Zonama Sekot's sim has half of it's surface covered by water. The island has the form of a U and has many rivers. To increase the connectivity, then the deepness of the sim, many bridges are cast over the water. However all this bridges are mostly different, and try to stay Star Wars and Zonama Sekot's compatible. Here they are, chronologically sorted.

Zonama Sekot's small island bridge

Small Island Bridge

The first bridge was made to join the big island with a tiny one at a tip, near the current jungle area. It was a stone bridge, built in the first days. The small island had no defined role, but it was isolated enough for being used as a small training area. Now the bridge is left, broken and all remain the rock, which can be used to cross the river made by the swamps.

Zonama Sekot's below the waterfall bridge

Wood bridge below the waterfal

The second bridge was build later, when I was preparing a waterfall to replace the very prim consuming Linkin installed. Water had to go from the ground to the lake but the water couldn't stop the people and they couldn't wet their feet. So a small and simple flat bridge joins the two banks of the very short river.

Zonama Sekot's great rope bridge

Great Rope bridge

As the island has a form of U, people had sometimes to go from one tip to the other. The first idea I had is to install boats, but I didn't had good Star Wars boats, also they need to click several times to use them while flying is so easy. Flying is prohibited on Star Wars sims but this is tolerated if they have a good reason like a jetpack. So some people wore permanent jetpack with infinite charge, had wings growing, rezzed ships, just for not walk 30 seconds more. This was disturbing for the other and frustrating to make the police, so I build a 40m long bridge joining the two tips of the U and the flies were greatly reduced, plus this was a great place for duelling. Even more fun since the bridge is swaying.

Zonama Sekot's garden's waterfall bridge

Garden's waterfall bridge

Developing the sim, I added a garden bellow the library, the garden had a small lake, but the water of the small lake needed to flow somewhere, to the great lake. It was by a waterfall, and I had to connect again two banks, so I built a round bridge with red woods, a rail and vines. It would be a romantic place if it wouldn't be near the middle of the sim.

Zonama Sekot's dojo bridge

Dojo bridge

Building a new low prim, low lag dojo, I installed a large river and an island near the centre. The goal was to build a natural ring to traning people to fight in a limited area. The small island was connected to the bank by a simple wood bridge.

Zonama Sekot's village bridge

Village bridge

The village is the housing area, people can rent a house to support the sim fees or or host their own group. It's not just houses threw randomly, each one is specific and the background is specially designed. It's traversed by a river, cutting it in two parts. The river is crossed by a big rock bridge.

Zonama Sekot's mainland jungle bridge

Mainland Entrance bridges

Zonama Sekot has two entrance spots, one by the spaceport, one by the mainland, the mainland arrival area was designed with four bridges.

Mailand jungle bridge

This is the first bridge people meet when then join the sim by the mainland. This is also the last they see when they escape. It crosses the river between the deep jungle and our world.

Zonama Sekot's mainland mouth crossing

Mainland river mouth crossing bridge

After after they cross the river first, visitors have follow a cliff and to cross the river again at its mouth. This bridge has no railing, so be careful.

Zonama Sekot's small rope bridge

Small rope bridge

To reach the island from the mainland visitors have to stop by a small island they can reach by a small

Zonama Sekot's lili bridge

Lili bridge

My favourite, and the only one scripted. when going down the small island, visitor come at the sea level, see a single lili and when the start to walk on, other lili leaves appear allowing them to pass, then they leave when the visitor progress in the mainland.

Zonama Sekot's log bridge

Log bridge

People can also follow the mainland cliff to join, before the dock now the library. They have to cross a hole in the cliff, walking carefully above a convenient tree log.

Zonama Sekot's spaceport bridge

Spaceport bridge

The spaceport entrance also has a tiny bridge, to cross the tiny river at one of the door. This is the only bridge made with parts of metal. Maybe to show the space visitors we ware modern.

Zonama Sekot's swamp footbridge

Swamp footbridge

The river from the swamp connects to the lake with a small arm, a small stone footbridge connect the small island to the bank. This arm and this bridge keep the small island as an island. It's the smallest bridge of Zonama Sekot sim.

Zonama Sekot's library bridge

Library bridge

The reason of this article. The library being on the mainland, people have to cross the river easily without to be able to read our precious holobooks without having to do the big tour. Formerly it was the OOC docks and they were reachable with a canoe, teleporting people here and there. It was cheesy but acceptable for a OOC area. The library being fully IC needed a new original 30m long bridge. After few try I threw a large curved logs to a platform held by palm trees. Ships can still do the tours and even pass through a curtain of swaying vines.