus and Ahara fell in love and concieved a child soon after meeting. However, when Valara was just three years old, Malaphus killed Ahara, out of fear they're relationship would be discovered by the Dark Council and his position stripped. Valara had followed her parents out to a dark forest, and witnessed the entire thing.

Early Life

Valara was angry at her father. The constant anger seething within her turned to hatred. Her father wanted little to do with her, so she found herself in the streets of Kaas City more often than not while her father was at the Dark Temple, scrounging around for food. By the time she was 14 years old she was growing increasingly powerful, committing more crimes, and drawing greater attention from the authorities each day. There was a small part of her father still attached to Ahara, and he could not bring himself to kill Valara, however the risk of his child being discovered by the Dark Council grew more each day, so he sent her off to Naboo, claiming it was so she could receive an "education".

Upon her arrival at Naboo she was sent to the palace to work as a cleaning servant in the Queen's chamber. The Queen, who was young and fascinated with life outside the palace walls, soon took a great liking to Valara and was intrigued by the stories she would tell. She made Valara one of her handmaidens, and had her trained in palace ettiquette, combat, and piloting small starships.

Life as a Pilot


Valara soon became the best pilot on Naboo, so the Queen decided to push her further and see how she would do if trained in space combat. Valara excelled at this even further, though several accidents were involved at the Academy she trained in, involving several other pilots being killed while doing practice runs with Valara. Being a handmaiden to the Queen however, these incidents were dismissed as mere accidents and not investigated further. By the time she was 23, she was the best starfighter pilot in the Chommell Sector, and would escort the Queen in a small cruiser whenever she left the planet. Her hatred for her father never subsided however, and she felt as if she should be doing something more. She was approached by Mika the Hutt while visiting Nar Shadda, who wanted to hire her to run a special kind of spice, known as Tempest. The pay was unfathomable, so she wrote a letter to the Queen of Naboo, announcing her resignation, and employed herself to Mika the Hutt on Nar Shadda. She did this for about a year, making enough money to buy herself a small planet. She was doing a spice run to a corporation on Korriban when her atmospheric stabalizers on her ship went out as she was entering. The atmosphere ripped and tore at her ship as she descended, causing her to crash on the planet's surface.


Valara regained consciousness in the tomb of Marka Ragnos, with two dark figures crowding next to her. She could remember nothing of who she was. The hooded figures next to her claimed to be Sith, and members of a cult known as the Disciples of Ragnos. They told her they had dragged her from a ship and treated her wounds. However, many pieces of scrap metal had punctured her lungs. So much so that the medical personnel who had worked on her gave her a choice. It was either cut her lungs out and put an iron one in its place, making her unable to do space travel ever again, or to forever wear a respirator when placed in situations where her body's breathing would be heightened. Space travel was her life, so she chose the latter. The two who had rescued her seemed like a couple of idiots to her at the time, but she kept quiet until she knew more about herself and the planet she was on. Once they had left to go about their business, she sat up, slowly, though painfully with three of her ribs broken, and discovered it was hard to breathe. She noticed another figure standing in the dark shadows of the tomb. As the figure emerged into the light, he revealed himself to be a dark skinned species that was unrecognizable to Valara. He turned to leave but she stopped him, and asked him dozens of questions which would eventually lead to him taking her on as an apprentice. Valara returned to her ship, checking the log and other sources and regaining her memory. She retrieved her astro droid, weapons, and a few datapads. She studied her Master's tutelage for many months, visiting various tombs and listening to his mad ramblings about the ancient Lords. He granted her a new name, the name of Malice. After some time she grew tired of his dismissal of any Sith Lord after King Adas, and decided she could learn no more from him. She planned for months on a way to get rid of him, and at long last thought of a ruse that might result in his demise. She discovered the Valley of Golg, hidden by the sands of Korriban long ago. She knew this would intrigue her Master, since only the Valley of the Dark Lords had been the focal point of knowledge on Korriban for many thousands of years. She had sensed a presence in one of the tombs, and she lead her Master there, claiming it was thought to be the resting place of King Adas himself. Truthfully she did not know whose tomb it was, nor did she care. Her Master unlocked the presence of one of the Lords buried there, and the Lord killed him instantly, taking posession of his body. Malice departed the tomb hurridly, having no desire to remain now that she was free of her Master's idiocies.

