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Zonama Sekot story telling

To inaugurate the new tiny island sandbox, previously blogged, and for the second anniversary of the Potentium followers group, we organised a in character story telling event, around a fire on this island.

Salene started talking about the event related of the power struggle within the mandalorians clan, Cobalt continued with the Nelvaanian story during the Clone Wars and Flint was ending telling his first encounter with a Sith, while Lanya was playing her alluta. Cayce came at the end with her family and told us an event of the mandalorian mythology.

Zonama Sekot new SW corner

As people liked this firecamp, but the island was designed for another usage, I guided them to the small fire I made when building the sim near the SE corner. I was an isolated place with a bonfire and few logs, we hadn't much prim at this time and it was nice to have a place far from the crowd time to time. However, it's less good as the small sand island, and as the SW corner hadn't any build except this small camp, I decided to improve the place, adding trees, cave, sand, waves, stones, sounds... It's still isolated and can be used for private matters. I hope people will like it.