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Do remember this page is still under construction and Just to let all your force unleash fiends out there I WAS BEFORE KOTA XD !!

Draconas History

Albratross 001.jpg

Dracona was Born on Taris . His mother Mei'une died while giving birth to little Dracona. His Father Vacona raised him Intel he was 5 before he died. His father Took Dracona into his Class 3 cargo ship named the Albatross and left Taris. In orbit around Taris , Dracona's father pulled out a Light saber That Dracona had never seen before in fact Dracona didn't even know his father was a Jedi, His father left his pilots chair and told Dracona to stay in the cock pit and if im not back in 15 minutes get to the escape pods, I nodded with confusion not know what my father was talking about Intel i herd a 2 Light sabers ignite . I rushed to where i herd the sounds of the Light sabers igniting and clashing only to find my father fighting with 2 Sith. i stayed hidden watching them fight ,He killed one of the Siths and hovered the sith's Light saber to his hand. This amazed me and with great excitement I yelled go daddy he quickly turned his head to me and said run, As he yelled this to me he was stabbed. I could not believe my eyes as my hero, my protector , and my father was killed before me . I stood in shock Intel my fathers body hit the floor then i charged for his light saber and ran for the escape pods. When I made it to the escape pods, I dove into the pod and hit the launch button and watched my pod leave the Albatross. As my pod floated in space i watch my fathers ship with his body on board crash into a Battle cruiser and made a huge explosion this push my pod onto a course for the planet Tatooine. When my pod crash on Tatooine i crawled out on to the sand with my fathers lightsaber in my hands i looked up to the sun and started to cry Intel i broke down and laid in the hot sun with tears flowing onto the dry desert. I felt alone I felt fear and so much anger, I wanted revenge but could to feed it , i wanted Justice but no one would listen , and i wanted to be found but I was alone.

Dracona Lightsaber as a sith

I quickly became a thief and soon a murder , tho i only did this to survive. At the age of 12 I witness a Dark figure destroy the person who i was after for credits, I approached this man and he said boy come with me. I said why? . He replied Because I can help you cure you thirst for revenge, I can help you release your anger in to strength and power. with out any further question I nodded and said when do we leave. He took some where that i had no idea even existed. The planet was dark and swampy and that is where The dark figure told me his name, His name was Darth Vizorwrath. I told him my name was Dracona Kage , He smiled and used the force to push me into a tree and asked me, do you know what I just did to you little Drac. Magic? sir . He smiles again at me and lifted his hand performing the Push again, I managed to dodge by Diving into the swamp. This only made him laugh and I felt like I was knee high in a puddle of mud. He looked at me and said careful of swamp dwellers , I said , What ! and i igniting my light saber preparing to kill this creature. this creature Leaped out of the swamp and I took a swing downwards and cut the thing in half I then ran out of the swamp and turned off my light saber. Darth Vizorwrath what did you use on me that made me fly back words into that tree. He looked at me and said Would you like to learn how? With out any thought I said yes , He said to me That is called Force Push and it is of many force powers i will teach to you my young apprentice. Several years had past and Dracona became a well trained in the dark side he even made my own light saber. Many many many years after that I was Given the name Darth Cona Kage. I took this knew name personaly and make it my mandate to put history behind this name by doing this my first act as darth i killed a whole village on the plains of Fondor. I soon went back to that unknown planet My master first brought me too Still the name was a mystery . I landed my ship in a clearing near a temple that I felt a dark pull from. This temple was not like many it was shaped differently and the fire still burned even tho there where corpses around this place, it had the smell of rotting bodys and bog like moisture. I entered the temple feeling the dark aura from this vent i saw . I felt a even stronger pull so I lifted my arms pointing to the vent and walked forward trying to absorb all of the dark energy coming from this vent. Once i got close enough I leaped forward And blacked out. When I came to I looked for that Dark energy vent that was before me only for it to be gone. Out of frustrations i stormed off to my ship and looking behind me i could see the planets decaying in my foot steps, i then shook my head and continued to my ship and headed for naboo.