Death of Malaphus

Malice on Korriban

She obtained a new vessel from a group of traders visiting the planet, an old but still functioning Imperial Shuttle. She set course for Dromuun Kaas, deciding to pay a visit to her dear old father, and learn as much as she could about the Dark Temple there. Upon arrival she found her father, in his foolery, welcomed her there. She played along, telling him all about what she had been doing over the passed few months. He seemed most pleased she had decided to follow in her parents footsteps, in becoming a Sith, and offered to instruct her in what he knew. She agreed, and that night cooked him a meal she had learned in her time at the palace in Naboo, thinking her father would like a taste of his homeworld. Later that night he died a slow, agonizing death from the poison she had put into it. Malice relished his screams all night long, but in the morning she found her hatred was not sated. Though now with no one to direct it at, it ran rampant in her mind, causing her to descend into madness. She went to the Dark Temple the next morning, claiming she was the daughter of Malaphus, and she had slain him for crimes against the Dark Council. The Council approved, and allowed her to train with them, eventually granting her the title of Darth. Once she had learned all she felt she could from the Dark Temple, she made plans to depart Dromund Kaas, hearing of another place filled with knowledge of the dark side. Before she left, she found a holocron among her father's things. It lit up the moment she placed her ungloved hand upon its surface and the image of her father shimmered into view just above the pyramid's peak:

"My daughter, you have done well in your training. Killing your own father was an achievement any Sith should be proud of. I'm sure you harbored hatred for me ever since you witnessed me kill your mother all those years ago. Yes child, I knew you were standing there. I knew you were watching. The seed of hatred I planted in you is what made you who you are today, an aspiring powerful Sith Lord. Knowing that, I would like you to allow me to continue your instructions of what I know, through this holocron. Your first lesson, being your heritage. You are the descendent of Freedon Nadd, your mother was Ahara Kira, heir to the throne of Onderon. That duty, now falls to you, should you chose to accept it. Currently Onderon is ruled by a Jedi order, soil that was once so heavily infused with the dark side is now tainted by their light and order. You will find you will gain much power if you seek out the tomb of Freedon Nadd upon Dxun, then go to Onderon and reclaim your rightful place as Queen."

— Malaphus Drayen

Trayus Academy

Malice pondered on this for a few months. She decided to first visit the Trayus Academy on Malachor V, and learn its secrets. Secrets she found aplenty, even found the remains of the once great Darth Traya lying at the bottom of Trayus Core. She unlocked the secrets from the Academy itself, gaining access to the vast library held therein. She found the Academy mostly deserted, leaving her to study without interruptions other than the occasional shaking of the planet's unstable surface. There were several holocrons she found on pedestals upon the Library floor, but none that seemed of any interest to her. She read the entire history of the Sith legacy in that library, until knowledge filled her head to bursting. She was now even more fascinated by the dark side than before, and committed herself to serve it fully.

Once she had gained all the knowledge she could have hoped to gain on Malachor V, she decided she was ready to go to Dxun.

