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Yoshikuni Takakura


Born on 5/3/2006 in the world of SL, Yoshikuni Takakura is a resurrection of his first account at the birth of SL long long ago, but not in a galaxy far far away. After quiting SL from dislikes, with a long break, he returned with Yoshi.

The man behind the avatar is a late 20's male named "Grim".

Grim started SWRP in SL when it first started to go on!

He provides cheap Imperial StormTrooper armor on SLX.(500L) Along with the "Destroyer" battle armor. SLX Page: SLX YT

(More products to come)

Yoshi T's history of SWRP in SL

Yt-1337 aka Yoshikuni Takakura

Before Yoshi

Grim started off like most other residents in SL SWRP, as a Jedi. He worked real hard, and in the end he became a jedi master. After many fun times, he got bored with it all and decided to join the dark side. AGAIN, working real hard, he became a master, and as before he got bored. After going around as a mercenary, he joined the Grand Army of the Republic in his later days. He became an ARC-Captain along with being a higher engineer and pilot. Grim was also apart of multiple empires that were starting to be made in Second Life.

With Yoshi

After rejoining SL with Yoshi, Grim decided to get back into SWRP. Like before, he became a Jedi master, and again turned to the dark side and became a Sith master. He also became a mercenary ally to the GAR for a small amount of time. Most of his RP with Yoshi was playing small random roles in RP. Some are big game sand hunter, freelance medic, and much more. Grim also has been an entertainer time to time. His second largest RP time in SL dealt with the Empire. His roles are MANY. A very few are imperial guard, nova trooper, storm commando, and much more. He also lead his own Mandalorian Clan. His latest role was second in command of Raithal Academy as Grand Moff.

His favorite spots

Grim has been apart of almost every SW based sim in SL. His current favorite would be Little Mos Eisley, lead by his friends Helga Eusebio and XS Enzyme.

(To be continued...)