Someone announced a new Tython sim, I went there and took a bookmark. Too bad it was closed the next day when I organized a real visit. As a backup, we landed on the german speaking Tython, as I was been told it was rebuilt.

Tython Jedi Temple

Entrance of the Jedi temple on Tython

The action happens on the Old Republic, so very different of most SWRP on the post legacy era. In the hope to have interaction with the local, I wear the mandatory DCS2 but leave it non configured, rather than wearing the Visitor tag. Unfortunately, we'll not see anybody.

We land on a cave used a mall, remembering the sim share a layer with Ryloth. After a tour on the mall, we land on the planet. It features a well protected and large Jedi temple near the sea. Below, a well built semi futuristic village, with fish product, and on the other side a sort of warehouse with droids and a docketairship called "Selene" ready to fly.

We cross the bridge and pass the wall of the fortress protecting the Jedi temple. The defence system being free of defenders, I sit on a canon chair and a radio tells me which key to press to fire. I do it innocently but, gasp, I'm firing on the village. I stand and leave the place whistling, nobody, expect my companions saw me, I would deny everything.

The Temple itself is huge, it has a huge library, tons of rooms with many beds, a giant council room, all very well buily, it's impressive, but... no avatars around.

When coming back on Zonama Sekot, the songs of the Tython gulls miss me. I install a flock of gulls flying near the shore.