The Tomb of Freedon Nadd

Malice managed to shield herself in the Force and avoid detection by the Mandalorian encampment on Dxun and make her way through the jungles to the tomb. The animals there were wild and in abundance, also dangerous. Many remains were all that was left of some once Malice had passed however, and she reached the tomb of Freedon Nadd on the following day. A single road led to a circular bastion replete with spiked and cannon-equipped emplacements to repel treasure-seekers and plunderers alike, all surrounded by a deep trench. The avenue branched off in either direction once passed the fortification's threshold, but the primary thoroughfare continued just past enormous braziers with fires blazing at the foot of the tomb, and ended at a long staircase situated between ramparts on either side led to the temple's entrance. At the summit of the stairs was a long avenue lined with four statues, two on either side, of sword-armed beings whose weapons were extended outward but pointed down. A pair of monoliths the height of the tomb's main structure protruded upward on both sides of the building, with another set of smaller plinths flanking the entrance. The dark side power that emanated from the tomb warped the structure of the building over time; merely two years after its construction, iron outcroppings had jutted upward near the entrance, and subsequent centuries of malevolent infusion dimpled the walls of the tomb so that it eventually became more pyramidal, yet asymmetrical, in appearance. Even the monoliths had been drawn in close to the building, their prominent and upright erection reduced to curved parallels of the temple's shape. Malice stood at the door, wondering how she was going to get it open. Surprisingly, the door opened by itself to let her in. The interior of Freedon Nadd's tomb opened to a small, low-ceiling antechamber, with passages that branched off in three separate directions. In the main chamber, amongst a menagerie of Sith treasure and artifacts, were the sarcophagi of Onderon's dark side elite: King Ommin and Queen Amanoa. Malice ignored these, and continued on to the tunnel's end. There was the heart of the tomb, where a small chamber was barred by a tight-fitting, meter-wide slab of ebony stone. Behind the black door was a circular room about five meters in height and diameter, with a stone pedestal in the exact center, on top of which sat the holocron of Freedon Nadd. Malice picked it up, and stuffed it in in the black velvet sack she had brought with her, destroying the parasites that littered the room with a blast of force lightning. She continued on to an adjacent room where single torch-bearing statue was situated on either side of a raised altar that also housed Freedon Nadd's sarcophagus. Three additional torches were set directly in front, behind which was a long rectangular pool of water. Atop the mausoleum was a massive platformed statue of Freedon Nadd, and within were the Dark Lord's remains, and his personal lightsaber.

Malice approached the platformed statue cautiously. At the base of the statue was a small hole in the stone, very deep, as if it were a compartment. She slipped her hand into the oriface, slowly, but soon screamed in agony as her hand recoiled in pain, feeling as if it had been thrown into molton carbonite. She jerked it back out of the oriface quickly, discovering all the skin and blood that had once been there was now stripped away to exposed muscle. Clutching it to her in blinding pain she stumbled backward a couple steps, but discovered it was not the pain causing her to reel backward, but the ground was shaking. Out of the giant statue appeared the spectre of Freedon Nadd himself.

Malice: "How is this possible, your spirit was killed by the Jedi..."
Freedon Nadd: "It requires someone of my bloodline to sacrifice flesh in order for my spirit to return, for the spirit can never truly die."
Malice: "My Lord, I am your descendant, I have sacrificed my flesh so that you might assist me in retaking the throne of Onderon."
Freedon Nadd: "My descendant..."
Freedon Nadd: "Have you come to destroy the Sith legacy as some of your ancestors once did, or embrace it?!"
Malice: "I have come to embrace it my Lord. I wish to bring Onderon back under the power of the dark side, but I am not sure how to avoid detection by the Jedi Order who now rule it."
Freedon Nadd: "The dark side is strong within you, it runs thick in your veins. Which one of your parents was my descendant?"
Malice: "My mother, my Lord."
Freedon Nadd: "Ah, and whom my dear is your father?"
Malice: "A Sith Lord on Dromund Kaas by the name of Malaphus Drayen."
― Freedon Nadd informs Malice of her ancestry

Once he had spoken these final words, his spectre disappeared, and Malice was once again alone in the Tomb, unsure whether or not the intense pain of her melted flesh had caused her to hallucinate the entire thing.

Claiming the Throne

Queen Valara and her handmaiden, Jade

Not fully knowing what to expect in arriving on Onderon and announcing the heir to the throne had returned, she decided to be a bit subtle about it. She spent much time on the planet, learning it was now controlled by a Jedi order who kept the peace among the populace and handled certain governing affairs. She decided it would be best to approach them first. She befriended many of the Order, and finally revealed her bloodline. Wary of a hoax, a grey jedi insisted a sample of her blood be taken. Agreeing quite readily to their request, Valara gave her blood over to the Order, where it was then tested, and proved to be the same genetic sequence as the Nadd royal bloodline of Onderon. Her coronation took place the following week's end. Nadd's amulet worked, as promised, and the Order had no idea of her strong affiliation with the Dark Side of the Force. Not even their strongest Jedi Master sensed any Force ability in Valara whatsoever. And so it seemed that the alchemy of the ancient Sith Lord proved just as potent thousands of years later, and as long as she wore that amulet, NO Force user could detect she had any skill in it's use, may it be dark or light.