Darth Cona Kage After the slaughter of naboo

When i landed on naboo my eyes started to burn , i ignored this pain and continued walking the streets. people looked and stared at me, i then found out my eyes where poring out dark force energy. i smiled nice and widely and looked to the man behind me. He looked at me with fear and stuttered his words, We-we-we-we don't like your kind around he-he-here.I looked at this man and picked him up by the throat and laugh as i threw him through the cantina wall. I ignited my lightsaber and went into a frenzy. 14 hours later the whole town was destroyed every one was dead and i roam the streets blinded with anger. i stole from a old blind man his blind fold and wore it and that day is when i learned how to open my true eyes. When I left Naboo i found my masters Fabled Battle Cruiser The Red Shadow, I boarded the ship only to find my master waiting in the hanger bay . When Landed i approached my master , Bringing my self to a knee saying , Master you await for my presence? hey replied Yes Darth cona i sense much blood upon you and your knew power. Before i could even think about replying a painful flash of the future rushed through my head, i saw many wars and destruction at the hand of my curse but also i was destined to fight my master not as a Sith but as a Jedi. My master Knowing i was trapped in this glimpse of the future openly kicked me in the head sending me backwards . i looked up at him and he said Cona look at me WHERE DID YOU GET THIS POWER !!!! I stood up calmly and walked past him and said this power is ment for me master not you , and i continued to walk into the halls. This only made my master crave the answers even more now he wanted to know all of what i had gain in my travel, as i was walking away he laughed and said very good my apprentice but you still lack 1 thing, i halted in my foot steps to hear what my master would say i waited and listened closely. i became very confused on what my master was talking about and that's when i felt a strong dark presence enter my body, i collapsed to the floor holding my head in pain feeling everything i thought being taken away even secrete to this new power and all at once it stopped . the presence left me, i lifted my body up and looked around the hanger only to see my master staring at me laughing, i asked him what do you want from me , boy i want your power i want you to show me every thing you hate every thing you went through, i said no as i stood up slowly. My master became angry and yelled saying TAKE OFF YOUR BLIND FOLD BOY SHOW ME YOUR HATRED. i tore the blind fold from my head and felt all the dark energy pore out of my eyes. The dark energy filled the metal floors and walls with rust and corrosion. My master observed the room saying well boy You need to lighten up a bit , he then drew his light saber and charged at me. I leaped backwards onto the wall and lunged off igniting my Light saber turning my self into an arrow . My master threw his light saber At me and it pierced my body when i was in mid air . I could not keep form and i crashed into the floor dragging my body across the floor. i felt so weak so helpless. My master walked up took his light saber from my body and walk away saying you have failed me boy. I laid there in pain dieing on the floor and that's when i felt the curse growing and healing my wounds and spreading a dark matter across my my wounds forming a mutated flesh . i felt like i was reborn when this curse healed me, i raised up from the ground with the force and cast a stream of lighting while running towards my master . Sadly he saw it coming and block it with his light saber. He used lighting to Disrupt my Stream of lighting and he did, When the two streams collided it formed a lighting ball that was pushed closer to me. I quickly moved left while using force run to avoid getting hit with that ball of lighting. Dracona Managed to dodge the Lighting ball and headed Tried using the force to crumble the floor beneath his master . The floor beneath his master crumbled and Darth Vizorwrath went straight through the hanger to the engineering deck. With Vizorwrath temporary out of Draconas way it aloud Dracona to get to his ship and leave.

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Dracona spent weeks running away from Darth Vizorwrath , constantly hopping from planet to planet all the way from Talus To Manaan. Finally Dracona came across Fondor and discovered a secrete Clone facility . Dracona used this to make several copys of him self and spreading them across the galaxy he requested 2 would be altered differently one he named Contna Vaslion and the other was Angel. Dracona sent Contna to krant and Angel to dathmoir.