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I have yet one year and so late time to write Salene character bio. I have started to catch it back a bit, fictionalizing the sim move.

The first Zonama Sekot build, shortly before the group leaves

The former Zonama Sekot sim was built in August 2007 in the Second Life mainland sim called "Che Che". It was entirely paid and managed by Linkin Tomsen. On the very early time is was on an unknown planet looking vaguely like Yavin 4, then it was decided to be Zonama Sekot. This partly explained the odd buildings we found on that place (a huge "stone" cube, a couple of "metal" pyramids...), vaguely aligned. I spent a lot of time to realign them, changing the prims, build a decent library, but the first layout would have been very long to change.

Another oddness was the land itself. On the mainland the parcels have neighbours, sometimes they're nice guys but sometimes they're real nuisances. We had:

  • a night club shouting invitation across the sim
  • malls with a lot of textures
  • a texture shop
  • an avatar camping spot (plenty of people to render)

Plus tourists crossing the parcel border despite the walls and disrupting the RP.

I suggested Linkin we move to an Openspace sim (now called Homestead). They had a bit less of prims, but much larger and with much less neighbours with a similar fees. For he didn't had anything to pay more, I proposed to pay the sim itself (serveral months of fee). We missed the cheapest opportunities and JXM Voom, friend of a member proposed to add the extra. The next week, we bough the sim called "Pleased", and opened it, partly build, early december 2007.