The Iron Fist

Immediately unhappy with the progress of the city structures, or lack thereof, over the years in the Monarchy's absence, Queen Valara immediately ordered everything be torn down and a massive reconstruction to be put underway. Bringing back the style of architecture used in the time of her ancestors, but modernizing the materials used so it would be more functional for defense of the present. The Jedi at first, protested, but in using her skills in manipulation she presuaded them to go along with her wishes, saying it was more defensible against outsiders attacks. Her true purpose in such a drastic change was to once again uncover the underground caverns that lay beneath the palace, preparing it once again as a resting place for the Tomb of Freedon Nadd. As the planet was torn asunder, and its civilians evacuated to safer planets to avoid the beasts of the jungle, she herself decided to visit one last planet she had yet to seek knowledge from.


Malice carving the name into Lord Teivel

She readied her ship, bringing her loyal handmaidens with her as her only crew, not trusting any civilians of her planet for such a journey. She had coordinates set for a planet she had heard whispers of on Korriban, and was known throughout the galaxy as the home of the Sith Empire, Byss. Upon landing on the planet, she came upon a man in dark robes who appeared several years her senior. He introduced himself as Darth Aran, and asked her what she was doing there. Still in her Queenly regalia, she must have seemed quite out of place in the lava filled environment. She introduced herself properly, and expressed her desire to join the Empire as a sith. After numerous meetings and a series of several questions in the rigorous application process, she was accepted into the Order known as the Dark Lords of the Sith as an Initiate. Upon a series of tests to prove her worth to the Empire, she was soon named a Disciple and taken on as the apprentice of Darth Aran himself. He trained her rigorously in the ways of the Sith, but her prior training on other worlds gave her an advantage in the tasks she was given. However she learned much she had never learned before, and strove to become the star pupil of the Byss Empire, hoping one day to become a prophet and eventually a Sorceress to follow in the steps of her ancestor. Before departing Byss she was approached by a Sith Lord known as Lord Teivel while she was wandering about the Sorcery chamber. After a lengthy conversation, he swore fealty to her as the Duke of Onderon. To prove his loyalty to her, he had to endure her test of pain, carving his name into his stomach in the ancient sith language with her lightsaber. The newly initiated Duke of Onderon returned with her to home planet, taking on his duties accordingly.

Return to Onderon

Queen Valara on the new Onderon

Upon her newfound relations with the Byss Empire, the sith known as Malice returned to her persona as Queen Valara and came back to Onderon, newly reconstructed. Though stronger in her dark knowledge, she still kept the ever present amulet close at hand, and the Jedi were none the wiser. The reconstruction of the planet was going rather well, she had even ordered the jungle that had receded farther in the years, regrown to be just outside the walls of the city. She had yet to regain the sarcophagus of Freedon Nadd from Dxun, but it was far from off her agenda. The new palace was exquisite, with many more rooms and winding staircases, hidden chambers, meetings rooms, and a barracks for the palace guard. The rest of Onderon was still a work in progress, but she was satisfied for the time being. Her next focus would be rebuilding the Onderon economy, for while she was in fact Sith, it was her greatest desire to see her planet thrive under her power. It's citizens, those who did not cross her, would be well taken care of, and Onderon would prosper as it never had before. So many times had the Republic used the resources of Onderon and left its people suffering. She vowed not to let that happen as long as she sat upon the throne, however, she had every intent on rejoining the Republic, after having fallen by the wayside in recent years.


