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I don't have many thing about to say on myself (as player), except I use a Mac and can speak french. You can ask me if you have an issue I can help.

I play only one character, and spend a lot of time on Zonama Sekot, building, managing it, and playing on it.

LCK Twin Turbo

As a lighsaber user, I was checking out the opensource versions of LCK and find out many optimization where not done. When Hanumi told me he was improving his LCK Turbo, I send him my remarks and proposed patches.

Now LCK Twin Turbo bring a significant boost in the sim perf. I've made a benchmarch, counting the script perfs (in IPS, Instructions per second) in a unscripted empty sim, here is the result:

ligthsaber kit benchmark
static moving smashing
LCK Opensource 0 1800 19000
LCK 2.1b20 0 1500 40000
LCK Turbo, fix7 0 1800 14000
LCK Twin Turbo 1.7 0 1100 3500
LCK Twin Turbo(*) 0 0 3500

(*) preversion of 1.8

  • static means doing nothing with the saber on, hopefuly it doesn't take ressources
  • moving is pressing the deplacement keys with the saber on. LCK uses this keys for swinging, but they still read the control when the sim
  • smashing in this test is pressing left and right keys as fast as possible. The code terribly needs to be optimized in the original version.

Twin turbo will have no sim performance drop when not used and requires rougly 1/5 of the original LCK Opensource sim ressources and has more features.

Note this is only sim performance. I don't have figured yet how check accurately viewer performance, but I have noticed Twin Turbo is much faster for me than my formerly used LCK (this part is Han's mainly).

Zonama Sekot

Zonama Sekot was previoulsy on the mainland (on a 12,000m²plot). After several months, this parcel looked like small, also the neighbourhood was more and more knotty, source of lag and troubles. The SW planet itself is covered by rainforest, and all this trees need space. We decided to move to an openspace sims, they are area with enough space, but less perfomance and less building primitive (aka "prim"). At this momment (november 2007), they were not as popular as now, they had half the prim and were more expensive as now, no Star wars area used one, for example.

We made some fights on and anything looked like ok. Thus, we discovered later than anything laging, lags more in an openspace, especialy combat systems, guns, lighsabers, force powers, etc.

Building tips

Here is some guidelines I'm using now for buildings.

  • Align the prims and the texture, and stretch correctly the textures on every face. I know it takes time (a lot), but people will spend time in the sim and will notice the glitches.
  • Don't consider the concrete or metal cube is the best building type ever.
  • Never user 1024x1024 textures, they're known to be longer to load and lag. Even if they look very good... Well... ok I confess I used one, but not in the RP area.
  • Always set the appropriate material (wood, stone, glass). It changes the sound on collision and you certainly don't want people find out your impressive spaceship sounds like wood, do you?
  • add background sounds (possibly random)
  • Avoid dense concentration of prims and texture in a small area.
    • move away shops from the main RP area (they use plenty of texture)
    • don't setup rents with a lot of prim in the RP area either.
    • to spend a lot of free prim, a second layer (far enough) is better rather than adding more details
    • when possible, reuse (but not overuse) the same textures to reduce load time.
  • Be careful, the scripts could reduce the ability to use the sim
    • Disable the unused scripts.
    • use volume or collision detection rather than scanners
    • don't use unfiltered listeners, it's even better to not keep listeners at all.
    • periodicaly check the time used by the scripts and physics, a sim has 22.5ms to compute a frame, when this time is reached, the sim lag (Zonama Sekot uses less than 1ms when empty, I've seen sims with 18ms which can be a problem for holding events).
    • don't use temp rezzer (aka "prim saver") to have more prims.
  • Setup the doors and switches to not be opened at large distance. Basic touch doors still opens when touched from the other side, and collision doors open with bullet, which is annoying .
  • People should enjoy the looking of the sim, even with a low configuration, check the build with low graphic preferences too, where
    • the shining is disabled
    • also is the blur and the lights
    • the ground is blur
    • the drawing distance is 64m, especially don't use a huge prim (more than 64m) as the ground. Viewers with a 64m draw distance will not see the ground. They also could not see the back wall in a very long building.
  • Don't multiply the teleporters to go on into the sim. One per connex area is enough (maybe a second one for wide areas). The teleport system to come in the sim has to be simple, as there is no teleport in Star wars and characters has to ignore it's here. No need to distract them with a fancy system.
  • Use stairs, brigdes, etc. to link the rooms when possible. People shall not be lost a the teleportation system. When using an elevator with buttons, don't forget the first floor for americans is the ground flour for europeans, so a describing text may be preferable.