Zonama Sekot Old Library outside

Outside of the old library

Zonama Sekot Old Library inside

Inside of the old library

Libraries are essential buildings for any "religious" order like the Potentium, but also the Jedi and the Sith. Zonama Sekot's library was the first build made on the new island. It was large enough for having our holobook shelves and was used as meeting room.

It was build sparing the prims; I didn't knew how to build as well as now, and we didn't had as much prim as we had. Also it's still possible to improve a building afterward. But... the building itself never changed almost two years after, it was just retextured. It also on chat range with the med bay below, and I found it unsuitable for its usage, too square for a planet like Zonama Sekot. So, the next target of Hanumi's Chaos Bringer was designed.

Zonama Sekot Old Library ruins

Ruins of the old library

The Chaos Bringer hijacked a meteor to the planet and more specifically our island. The meteor was pushed away and destoyer by the Force Users and the Mandalorians fire powers, however, one of the part fell on the library leaving it ruined.

They were few loss during this event and the Library was unusable and had to be moved... in a better building. So disappeared one of the oldest build of SWRP of this time, the older ones being on Ossus.