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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 22 February 2010

Black lightsaber

Still working on sculpted prims, I'm trying to make the impressive Darksaber as shown in the Clone Wars animated series. The hilt itself isn't impressive (even less since it's shown in the dark), but the blade and the sounds are original.

I took profit of this to try some ideas I had to improve a ligthsaber blade in general. Unfortunately it works best only for black cores. For now:

  • It uses LCK Twin Turbo as base
  • The blade and the glow are a single prim which works even at low graphic preferences as it doesn't really use the SL glow.
  • The blade is flat and not circular like on regular sabres'.
  • currently, the sound are missing (it's the regular sabre sound set), I hope to be able to work out this.
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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 19 January 2010

Scuplted prims

I'm starting to make sculpted prims. I tried long time ago to use blender or wings3d, but I'm still clueless about how to make thinks. scupltypaint is much easier but limited. I use another way which I don't have seen documented nowhere: I write the pixels of the sculpty map with a hand made script. It need some trials/errors and to be able to abstract what we want to do. Also it's limited to more or less geometric shapes. The first thing I made was a ladder of 120 steps, which is useless on Zonama Sekot as we don't have building that tall. The second was a crystal cluster, more useful, the cluster has dozen of crystal for a single prim, it would use much more regular prim if they were used. And the last one is a set of four bottle, I made…

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 29 December 2009

Female Yuuzhan Vong Avatar

As far as I know, there is three Yuuzhan Vong avatars for sale, made by Florian Flow. They are all provided with a full good quality outfit. The problem is they're all male. The alternative is to find some greying skin and wear it, but it will miss the tattoos, which are a part of their identity. I wanted to make a female avatar, there is many different styles of them. I used Nei Rin as base, but the tattoos are different. All the body (the picture only shows the head) is covered by tattoos. I took profit of my investigation to notice the eyes of the Yuuzhan Vong are different, not round like us, but like a lens.

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 21 December 2009



During the Real Life winter season, several SWRP sims add winter decorations. I recall Last year Taris snow filled the neighbourhood of the Furious shop, Bakura was filled by snow with a snowman contest organized by the GAR and Malachor V having a dead Christmas tree and some snow patches in the heart of the Trayus academy.

Zonama Sekot had its snow decoration, all the sim was changed with snow textures, the ground, the paths, the roofs and even the trees. The central lake was frozen and we organized skating. We had a similar but more improvised decoration two years ago.

I'll redo a similar background this year, the snow will progressively cover the sim for few days. During the holidays, many people are away or just pass few hours o…

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 20 December 2009

Young Togruta

The markup of the Togruta avatar I made is from Shaak Ti or Ashla, but another famous markup is Ahsoka Tano's. After I was looking for the Clone Wars show, I wanted to make it too. I'll probably end up to release all those in a single package, maybe with a male version of the skins. Not sure when, contact me if you're interested by.

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