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About me

I started SL - as well as SWRP - in August 2007.

My first avie. Next to me on the right is Dovryn Skall in his self-made Lannik avie.

After having been in a small and unimportant Sith group for no longer than a week I met Dovryn Skall (aka) Darth Nagual on Ziost and became a member of the Dark Ancients (DA), a Dark Jedi group that had been around since 2006. Throughout my years as an active roleplayer I tried many different settings, but none of them quite intrigued me as the SWRP community and I never truly left, despite a few breaks I took. As the years passed I also became involved in numerous parts of the community and was witness myself to the rise and fall of many groups and sims. In real life I am a learned gardener who currently studies History and Philosophy. I love to work on the swrpedia and am especially interested in the historical aspects of swrp on Second Life.

"The SWRP community on SL has been a very dynamic one and has produced many sub-communities over the years, which follow slightly different approaches and consist of different members who prefer to stick to themselves perhaps while others travel from sim to sim to engage in all kinds of roleplay related to Star Wars (SW). As of 2015 we now look back at more than ten years of SWRP on SL. This is quite an impressive number of years comparable only to a few very popular other online games, such as World of Warcraft or Eve Online. Yet SL itself is different to these as there are far less limitations and constraints concerning the creation of worlds, storylines and characters. This potential freedom of creation is one of the roots for the diversity of the playerstructure and the SWRP community itself. Since the SWRP community has produced such a community over the forementioned timespan, it is by now worthwhile to approach its specific social interactions from a historical viewpoint."

— quote from my lecture on the history of SWRP

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