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Not going to write anything bout myself, but give you the pleasure of viewing a few tributes to Mando'ade.

File:Mandalorian Tribute ~Hunt You Down

Mandalorian Tribute ~Hunt You Down

1) A few silly clips, yes... but never-the-less, it tells you the message, and we mean it, don't mess, you know it's true, we're better that you, and you should realize, we see the fear in your eyes.

File:A Mandalorian Tribute

We're not mental.. but we'll hurt you...

2) Our lives aren't easy, we are brought up in society that is based on war and glory. Each battle we participate in makes us stronger.. you think you can stop us, well you're a fool. You may have made us suffer, and you may have caused us pain in the past.. and if so.. just know.. we're coming for you...