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The Zabrak are known for being a fierce and proud people. From their race come so many skilled warriors, that it is unquestionably a part of their culture. Internally among those of that kind on Iridonia, and in some towns, those traits that demonstrated strength and martial ability were the only ones that mattered. Not only mattered, but were considered tantamount to a family's pride, to an individual's success. Which is to say that any unlucky child born to any of these most ancient of Iridonian families with any apparent weakness, was relegated to a lowly position, if allowed to remain among their kin at all. The result was a caste formed of specimens that were truly pitiful up to those with capable minds and what most would consider capable bodies as well, but no doorway to true achievement. This caste, which some termed, ' The Unseen,' could not get gainful employment, but did the work that no one else cared for; ugly work, inglorious work: mining and milling, waste management and janitorial service, working with the very sick and the dead.

Early Life

Born an albino to one of the most ancient families, who traced their roots back hundreds of thousands of years: Teniss'Ina was one such child. Her parents numbered among the ruling class, so luckily for her she was provided for, though shown absolutely no familial affection. She was given lodging with the elder of that castle and reared in an ascetic and quiet manner.

Unlike many who were willing to accept such fate, Ina saw her siblings, saw others no better than her living lives that she thought could be hers. Going on to Galactic glory. Seeing other worlds. Leaving their marks on time. Was she not as skilled in the martial arts which she practiced the forms for during sleepless bitter watches of the night? Sure she should have been sleeping but her fierce spirit would not let her. She protected others of her kind from abuse, but did not befriend them. She hated being counted alongside the mentally infirm. Her pride was great within her, along with her will. In time she became something of a de facto leader for The Unseen. Ina struck an enigmatic figure who showed them that they were more than faceless grunts though she kept herself as distant from them as possible, eventually literally, when she met the Sith who confirmed for her that she was destined for great things.

Personality and Traits

She is a creature of the shadows, deception, manutipulation and the dark arts. She would glady smile at you as you turned, while she was putting the hilt of her lightsabe to your ribbs and igniting it.



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