Jawa Blood bottles

Jawa blood bottles

I'm starting to make sculpted prims. I tried long time ago to use blender or wings3d, but I'm still clueless about how to make thinks. scupltypaint is much easier but limited. I use another way which I don't have seen documented nowhere: I write the pixels of the sculpty map with a hand made script. It need some trials/errors and to be able to abstract what we want to do. Also it's limited to more or less geometric shapes. The first thing I made was a ladder of 120 steps, which is useless on Zonama Sekot as we don't have building that tall. The second was a crystal cluster, more useful, the cluster has dozen of crystal for a single prim, it would use much more regular prim if they were used. And the last one is a set of four bottle, I made a texture of Jawa Juice on, but forgot to read about the drink, the colour of the liquid isn't the right one, so it's more bottles of Jawa blood for the moment.