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Hanumi Takakura is a Second Life user who identified himself as a furry. With an account made in 5/24.2006, he didn't really frequent many furry places, instead being more interested in SWRP and creating builds and scripts. Hanumi is responsible for things like LCK Turbo and Jedi Civil war era swoop racers.


Hanumi Takakura started roleplaying in June 2006, with a character based on a story his brother Foxphoenix and himself made. Over time, he changed his character into a more canonical one, a squib. The first group he joined was a short lived Korriban goverment group headed by Calieb Borel. He eventually moved to the Jedi Unity group, attaining the rank of master and counselor. Hanumi also saw some action in GAR, joining when GAR was still stationed on the old Coruscant by Marth Rocco. He eventually left GAR and Unity was no more. He became a space hermit of sorts and a scholar until contacted by Linkin Thomsen to join the Potentium knights group. Hanumi's jedi character was put (suppossedly) in perma death and a new character was used to join the Potentium. Hanumi can currently be found in the sim called "Pleased". The Zonama Sekot sim.

Han and alts

Hanumi Takakura is the official name of Hanumi's first Jedi character. This character was a squib. Han (no last name given) is the name of the Potentium character. This character is an amaran. Megano Hashimoto is an alt account, with Megano the bothan being the first in use until being perma dead alongside Hanumi the jedi, Meg the amaran swoop racer being the second character, and Nina the amaran healer being the third after Meg's rp demise. Lastly, Nameless Xue is an attempt to bring back some story of that GAR character Hanumi had. Though this would need approval from the clone council to hold true. He had another alt in Mittens Foxclaw. A squib character who made it to knight in the Kalway Jedi Order.

LCK Turbo

LCK Turbo was Hanumi's first scripting experience. Started as a very rustic, laggy and far from efficient, (but not seen around at the time) hand to hip, hip to hand saber animations and code, it developed into a full LCK overhaul, with a new, much compressed HUD with actual textured icons (instead of the plain prims with scripted text of the old LCK), true support for an offhand saber without having to use two standard (and fully scripted and animated) sabers. And double saber support as well. The project was aimed at reducing lag, and be faster than what was being done at the time, hence the name Turbo.

LCK Twin Turbo

LCK Twin Turbo was a project in which Hanumi involved himself for a few months since it's start. He conceptualized it and made the first builds. Soon, Salene Lusch started contributing, each contribution was larger each time, enough that practically more than 80% of the original LCK Opensource work was phased out and replaced by Salene's own work. Hanumi left recently all of the project to Salene, because he felt he already gave and did what he could, and because of real life constrains.


Currently, Hanumi only roleplays in Zonama, mostly as his alt Megano, on the character Nina, who he claimed would become his main (and possibly soon only) character. Many reasons have driven him to stop content creation, most coming from real life.