Zonama Sekot Sandbox

The new sandbox and a lazy avatar hanging out

On Second Life, sandboxes are places dedicated for building things. They keep the items a time long enough for people can build and have rules accepting the unfinished object. On many SWRP sim, the object return time is few minutes only, to prevent lettering from griefers or newcomers. On Zonama Sekot, it's one hour, leaving the opportunity to leave some objects for RP, but of course, people are not allowed to start building SL items in the middle of the RP area.

As we have some free prims, we keep for events, and a long return time, people are allowed to build there things, and we have a place of that at the ground floor but aside of the the RP area. It was formerly wood docks placed on the NE corner, because the neighbourhood we had at the beginning made this place unsuitable for an RP area. Now, I'll need this place soon, then build another one on SE. This new place is 40m long but 8 prims only.