Her tasks in becoming a Sith Lord in the Byss Empire were drawing to a close. Darth Aran was running out of tasks to give her and she found herself spending most of her time in the Byss Archives. One evening on one of her nightly study sessions she came into the archive to find the Dark Lord of Dark Lords sitting at one of the terminals, Darth Mortis. Shocked to see one such as he in one of her favorite spots, she moved quietly to one of the library aisles as to not disturb the Dark Lord, but he had detected her regardless. Unsure of what to say to such a man with such power, she suddenly blurted a bit of intel she had learned on one of the Empire's enemy groups, saying she had grown close to their leader. Dark Lord Mortis seemed interested in what she had to say, and demanded she tell him more. Soon she found herself on a mission, one to infiltrate the Jen'ari and bring their plans against the Byss Empire to ruin. After weeks of gathering information on their plans and transmitting them personally to Darth Mortis, he instructed her to accept their leader's proposal of marriage to her, and her assignment would on that day come to an end. On the day of her would be wedding, she betrayed the leader of the Jen'ari, revealing her allegiance to the only true Empire, and taking her place at Dark Lord Mortis' side. He later told her that Darth Aran had departed the Empire on a long journey, and that he himself would now train her as his new apprentice. Malice's jaw nearly hit the deck when he told her, for she knew as everyone else did that he had never taken an apprentice. Dark Lord Mortis trained her in many ways of the Dark Side, but soon faded out in his travels across the Galaxy. He returned to see her promoted from Disciple to Sith Lord, but then vanished and has not been seen since. It was then that Darth Infestus called the now Lady Malice to the Temple of Prophets in Dromuund Kaas. There he informed her that he would be training her as his new apprentice.

The Mask

The Mask

Eventually, the fragments of metal that had pierced Lady Malice's lungs had become a detriment to her fighting ability. She hated having to rely upon a respirator to conduct any sort of physical activity, and she could not wear such a bulky device while in her royal gowns as the Queen of Onderon. Flexible lungs made primarily of carbonite were forged for her, and replaced her organic lungs. Despite now having the freedom to breathe no matter what situation she was in, Malice now had the problem of needing to hide her face as a Sith Lord so that no one would be able to recognize her in her alternate personas as both Queen of Onderon and member of Dark Lords of the Sith. She slaughtered a Terentatek and carved a mask from the bone. She used it's blood as a warpaint, fusing it to the bone while preserving the color with a mild alchemy ritual. The mask fuses itself to her face when she wears it, the residual spirit of the Terentatek still trying to suck the Force from her, though instead only succeeds in keeping the mask from falling off her face.

Personality and Traits

Lady Malice

As a child, Valara spent most of her days living in fear on the streets of Dromund Kaas. In her teenage years, she was filled with anger and hatred of her father. These feelings continued to her young adult life, and after her father was slain and she no longer had something to focus the hatred on, her mind slowly slipped into a chaotic madness. She is intelligent on the genuis level, her madness rarely detected unless she allows it to be. The scars on her right eye are from when she was beaten on the streets as a child, bursted blood vessels that never fully healed. Other than these she is quite strikingly beautiful, with tattoos on her face symbolic of her father's Naboo heritage. She can be very cruel when she lets her desires loose, but her upbringing by the Queen of Naboo has instilled a sense of royal etiquette and diplomacy within her, giving her a dangerously cunning edge. She is most often seen in the gowns befitting her station, except when on personal missions, in which case she leaves a decoy in her place and dresses inconspicuously, or in the dark armor of a Sith Lord. She carries herself very much as royalty would, with grace and beauty.

Powers and Abilities

With the amulet she wears (which to all others, appears as an ordinary necklace), her dark presence is not felt by others who may be sensitive to such things. She is extremely intelligent in the ways of the force, preferring Sith Sorcery to that of a lightsaber, though her skills are moderate in that field as well. Among her favorites are the Force Choke and Lightning, otherwise her abilities are the mark of a Sith Lord.


Four lightsabers. One single, one double-bladed, two smaller for dual wielding, all red crystal. Occasionally wears a respirator to aide her breathing she never fully recovered from the crash on Korriban. She owns two small blaster pistols, an astro droid, a land speeder, one racing pod, one HS Lambda Shuttle, one tie fighter, and one large, black star destroyer class ship.

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