Zonama Sekot old memorial ceremony

The ceremony at the old memorial

Zonama Sekot has a memorial area, which is used to for characters have a place to remember the missing ones, either because the character is dead permanently, either because of the player has left SWRP or Second Life, with or without telling. It's not possible to keep an object on the sim for each one, so this place is shared and dedicated to everyone, to everyone's use.

The old area was built in a then unused place between the space port and the now new library. A small monument was erected. It wasn't very used because a bit isolated.

Zonama Sekot new memorial ceremony

The ceremony at the new memorial

On the other hand, we had free place over the med bay after the old library has been blasted. Also to remember of the old library, I left few ruined walls. This place would be a perfect place for a new memorial after more landscaping. It would have been nonsense of just decreeing the place has moved.

We organized, in character, a walk between the two monuments, with people being free to speak about their souvenirs. My speech recalled to the audience this place was for everyone's souvenirs but other people told more personal, stories. This was a moving ceremony, even with the presence of a troublemaker...